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120 Crazy Test 1

 "There's no one from the Warlock Division?" Shen Yanxiao looked around and did not spot any students who wore a warlock's badge.

Tang Nazhi's expression was somewhat odd. He softly said, "It has been many years since the Saint Laurent Academy's Warlock Division has recruited a single student. Not only here, but you basically cannot find more than a few warlocks throughout the entire Brilliance Continent. It will not be long before the warlocks become extinct."

"Extinct." Shen Yanxiao frowned. She had learned a few things about the warlocks in that one month. She felt that it was a good profession with huge potentials. So why was it reduced to such a miserable state?

Tang Nazhi checked his surroundings, and after he ensured that no one paid any attention to them, he spoke in a low voice, "You are probably unaware of this, but the warlocks were not as miserable a hundred years ago. At that time, they were very popular. However, two of the three most powerful warlocks in the continent started to use the forbidden curses for research on humans. They caused the deaths of many powerful experts and when the research was exposed, the God Realm dispatched men to round them up. Ever since then, the warlocks have become a synonym for evil."

"Forbidden curses?" Were there even anything like that among the warlock's skills?

"Yes, they used the curses to remodel humans. I heard that they have attempted to join magical beasts with humans... yuck! Just the thought of it is disgusting. Let's stop talking about this. In any case, the warlocks will become extinct soon." Tang Nazhi pursed his lips. He decided to stop that conversation as he did not want to spook the frail-looking young lad.

Since he was not willing to share more about the subject, naturally, Shen Yanxiao would not continue to ask about it. However, she finally understood why the Brilliance Continent despised that powerful profession.

"Ah! The dean is here!" Cries of surprise echoed among the students.

Under everyone's attention, a long-robed Ouyang Huanyu slowly walked onto the high platform in the public square. He was as imposing as a god, and there was not the slightest trace of weariness on his aged face. Even the students who stood the furthest from the platform could sense his aura.

The noisy public plaza instantly stilled in silence as everyone looked at Ouyang Huanyu.

Tang Nazhi was s0 excited, that his eyes emitted light. If the subject of his attention was a beauty instead of the old man, Shen Yanxiao wondered if he would pounce towards that direction.

"Can you be more calm and collected please?" Shen Yanxiao frowned. Tang Nazhi had such unusual tastes...

Tang Nazhi lightly slapped Shen Yanxiao's head. "You know nothing! Do you know who that old man on the stage is? He is the dean of the Saint Laurent Academy and also the most powerful magus in the Longxuan Empire. The only teacher who has attained the level of a three-star great archmagus!"

Great archmagus?

It had been some time since Shen Yanxiao arrived at that world. Even though she still lacked in general knowledge, she was no stranger to that term. Every profession had its level division. After the sixth rank in magic and battle aura, everything would start from zero again. Every five levels meant one would advance one rank higher. For the Magus profession, the levels would begin from the Magician Apprentice. It would then be followed by the Junior Magus, the Intermediate Magus, the Senior Magus, and the Great Magus. If one could hit the breaking-point of that profession, then they would achieve the rank of the Archmagus. However, Ouyang Huanyu was a Great Archmagus, a position that was one notch higher than the Archmagus.