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65 Recovered All Of a Sudden 2

 With the Vermilion Bird, she could attempt to do many things that she could not have done in the past.

"Human, tell me your name." The Vermilion Bird's voice echoed in Shen Yanxiao's mind. It differed from the young voice that he had when he was in his human form as the voice that entered her mind was an adult's. However, she could still detect the same air of arrogance.

"Shen Yanxiao."

"From today onward, with my protection, no one would dare to bully you again." The Vermilion Bird was quite annoyed with his new master. A mean brat had ridiculed her to that extent, but she did not react to it, and only stood there like an idiot. He did not want a nice master who was always bullied by someone else. It did not matter to him how she behaved in the past, and he would educate her to be a dignified master so that she would not sully his dignity as a mythical beast.

Shen Yanxiao quirked her eyebrows. Before she had a chance to speak, another voice surfaced in her mind.

"You're just a little bird, how are you to protect another person?" Xiu's voice asked.

"Who are you?!" The Vermilion Bird was quite astonished to hear a familiar voice. He was also stunned as he had never heard a third voice in any of his master's mind before. The voice seemed to be similar to the one that he remembered from the ancient past, but he could not pinpoint the origin at that moment.

"It's not important who I am. You only have to know that you were right to choose her as your master." Xiu's voice was still as cold as ice.

The Vermilion Bird was annoyed. What was with that sudden voice? Who else resided in his little master's body?

"Why do you hide your identity? Are you ashamed because of who you are?" She was his new master, and he did not want any mishap to happen to her as they had only just completed the contract.

"Haha, it seems that you want to die." Xiu's voice was so cold it was as if it had reached the freezing point.

"That is enough, both of you!" Two voices that were not her own started to fight in her mind. Did they even consider the owner's feelings?

Shen Yanxiao felt helpless. An indifferent, arrogant, and hard-to-serve Xiu was already an annoyance for her. Then came another Vermilion Bird that acted like he owned the world. Both of them had even started to fight in her mind. Were they trying to torment her to her death?!

"You had better listen to what I'm saying now! Both of you are currently in my possession. If you're a dragon, you better lay low, and if you're a tiger, then you had better stay crouched. Or else, I'll knock myself to death just to see how you two glare at each other!" Shen Yanxiao exploded. If she continued to allow those two to fight, she was the one who would go crazy. Who could tolerate a fourth world war in their mind?

"A measly human like you dared to threaten me?!" The Vermilion Bird was upset. Even if she was the master that he had chosen, he only did that because of his previous oath and he had no choice but to choose one from the four of them. He would not have been willing to serve Shen Yanxiao based on her qualifications alone.

"Haha, you can try me if you dare to. If I were to die so soon after completing a contract with the Vermilion Bird, I'd like to see how you'd still be able to hang around with the other mythical beasts." A threat? If she could beat him, Shen Yanxiao would have hit him already.

She could roughly gauge the Vermilion Bird's personality. He thought highly of himself and regarded the dignity of a mythical beast as something that was even more important than his life. Otherwise, he would never have agreed to protect a human family for hundreds of years just because of an oath.

Even so, she was very curious about the oath that the Vermilion Bird had sworn to the Vermilion Bird Family.