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64 Recovered All Of a Sudden 1

 The thick fog slowly dissipated, and the scarlet flame revealed its true self.

When the fog completely disappeared, a huge blazing bird appeared. Scarlet flames burned on the bird's outstretched wings that nearly occupied the entire cave.

That was the rumored Vermilion Bird's true form, the mythical beast that controlled fire and all beasts!

A petite figure quietly stood beneath the Vermilion Bird.

Shen Yanxiao's dull appearance seemed to have changed as well. There was a flame-like mark between her eyebrows, and it was vivid and lifelike, similar to a real flame.

The sage quietly looked at the scene before him and smiled.

Shen Yifeng gave up all hope the instant Shen Yanxiao completed the contract with the Vermilion Bird. He was vexed before, but after he witnessed the Vermilion Bird's beast form in front of him, the reluctance in his heart could practically burn everything.

What a powerful existence was the Vermilion Bird!

The Vermilion Bird's strength made the other magical beasts looked far inferior, and when he witnessed the Vermilion Bird's display of power, Shen Yifeng could not imagine how he was to seek for his magical beast in the future.

He knew that he would never find another magical beast that was even remotely comparable to the Vermillion Bird, not even one of ten thousand of its full strength.

Unresigned! He felt extremely unresigned!

However, no matter how unresigned he felt, Shen Yifeng could not change what had happened that day. He remembered Shen Jiayi's punishment, and as the Vermilion Bird's warning echoed in his mind, how could he dare to show hostility toward Shen Yanxiao then?

He was the most powerful prodigy in the Vermilion Bird Family, so he did not understand why the heavens would tease him so.

If that was what Shen Yifeng felt, then Shen Jiawei's emotion was even worse as he cowered at one corner. Instead of dissatisfaction, he felt only fear.

Due to the temptation of the Vermilion Bird and Shen Jiayi's help, he had forgotten about his fear toward Shen Yanxiao from the incident in her room. However, the instant he saw the petite figure beneath the huge Vermilion Bird, the fear that was buried deep in his mind had surfaced once again.

He was afraid. Afraid that the Shen Yanxiao who had obtained the Vermilion Bird would become a different person from her previous self.

He and his sister had always bullied Shen Yanxiao, and no one knew that better than he did. He feared Shen Yanxiao's retaliation and with the Vermilion Bird's previous warning still fresh in his mind, he worried about what would happen if Shen Yanxiao ordered the Vermilion Bird to dispose of him.

Shen Jiawei wanted to cry. If he knew that Shen Yanxiao would have such a lucky day, he would have never provoked her, even if he had the courage to do so. He recalled how his sister ridiculed Shen Yanxiao, and he felt even more afraid. What if the Vermilion Bird took his anger out on him?

At that very moment, all Shen Jiawei wanted to do was to keep himself hidden so that Shen Yanxiao would not notice his presence.

He was still young, and he did not wish to die!


It was apparent that Shen Jiawei's worries were completely unnecessary.

After she made the contract with the Vermilion Bird, she felt a subtle change in her. She could feel the Vermilion Bird's emotions, and she was certain that even if the stinky bird did not speak, she would still know its thoughts.

As she raised her head and looked at the massive creature above her head, a big smile quirked up on Shen Yanxiao's lips.