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123 Mass Brawl 1

 After he confirmed that everyone had found a team, Ouyang Huanyu smiled and said, "Very good. To maintain a balance between each team, except for the herbalist students, everyone here must consume a potion. This potion will suppress your abilities dependant on the strength that you possess. That is to say, the more powerful you are, the more you are affected, and the negative effects would also be more obvious. Before you enter the Obscure Forest, I will give the formula of the antidote to the herbalist in your team, and you can use it to remove the effects of the potion that you will have consumed."

"..." What a twist, indeed!

Ouyang Huanyu's words had once again revived the anxiousness in their hearts.

The expressions of the powerful students who had teamed up together darkened, while the average students started to cheer.

As for one of the teams among the two strongest team....

Shen Yanxiao looked at her teammates' helpless expressions and silently slapped herself!

'Well, who told you to ride on someone else's coattails?!'


Before she even had the chance to ride on coattails, her powerful allies had immediately become liabilities to her team.

No words could describe Shen Yanxiao's emotions, and she felt as if she had been duped.

"Seems like we are all heading into a difficult fight." Qi Xia stroked his jawline. He had not expected the rules that Ouyang Huanyu had set for the test.

"This move of his is very ruthless." Even the gentle Yan Yu could not help but frown at the situation.

"We will play it by ear." Yang Xi glanced at his teammates. They had two herbalists in their team, so that was some good news, at least!

Even though they were first year students and could not even be called as herbalists, at least there was a chance that quantity could cause a change in quality.

"What are you guys muttering about?" Tang Nazhi put his arm around Shen Yanxiao and looked at those who villains who colluded together.

"Little Zhizhi, since you have asked us so sincerely, then I shall have mercy and explain this to you." Qi Xia's fox-like smiling face suddenly moved closer toTang Nazhi.

"Clearly, you did not understand what the dean meant. If this was a normal situation, then our victory over this test is secured. Cao Xu's team and the rest would not have survived two rounds with us in the field. However, some unknown potion is meant to suppress our strengths now. Do you understand what this means to the other students?"

"If you call me Little Zhizhi again, I will beat you up!" Tang Nazhi glared at a certain fox as his lips twitched in anger. Soon after, he turned serious and said, "This means that we are to start from the same starting line as the rest of them. What about it?"

Tang Nazhi still did not understand what Qi Xia meant, but Shen Yanxiao understood.

"What he meant was, if the three of them can only recover their strengths at the end of the test, then we will have nothing to worry about. However, the problem was, while the dean intended to suppress all the stronger students' abilities, he provided all the teams with the antidote's formula. No one would want the three of them to recover their strengths because then, it will become a one-sided fight. So, the only way they can prevent that is to take down the five of us before we recover our abilities."

"That's right!" Qi Xia nodded in satisfaction.

"..." Tang Nazhi finally understood what Qi Xia meant when he mentioned a 'difficult fight.'

"I demand a change of teammates!!"