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103 Good Kids Dont Gamble 3

 Everyone felt depressed. As the students stood before that group of dazzling geniuses, all they could do was to hide their measly talents so that they could avoid any embarrassment. They were rather pleased when Tang Nazhi of the Black Tortoise Family did not get into the Herbalist Division despite his several attempts for the past few years. However, who had expected that the young lad would pass the enrollment test and even obtained a good evaluation?

A single abnormal person was already sufficient to make them vomit blood. But when there was four of those abnormal youths gathered together in one table in front of them, how were they supposed to live?

"Who knows? Other than the Vermilion Bird Family, the five great families are at their full strength now."

"I heard that talents of the Vermilion Bird Family for this generation has withered. Not only did they have an idiot and good-for-nothing member in the family, but even the other members in the younger generation are also not great. Only Shen Yifeng seems to be doing well enough, but he is still too weak when compared to Qi Xia and the rest. After he was defeated by that student from the Swordsman Division, who had quit school halfway through the year, he never dared to appear in the school again. Now that school has started, he has not made an appearance."

"The Vermilion Bird Family are simply outpowered. I heard that the strongest member in the family doesn't even have any blood relations with the family and I think he is called... Shen Siyu?"

"What a joke. The strongest in the family is not even one of their own. It would not have mattered if they did not have any promising disciples, but they even have an idiot who came out to make a fuss out of herself. I am absolutely speechless."

As the group continued to gossip, they started to make ugly remarks about the Vermilion Bird Family's decline in recent years. They did not realize that the 'idiot' of the Vermillion Bird Family stood by their side as she listened to their verbal abuse with a calm expression.

No one noticed that a certain unperturbed little young lad had calmly shifted the wallets of those who had made rude remarks about the Vermilion Bird Family into her interspatial ring.

She secretly sneered, and caressed her 'supplemented' interspatial ring.

'Well, I am sorry that this idiot here had embarrassed the family's reputation! Moreover not becoming the great expert that you wanted to worship, so sorry about that!

However, regardless of how they gossiped, Shen Yanxiao's attention focused on the table.

The youth with the priest badge pinned on his chest was Yan Yu. He had a rather pretty appearance, with excessively fair skin, which seemed somewhat unusual. However, he possessed the most gentle expression among the four of them, and without any traces of perverseness too. Yang Xi looked steadfast, and his somewhat young and inexperienced expressionless face coldly gazed at every action on the table. It looked as if he had facial nerve paralysis.

The banker in charge of that table felt the massive pressure that was put on him. The influence behind the casino was naturally powerful since they could open a gambling spot right beside Saint Laurent Academy to corrupt their students. At that moment, the opponents that he faced were four of the five big shots in Longxuan Empire. Other than the Emperor, no one could maintain a straight face with a steady heartbeat when they had to deal with those four rowdy youths.

The banker discreetly wiped his cold sweat. The disciples of the five great aristocratic families rarely appeared in their casino, and they seemed to have hit the rocks that day as they welcomed four in one go! If Shen Yifeng of the Vermilion Bird Family were to suddenly appear at the entrance, they probably would not even be shocked at all.

Since they were open for business, they could not possibly chase any of their customers away.