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44 Lava Valley 2

 Shen Feng had made preparations for everything because he understood the importance of the trip to the valley. The main frame of the carriages was built with Hoarfrost Darksteel so that the people inside the carriages would not feel the slightest heat, not even in a blistering hot environment.

The cost for those carriages was enough to purchase a whole city, and with their wealth, the affluent Vermilion Bird Family could only afford to build ten.

And this time, they had utilized eight of those for the trip to the valley.

Other than the hoarfrost carriages that could help to prevent heatstroke, those who were headed to the Lava Valley had also worn heat-resistant ice silk armors. The closer they got to the place where the Vermilion Bird rested, the hotter it would get. Without the ice silk armor as protection, they would probably be roasted by the heat the moment they stepped into the Vermilion Bird's nest.

It was reasonable to say that Shen Feng would not have sent only four guards to follow them as they were about to enter a place with harsh environment and where dangers lurked all around them. However, that was the sage's intention.

Everything that had to do with the God Realm was like a mystery to outsiders, and the powers that the sage would use to awaken the mythical beast was a secret of their own. If they were not worried that the four young masters and misses, who had lived pampered lives were unable to bear the long and difficult journey, the envoys from the God Realm would not even bother to bring the four guards with them.

As for their safety...

How powerful was the existence of the God Realm? There were eighteen envoys in total for the trip to the valley, and the most powerful existence in the God Realm sat in the front carriage - the sage.

Even high-leveled demon beasts would think thrice about their sinister plans for that group, let alone the ordinary demon beasts.

Across the entire Brilliance Continent, the God Realm was probably the only one who dared to claim that they had not seen a single strand of demon beast hair in their territory.

Everyone knew that the high-level demon beasts also had a higher level of wisdom. They were not only powerful, but they were also as smart as humans. They would never risk their lives to attack a group of humans with a powerful leader in their midst.

As soon as they entered the Lava Valley, the human scent from the carriages attracted a large number of low-level demon beasts. Even though their wisdom was low, they could still sense the powerful suppressive aura that radiated from the first carriage. No matter how fragrant the human scent was, the fear that they felt, instinctively told them that the people in the carriages could never be used to satisfy their appetite.

Regardless of how ravenous those starved demon beasts were, they could only hide in the darkness and continued to smell the fragrant scent they had not inhaled for a long time to console themselves.

The carriage that Shen Yanxiao was in was at the second-to-last position of the group. Although those god envoys from the God Realm were arrogant, they knew the importance of that trip. They were responsible for the front and back of the group to prevent attacks from any ignorant demon beasts.

"Tsk tsk, the scenery is pathetic, as if a nuclear bomb had exploded here." Shen Yanxiao surveyed her surroundings through the thin cloth that covered the window.

She was the only one in the entire carriage. The guard that was assigned to her had been 'borrowed' away by Shen Jiayi with the reason of 'insufficient manpower' the second day after their departure. The horses that pulled the hoarfrost carriage were specially selected heat-resistant military horses, and they would follow the front carriage automatically, and thus they did not require a driver for the carriage.

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As long as she stayed in the carriage, no one would notice anything that Shen Yanxiao did in there, even if she did some somersaults. So she did not pay any attention to her own words or actions as she did not have to worry that anyone would be surprised by that.