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67 Recovered All Of a Sudden 4

 Shen Yanxiao smiled and bit her lip as she acted as if she felt lost. "Did I scare you? I'm sorry, but I'm also confused as to what had happened. When I signed the contract with the Vermilion Bird, my mind suddenly became clearer. I remember that I was once an idiot, but somehow, I've become a normal person."

Her slender and small fingers grabbed the corner of her clothes, and she looked like an innocent and confused little girl.

The sage hastily readjusted his expression but still pondered about the situation in his mind.

He was aware of Shen Yanxiao's condition. She had a congenital mental deficiency, and someone had asked him about her situation more than once for the past few years. He already determined that Shen Yanxiao's mental deficiency would not recover, so how did she suddenly improve?

Was it because of the Vermilion Bird?

Mythical beasts had not appeared in the world for hundreds of years, and information about them was kept hidden by the relevant families. Even though the God Realm had some information about the mythical beasts, it was not comprehensive. The sage could only credit Shen Yanxiao's recovery to the Vermilion Bird.

"Good, very good. I believe your family will certainly be happy for you." The sage raised his hand gently as if he wanted to caress Shen Yanxiao's head.

However, a flame had rudely smacked his hand away.

As the flame shot toward the skies, the Vermilion Bird transformed into a three to four-year-old child from its large beast form.

"Don't touch her." The Vermilion Bird pouted and then snorted.

He disliked humans, and it was already as if he had given in and bitten the bullet when he accepted human masters. Even so, he did not wish to detect another human's scent on his little master.

The sage broke into a burst of laughter and retracted his hand.

The Vermillion Bird Family's member had overheard everything that was said between the sage and Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yifeng felt as if five flashes of lightning had struck him and fried his brain.

The Vermilion Bird Family's disgrace had become smart!

As he looked at the Vermilion Bird that stood by Shen Yanxiao's side, Shen Yifeng felt tremendous fear.

He had never regarded Shen Yanxiao as his opponent for the position as the Family Head's successor. She was merely an idiot and trash who was incapable of training in magic or battle aura. Furthermore, she did not have the support of her parents and was not well-liked by Shen Feng. He had never put his focus on Shen Yanxiao, and even the twins only bullied her for their own amusement. Therefore, none of them had ever considered her worthy as their opponent.

Who would expect that an idiot who was ignored and ridiculed by everyone would undergo such a heaven-shocking change in just one day?

First, she had obtain the Vermilion Bird's favor, and after which, she managed to restore her wisdom with the Vermilion Bird's strength.

Shen Yanxiao went from an insignificant disciple of the family to become the candidate most likely to inherit the position as the Vermilion Bird Family Head.

Shen Yifeng quivered with despair as he thought about how Shen Feng had always stressed about the importance of the Vermilion Bird, and the rumor of 'to obtain the Vermillion Bird meant to obtain the position of Family Head.'

Even if Shen Feng did not think highly of Shen Yanxiao before, her recovered wisdom and her possession of the Vermilion Bird would turn things around for her and he would certainly attach great importance to her from now on. Not only so, there was also Shen Siyu that Shen Feng had always loved and favored.

Everyone knew that Shen Jiayi hated Shen Yanxiao because of how well Shen Siyu had treated her.

Did that mean that a massive change would soon happen in the Vermilion Bird Family?