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116 Mysterious Old Man 3

 The caretaker of the library coldly snorted, but he did not look up.

"Meaningless? The people in this continent are too narrow-minded that they treated warlocks like great scourges and avoided them like the plague. Those good-for-nothings do not even understand how powerful warlocks are." The old man's tone was filled with passion for the warlocks.

"That is only your understanding. Now that the path of a warlock has become obsolete, you can no longer find anyone who would want to study to become a warlock in the entire Brilliance Continent." Ouyang Huanyu could not help but feel a trace of regret.

"Why? Do you want to tear down the Warlock Division? Do not assume that I am not aware of the situation. The Magus Division is overpopulated, and you are thinking about demolishing the Warlock Division for those students." The old man looked up, and his keen eyes were filled with fury.

The path of a warlock would die in the hands of those ignorant people.

Ouyang Huanyu smiled and said, "Do not be anxious. I remember what I had promised you. As long as you are in the Saint Laurent Academy, the Warlock Division will never be removed from the academy.

The old man lowered his head only after he heard Ouyang Huanyu's guarantee and continued to busy himself with his reparation works.

If someone had overheard their conversation, their jaw would probably drop from the shock.

The world-renowned Ouyang Huanyu was so polite toward that ordinary old man. It was honestly hard to believe.

Even if he were to meet the Emperor of the Longxuan Empire, Ouyang Huanyu probably would not have been as polite.

"If there is nothing else, you can leave. Other than warlocks, we do not welcome outsiders, especially Magus." The old man rudely chased him out.

Ouyang Huanyu was met with a cold shoulder, but he was not angry with the caretaker's impoliteness. However, before he left, he said, "The Herbalist Division has had some success. I believe they would successfully produce that thing if they were given more time."

After he said that, Ouyang Huanyu left the empty Warlock Tower.

Even if they had managed to produce it, so what? The old man looked at the books within the room, and his eyes looked bleak. The profession that was once the most powerful in the Brilliance Continent had fallen to such plight then. He knew better than anyone about the abundance of skill books within the entire Warlock Tower. As long as there was one student who was willing to walk the path of a warlock, he had absolute confidence he could nurture that student into someone that surpassed all the elites in the Saint Laurent Academy.


Was there anyone who would still be willing to become a warlock?

The old man frowned. He had a sudden thought and walked to the second level of the Warlock Tower in quick steps. He wanted to check on the pile of books that he had placed on the bookshelf earlier that night.

All the books were in their correct spot, except for an unremarkable-looking notebook.

"That young lad really took it away?" The old man was slightly shocked, but intense joy surfaced in his muddled eyes the very next second.

If he did not know the location of every book in the Warlock Tower, he never would have discovered that two books were in the wrong spot about ten days ago. From then onward, he knew that the Warlock Tower had welcomed its first student after so many years. If he did not pay attention to the books that were carefully returned to its original location, he would never discover that they had been moved.

He observed the situation for a few more days before he confirmed his thoughts.

From then on, he started to pay attention to the skill books that youth had chosen to read. Then he realized that the unsolicited youth was like a newborn who had just stepped onto the path of a warlock.