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101 Good Kids Dont Gamble 1

 The Saint Laurent Academy's underground casino was situated in an underground plaza that surrounded the academy. That place was extremely concealed, and even the teachers were unaware that there was a casino in the academy's vicinity. The casino could also accommodate over a thousand students.

There were about eighty to ninety tables there, and the different types of games available would make any youth excitable.

There were already dozens of seventeen to eighteen-year-old youths seated at those tables. It was pretty easy to know that they were Saint Laurent Academy's students because of the uniform that they wore.

The casino was brazenly opened right beside the academy. If the teachers of the Saint Laurent Academy got hold of that news, they would probably immediately organize teams to clean up the area.

Shen Yanxiao had often frequented the casinos in her previous life. From Macau to Las Vegas, she had gone back and forth between those casinos for so many times. However, she was always on the lookout for a target. She would rather wait for an opportunity rather than to gamble at the tables. She did not expect to see such grand casinos in that other world, and their main target audiences were students!

Shen Yanxiao was speechless as she shot a glance at the excited Tang Nazhi.

Did they not agree to study hard and make progress daily?

It was only the official first day of school, and that guy had already brought her to a casino!

Tang Nazhi chuckled and swept his eyes around the casino. His gaze fell on a particular table, and then he pointed toward that direction. "There is a good show going on there, let us go and take a look."

The excitable good student turned into a gambler in a flash.

Shen Yanxiao speechlessly followed Tang Nazhi.

There was a huge gambling table there, and it was completely surrounded by about three layers of students. It was so tightly packed that there was not even an empty space.

Tang Nazhi dragged Shen Yanxiao and forcefully cut through all the human barriers, and then dashed toward the inner circle of the table.

On the countertop, an intense 'battle' was still in the midst of unfolding.

That table was different from the others. There were only three players, and all of them were around sixteen to seventeen years old. Regardless of their appearance or temperament, they could 'insta-kill' all of the other students at the scene. There was also a vast amount of money piled up in front of them. The golden-bright and dazzling gold coins stacked up like a mountain and the spectators could only swallow their saliva as they looked at it.

The three of them and the only banker were seated at a different side, respectively, as they competed.

Coincidentally, one of the three youths was an old acquaintance of Shen Yanxiao.

Qilin Family's third young master, Qi Xia!

At that moment, Qi Xia sat in front of the table with his slender legs crossed. He wore a dark violet long robes and a golden magic badge on his right chest.

Every Division at the academy was split into seven classes according to the student's talents. The style of clothing for every class was the same, and the only difference would be the color of their robes. That long violet robe symbolized the violet class, and that striking badge indicated that he belonged to the Magus Division.

Qi Xia's other two opponents also wore violet robes, but the badges that they wore were the knight and priest badge, respectively.

It was apparent that the three youths at that table were the top students in the violet classes from three different divisions.

A group of super scholars had gathered to gamble, that scene was...

Strange, very strange indeed!

"Haha, what is the special occasion today? Of all of the five great aristocratic families, the young masters of three families have gathered together at the same table," Tang Nazhi suddenly said. The spectators who were initially focused on the game immediately shifted their gaze toward him.

Naturally, the three youths at the table also looked toward the speaker.