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35 Crazy and Ridiculous 2

 When Shen Yanxiao looted from the Vermilion Bird Family, she still adhered to the concept of how one should never steal from one's family and she only did it because she wanted to test her skills. Therefore, they got off easy as she only took the minimum from them. For the other three families, however, it was a different matter.

Plus, she had a reason for her actions...

It was because she saw the opportunity to grab the feathers from a flying goose! Her actions were so cruel that it would make one's hair stand up in anger!

One example would be the Seven Star Treasure Sword that hung on a certain young master's headboard in the Azure Dragon Family. The dazzling gems and even the gold ornaments on that luxurious scabbard had been entirely scraped off.

There was also the white jade chessboard that belonged to a certain madam from the White Tiger Family. The chess pieces and the chessboard disappeared without a trace. Even the two gold boxes that stored the chess pieces were stolen, along with the lid that was made from pure gold.

Another example was from the Black Tortoise Family, where she found a deep blue crystal chain that hung on a certain young miss' neck and wrist.

The necklace and bracelet were presents for the young miss when she celebrated her adulthood, and she had never parted with them, not even when she bathed and slept. As a result, it was taken away just like that after a night of sleep and they assumed that the heartless thief had personally taken the accessories off the young miss.

The incident nearly caused the chaste young miss to knock herself to death onto the headboard due to the despair, in order to guarantee her innocence. As a result, the Black Tortoise Family Head had to restrain her forcefully. He also gave a special order in secret that if the thief was discovered, they were not to kill him on sight, and instead, he must be brought back to the estate.

Was that a sign that a certain young miss would get married to someone of the lower status?

In any case, the members of the three families were in a panic and a mess because of a heartless little thief who managed to rake up so much money in a frenzy.

With only three cruel acts, Shen Yanxiao had managed to hoard more than twenty thousand of demonic cores. Coupled with the two thousand cores that Xiu had depleted previously, she only needed another five thousand cores to reach the thirty thousand that she needed!

When she saw Xiu absorbed all of the twenty thousand demonic cores, Shen Yanxiao's mood shone like it was spring, and it was as bright as a flower.

As she looked at the seal on her arm, she could imagine the scene where she'd laugh madly at the sky when Xiu would finally undo the second seal as she fed him the final few thousands of demonic cores that would bring the total amount to thirty thousand cores.

However, as for the money to purchase the last five thousand low-grade demonic cores, she wondered 'who would pay for that'?

She had never considered the Qilin Family. Even though they were rumored to be extremely wealthy, well, it wasn't like she could steal from them and then arrange to sell those items at their auction house, right?

As for the other four families, she estimated that the profits she could continue to scrape off from them would not amount to much due to her previous ruthlessness, and thus, she directly skipped over them.

In that case, there was probably only one place in the entire capital where the trip would be worthwhile.

The palace!

Far away in the palace, a certain old gentleman, who wore a crown that was embedded with gems, suddenly felt a cold chill down his back.

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Unfortunately, before she had the chance to extend her evil claws toward the palace, the sage from the God Realm arrived with his team and had entered the capital of Longxuan Empire.

The sage arrival's had alerted all the bigwigs in the capital.

From the most influential monarch of the Longxuan Empire to the commoners from the lower status, the city was abuzz with the sage's arrival.

The God Realm was a strange existence, and it did not belong to any Empires within the Brilliance Continent. It independently occupied a piece of land that overlooked the sea, and the area was neither big, nor did it have an enormous army as a guarantee of their military prowess. However, the God Realm's existence was something that no empires would dare to offend.