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128 Pig-like Teammates 2

 No one knew why, but the students did not feel happy or excited about the situation.

Instead, they felt as if the three top scholars had only teased them.

Tang Nazhi looked at the group of students as they took their badges, who seemed dejected and he wondered who was the victim in that situation, his team, or the other students?

However, it was clear that they were the victims, so what was with the other students' gloomy expressions?

When the other students finally left, Tang Nazhi finally turned his attention to his 'pig-like' teammates.

"Xia! What were you thinking? It's not like you to hand over our badges without any resistance. You are the top magus in the Magus Division, but you surrendered without even releasing any magic. Are you even worthy of your rank as a magus?" Tang Nazhi roared. He could not understand the actions of his teammates.

Qi Xia looked at Tang Nazhi with a solemn expression before he lowered his head to think. Tang Nazhi thought that he attempted to self-reflect, but Qi Xia suddenly looked up and firmly said, "I am very sure that I had released two fire bullets just now."

".." Tang Nazhi felt the blood was about to pour from his chest, but he could not purge it from his system.

Did the heaven send that bastard to toy with him?

"Alright, Little Zhizhi, don't be so nervous." Qi Xia decided to take pity on Tang Nazhi when he saw his pale greenish complexion. He patted his shoulder kindly and said, "If we had resisted, how likely are we to win?"

Tang Nazhi frowned. There were sixty-four students in that group then. If they removed the herbalists and priests from each team, then there were a total of ten magi, ten swordsmen, eight archers, and eleven knights. With their situation, each of them could not even defeat one opponent, let alone ten.

The probability of a reversal was practically non-existent unless they could regain their strength.

Even though he knew that their odds were slim, Tang Nazhi would still like to have fought their opponents.

"Yang Xi could have, at least, lent me his sword to try..." Tang Nazhi softly muttered.

"Even if he lent it to you, the odds that we would win was less than fifty percent. Rather than gambling with this fifty percent chance, we should try to find ways to save ourselves instead." Qi Xia casually said.

"How else can we win? Other than Shen Jue, you have given them all of our badges. Shen Jue is just a kid without any strength to even truss a chicken. Don't tell me that you are still counting on him to... wait!" Tang Nazhi suddenly had a crazy idea. He vaguely remembered Qi Xia and his other teammates' strange behavior started when they discovered that Shen Jue had disappeared. Coupled with what that sly fox had said earlier, did he meant to...

"Are you joking?" Tang Nazhi felt that it was all too crazy!

"What do you think? Little Jue's talents in certain aspects are matchless. This is the first time that I've ever encountered someone of his talents. Trust me. He won't disappoint us." Qi Xia smile was exceptionally brilliant. As long as Shen Jue did not lose his badge, their team could continue to stay inside the Obscure Forest.

"Before that, I have a question." Yan, Yu suddenly said.


Yan Yu looked at his three teammates and asked with a tone of uncertainty, "Did anyone see him leave?"