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39 Vermilion Bird Candidate 3

 Something even more shocking had happened then.

The sage stood up and slowly walked towards Shen Yanxiao. He bent his waist and lowered himself to her height as he looked at the little girl who still had her head down. He smiled as he said gently, "How old are you?"

Shen Yanxiao sensed the sage as he moved closer to her, but as an 'idiot,' she was not supposed to 'understand' the sage's question. Therefore, she continued to look at her nose with her head lowered. Everyone worshipped the sage, but she only thought of him as an influential 'conman.' As for the conman's expression of goodwill, she cared more about when he would leave so that she could have the chance to enter the palace and 'take out' the last batch of money to purchase the demonic cores.

If anyone knew about Shen Yanxiao's thoughts, they would probably jump out and strangle the ignorant fool.

How influential was the God Realm? Even the monarch of the Longxuan Empire had to welcome them personally and not only was she not ecstatic for his arrival, she actually wished that the boss of the God Realm would get lost. That was such a worrying thought!

"Ahem, Xiaoxiao is fourteen this year." Due to Shen Yanxiao's mental deficiency, Shen Feng could only answer in her stead.

"Fourteen years old? That seems to be a bit too early." The sage softly muttered before he revealed a smile. "However, it's not impossible. Since the Family Head approves her to join as a candidate for the Vermilion Bird, then there should not be any problem."

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Ordinary disciples would only search for their magical beast after the age of sixteen. It was because their mental energy would only stabilize after they matured and to sign a contract with a magical beast was something very dangerous. If their mental energy were too weak and they couldn't control the beast, it would very possibly result in a backlash. Not only would their spirit be severely affected, but it was also likely the magical beast would injure them.

With Shen Yanxiao's age, she was too young to become a candidate for the Vermilion Bird.

All of the third-generation members of the family were stunned.

When Shen Feng gave his orders the day before, the third-generation members weren't there, and so they did not know that Shen Yanxiao would join as a candidate to sign the contract with the Vermillion Bird. They were initially baffled by her appearance, but they did not expect the reality to be even crazier than their expectations!

What a joke, she was clearly an idiot and trash! How could someone like her become a candidate?!

Among the third-generation disciples, Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei had the worst expressions on their faces. They were candidates because they were at a suitable age, but what was with Shen Yanxiao? Not only was she stupid and worthless, but she was also clearly younger by two years. Could their grandfather have gone crazy to let the disgrace participate in the candidacy?

Shen Jiayi's expression became twisted. She couldn't believe everything that she had heard.

That idiot already snatched her brother Siyu, and then, she also wanted to seize the Vermilion Bird? Who did she think she was?!

Among the three candidates, Shen Yifeng was the calmest and the most collected. He was surprised at Shen Yanxiao' participation, but he was not as resentful as Shen Jiayi.

Even a fool would know that it was absolutely impossible for Shen Yanxiao to sign a contract with the Vermilion Bird. If they disregarded her mental deficiency, it was still impossible for her to obtain the Vermilion Bird's favor with her weak strength. Everyone knew that throughout the successive generations, those who were contracted with the Vermilion Bird were the most powerful in the family.