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70 Slapping Ones Own Face 3

 Shen Duan did not want to believe it, but Shen Yifeng's evasive behavior and embarassed look confirmed his speculation.

Shen Duan's complexion turned deathly white in an instant.

While some were happy, others were sad. When Shen Duan was in high spirits, Shen Yue could only secretly restrain his woe. However, when Shen Duan was depressed, Shen Yue could not conceal the smile that crept onto his lips.

What would one call that?

When the time came, the fortune would turn!

Shen Yue wanted to laugh wildly. Shen Duan had managed to embarrass himself badly! Everyone believed that Shen Yifeng would be the winner, but he ended up as a big joke! Shen Yifeng's defeat meant that there was hope for his children!

Only four of them went for the quest, and two of them were his children. Shen Yifeng had suffered defeat, and Shen Yanxiao was not even in the equation. If that was the case, then the Vermilion Bird could only choose one of his children!

No matter who the Vermilion Bird had chosen, it was a piece of unexpected good news for Shen Yue!

Every dog had its day. Shen Duan had suppressed him for so many years, and that was finally the day when he could hold his head up high!

Shen Yue forcefully curbed the joy in his heart. He walked toward Shen Duan and patted his shoulder with fake sympathy. "Second brother, don't be too upset. Perhaps it's just wasn't Yifeng's good fortune this time. Since we are all family, it is the same no matter who obtains the Vermilion Bird's favor. We shall all benefit from it."

Shen Duan glared at Shen Yue.

'What a hypocritical pretense of condolence. Don't assume that I am ignorant of what you're thinking deep down in your heart. I'm honestly confused as to what had happened. For some reason, the Vermilion Bird did not choose my distinguished son, and that had benefited your two unruly kids.'

"You're right, they are all members of the Vermilion Bird Family, and it is the same no matter who obtains the mythical beast," Shen Feng said. Shen Yifeng's failure was indeed out of his expectations, but since the sage had given his congratulations, he was not worried about that matter. He did not wish for his two sons to disgrace themselves in front of the sage.

"Yes." Shen Duan gritted his teeth and swallowed his dissatisfaction.

Shen Yue did not continue to taunt Shen Duan but smiled as he looked toward the carriages that his children were in.

However, his expression darkened as he realized that Shen Jiayi had to be supported by an attendant as she got down from her carriage.

'What's going on? Why did my daughter come back with injuries all over her body?' As he looked at Shen Jiayi's pitiful appearance, he knew that she did not manage to get the Vermilion Bird's favor.

In that case, it was Shen Jiawei then?

If he had a choice, Shen Yue would prefer to have his son to obtain the Vermilion Bird's favor. After all, Shen Jiayi was a woman, and she would have to marry someone in the future.

Shen Yue decided to deal with his daughter first and ordered someone to take Shen Jiayi home to rest. Then he waited impatiently for his son to make his appearance.

In his mind, he thought about how Shen Duan and Shen Yifeng should get lost to somewhere as far as they could. His son would become the Vermilion Bird Family's successor, and he would like to see what kind of trouble the hypocritical father and son duo could cause.

It was time for him to give Shen Duan some payback for everything that he had done to him over the years.

Shen Yue wanted to continue with his fantasies, but Shen Jiawei's appearance had shattered his dreams.

Similarly, he was helped out of the carriage by an attendant. Shen Jiawei was covered with scars and did not seem to have fared much better than Shen Jiayi!

None of the previous masters of the Vermilion Bird had come back riddled with scars after they had completed the contract with the mythical beast!