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illicit relationship

Author: Shooting_Star

Lastchapter: 371 Lady Lin, I Didn’t Expect to Meet You Here

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371 Lady Lin, I Didn’t Expect to Meet You Here
370 Did You Sleep Well?
369 What Did He Do in His Past Life?
368 Thank You for Saving Me
367 Stop Calling Me Young Boss
366 I Am Not Your Boss
365 Don’t Repeat the Same Mistake and Take Good Care of Your Mother
364 He Is MR. Qing Feng, Our Boss
363 You Will Regret Your Action Later!
362 You Will Regret Your Action Later
361 Sir, I Still Have Work.
360 I’m Leaving. I Will Call You Later
359 Stop!
358 Stop It! You Are Hurting Xin Er!
357 Can You Live Only With Love? That Is Bullshit!
356 Looking for a Place for the Company Headquarters
355 Hey, I Want a Kiss Too
354 Tian’er, Can You Let Me Work at Your Company?
353 Wait!
352 Whatever You Do, I Will Always Support You
351 Well Done!
350 How Dare You Betray Me!
349 Are You Zong Chaihe?
348 Sir, What Are You Talking About?
347 Who Is This Beautiful Young Lady?
346 Thank You for Saving Me
345 Is Your Heart as Cold as Ice?
344 Don’t You Have a Little Pity for Her?
343 I Love Him Very Much
342 Let Them Go
341 One Problem Solved
340 Give Me 10 Million Yuan
340 Give Me 100 Million Yuan
339 He Is Lying
338 Who Dare to Cause Trouble in Front of This Young Master?
337 How Do You Want to Solve the Problem?
336 Li Wen Make a Move Faster Than Xiao Tian
335 Another Problem
334 Practice Martial Arts
333 Sadness
332 Where Is the Happiness You Promised Us?
332 Where Is the Happiest You Promised Us?
331 Scandal
330 The Problem Arises Again
329 I’m Home
328 Let’s Take Revenge on Xiao Tian Together.
327 Crawl Through My Legs Now!
326 Do You Know What You Have Done?
325 Beat Them to Death, Xiao Tian!
324 Trouble at the Party
323 Attending a High-Class Party
322 Let’s Continue Again Another Day
321 So, Where Should I Give You Hickey?
320 I Just Want to Hug You
319 Tian, Stop It!
318 Tian, You Are Awake?
317 Little Brother, I’m Sleepy
316 I Just Want to Spend Time With You
315 Let’s Watch TV Together Before Sleeping
314 You Are My Prey, So You Should Behave Like Prey
313 Going to Yun Xin Ers House Again
312 In the Washroom
311 I Will Punish You Later
310 I Hope We Will Be Together Until Death Do Part Us
309 Concer
308 Big Projec
307 I’m Just Lucky
306 What Are You Two Doing?
305 So, How Many Times Did You Two Do It in a Hotel Room?
304 Today Is a Wonderful Day
303 Taking a Picture With Ye Qingyu
302 Enjoying the Beautiful View With Ye Qingyu
301 Don’t Forget to Take Care of My Son Too
300 Ning’er, I’ve Come to Meet You
299 Let’s Go Home Together
298 I Have No Clothes to Wear
297 Buying House for Shi Fei and Liu Ning
296 Yes. I Miss You. I Really Do
295 Sorry for Waking You Two Up
294 Buy Me Ice Cream and Cake
293 Why Did You Always Buy Chocolate?
292 Because You Are a Devil in Disguise
291 Underlings
290 A Kiss Before Going Home
289 I Will Make You Happy Too
288 Are You Worried About Me?
287 Torturing Feng Ao 5
286 Torturing Feng Ao 4
285 Torturing Feng Ao 3
284 Torturing Feng Ao 2
283 Torturing Feng Ao 1
282 Thank You, Tianer
281 I Will Torture Him From Inside
280 Who Are They?
279 All of Them Are Useless!
278 I Will Let You Handle This
277 Beat Them to Death!
276 Blue Ice Lotus Gang
275 You Dont Need to Call Him
274 Xiao Tian, Dont Leave Me Alone.
273 That Is Me, Xiao Tian
272 What the Fuck Are You Doing?
271 Im Not Blushing
270 Tian, My Knees Hurt So Much
269 My Mouth Is Amazing, Right?
268 You Indeed Have Tarnished Me
267 Little Brother, Are You Proposing to Me Right Now?
266 Why Are You Pouting Your Lips Like That?
265 Little Brother, I’m Worn Ou
264 My Mistress Is So Wild
263 What Made You Fall for Me?
262 Stars Hill
261 How About I Kiss Both of You as a Reward?
260 It Seems Like Mr. Xiao Is a Multi-Talented Young Man
259 I Can Do I
258 You Are Indeed the Best, Tian
257 Tian, Lets Have a French Kiss
256 Are You Behaving Like This Because I Didnt Kiss You Today?
255 Im Fucked up Now
254 What Do You Want in Return?
253 This Cake Is so Tasty
252 In the Future, I Will Be the Wealthiest Person in China and Sit on My Throne With Beautiful Women in My Arms
251 Enjoying the View From Above Is Indeed a Good Thing
250 I Will Forgive You If You Buy Me Ice Cream
249 Jinlan Lake
248 Do You Want to Have a French Kiss With Your Lover?
247 As Expected of My Lover, She Is so Pretty
246 So Where Are We Going Today?
245 Because We Are His Lover
244 As Expected of Myself, Im Indeed a Lady Killer
243 Good Morning, Hubby
242 Taking a Picture of Xiao Tian
241 Little Brother, I Want a Kiss
240 Im Going to Sit on My Throne
239 I Want to Remember the Shape of Your Cock in My Pussy Now
238 You Really Look Beautiful With My Sperm in Your Mouth
237 Playing Doctor and Patient With Shi Fei
236 Little Brother, Do You Want to Play With My Pussy so Badly?
235 You Can Also Taste My Saliva From My Other Mouth
234 Little Brother, I Have Been Waiting for You
233 Tian, Stop It. I Want to Work
232 Fuck!
231 So, You Are Trying to Seduce Me, Huh?
230 As Expected, My Wife Is a Good Wife
229 I Will Discipline You in Bed
228 Tian, My Heart Is Already Yours
227 You Can Cry If You Want To
226 The Truth
225 A Plan to Kill Da Lei
224 Your Big Brother’s Girlfriend Is Stunning
223 How About We Cook Dinner Together Later?
222 You Are Lying to Me!
221 Why Did All of This Happen to Me?
220 Who Is Slandering My Company?
219 Im Not Interested in Your Plan
218 You Two Are Indeed a Devil in Disguise
217 Thank You for Today
216 Im Indeed Bullying You Right Now
215 Liu Ning, Im Lucifer, Give Your Soul to Me!
214 Are You Trying to Seduce a Married Woman?
213 Shanghai Aquarium
212 I Really Miss You, Xin Er
211 As You Wish My Goddess
210 You Two Want to Bully Me, Huh?
209 Does My Mistress Want to Lovey-Dovey With Me?
208 Lady Liu, Can I Get Your Number?
207 As I Thought, You Are Indeed a Sweet Talker
206 Should I Call You the Third Wheel Young Man From Now On?
205 Teaching Liu Ning How to Skate
204 Lady Liu Ning, Please Dont Make Fun of Me
203 Double Date Plan
202 Aunt, Let Me Tell You the Secret of Us, Men
201 Is That a Bad Idea?
200 Aye, Sir
200 You Want to Have Sex With Me Forever?
199 Aunt, Lets Do a French Kiss Before Sleeping
198 Now, Its Time to Have Sex
197 I Do Love You
196 With This, You Will No Longer Doubt My Love for You, Right?
196 With This, You Believe That I Love You Very Much, Right?
195 Mother Doesnt Want to Be Alone at Home
194 Sorry. I Was Thrilled, so I Hugged You Reflexively
193 Because You Bit My Earlobes, I Have to Punish You
192 Are You Planning to Squeeze My Breasts Again?
191 I Hope We Can Meet Again Soon
190 That Sounds Better in My Ears
189 Let Me Embrace You Before Going to Campus
188 You Shouldnt Waste Your Precious Tears on Someone Like Him
187 You Were Amazing Last Nigh
186 In My Room, You Can Do Whatever You Want With My Body
185 Mr. Feng, Do You Want to Come to My Room?
184 Aunt, How About We Do a Passionate Kiss Before I Leave?
183 Nine out of Ten
182 Red Flower Bar
181 I Want You to Raise My Status From Mistress to Wife. Hehe
180 How About We Eat Together?
179 The Second Mission Begins
178 Here, You Can Sit on His Lap Now
177 This Is a Huge Progress for Me
176 Thank You
175 Put on Your Clothes!
174 As Long as I Can Embrace You, I Will Sacrifice Everything
174 As Long as I Can Embrace You, I Will Scarify Everything
173 First Step Works Smoothly
172 Liu Ning
171 I have to teach him a lesson
170 Feng Yu and Feng Ao
169 Its Boring
168 Bookworm Prince Who Turns Into a True Prince
167 Its Already 10:35 PM, and There Is Still Lots of Work
166 This Big Sister Dares You to Punish Her Now
165 Do You Want a Normal Kiss or Passionate Kiss?
164 But Im Your Lover
163 Good Night, Tian
162 Xin Er, Im Thrilled to Be Able to Spend Time With You
161 It seems like youre not that good at seducing a lady
160 Do You Want to Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery While Holding Hands?
159 Do You Dare to Bet?
158 Shanghai River
157 Ive Kissed Your Lips. Are You Happy Now?
156 People Call Me a Devilishly Handsome Perver
155 Beautiful Moment at Rainbow Garden
154 Do You Want to Hug Me Again?
153 Little Brother, Let Me Eat You One More Time.
152 Stop It, or I Will Punish You Again
151 Youre Not Allowed to Kiss Me Anymore
150 Let This Big Sister Help You Unbutton Your Shir
149 Please Dont Cry Anymore
148 Mother, Why Are You Crying?
147 Because Were Friends With Benefits
146 This Is a Punishment for Teasing Me
145 What an Interesting Lady!
144 Do You Want to Feed This Big Sister so Badly?
143 I Will Always Be There for You
142 Youre a Liar
141 Can You Forgive Me?
140 Thank You for Giving Me a Wonderful Morning
139 What a Perfect Morning!
138 First Time With Lin Xing Xue
137 Lets Head to Your Bedroom
136 Dont Be Shy
135 Little Xue, Can You Open Your Mouth?
134 Ah…It Feels Good, Little Xue
133 Sweet Time at Lin Xing Xues Home
132 One Sheep, Two Sheeps, Three Sheeps, Four Sheeps, Shit!
131 Her Reason and True Feeling
130 Oh, That’s Not a Bad Idea!
129 My Next Goal Is to Make My Family Become an Upper-Class Family
128 Mother, Youre Torturing Me
127 Only the two of us
126 Xue, Switch Place With Me
125 Good Morning, Boss
124 I Forge
123 Lets Go to Our Bedroom
122 Aunt Wants a Kiss
121 Qingyu, Do You Want It?
120 Big Sister, Ive Kissed Him in Your Place
119 Are You Fascinated by My Beautiful Lips?
118 Mother, Feed Me Again
117 Everyone, Lets Start the Party
116 Strongest My Ass!
115 Im Just Lucky
114 Holy Moly Fucking Shi
113 Because I Want to Become a Rich Person
112 Kyaaaa… so Handsome
111 Ah. Im Tired, Little Brother
110 Rising Star TV Show
109 Give Us a Discoun
108 Tian, Im Sorry
107 How Do You Feel After Becoming a Famous Person?
106 Dont Do Something Stupid Again
105 Our Boss Will Be Famous
104 Young Talented People Magazine
103 I Am a Generous Boss, Right?
102 I Love I
101 It Looks Tasty
100 This Video Tutorial Is Complete and Utter Lie
99 Go to Your Bedroom and Wait There
98 Are You Tired?
97 Feature Ideas
96 You Are Indeed a Bad Person
95 Please Dont Flirt at the Company
94 We Should Work Professionally
93 What happened?
92 Exercise on the Bed
91 Tian, Its Mother Turn
90 Aunt, Drink It!
89 Its Warm
88 Tian, You Are Pervert!
87 Thank You for Taking Care of Me and Make Me Happy
86 Tian, Do You Like It?
85 What Should I Do to This Bad Lady?
84 I Am so Beautiful And Sexy
83 Lingerie Store
82 You Look so Sexy
81 Lets Go Shopping
80 Tian, There Is Something on Your Trouser
79 Bamboo Restauran
78 Both of You Look Beautiful
77 Morning Pleasure
76 We Should Do This More Often
75 Why Are You Here?
74 lets hold hands
73 Autumn restauran
72 hurry up and come back home
71 son, happy birthday
70 You Are So Dazzling
69 what a pity
68 no, He is ugly, fat and smell bad
67 Yes, this big sister likes i
66 WOW
65 Anything for you, mother
64 You’re no match for me
63 its a secre
62 Sure. I dont mind it.
61 are you trying to seduce me again?
60 sorry, I made mistakes
59 You misheard i
58 Do You Know That Song?
57 Beautiful Lady, Are You Perhaps Interested in Me?
56 Under The Table
55 How Can You Be This Perfect?
54 Yes, It Was Grea
53 It Feels Good
52 Oh! That’s a Good Idea
51 Do You Want to Feel Something Sweeter ?
50 I Agree With Tha
49 Come Here and Give Me Good Morning Kiss
48 When Expectation Is Different From Reality
47 Good! I Take That as YES
46 Of Course, I Like It.
45 Good, I’m Satisfied
44 Lets Start and Success
43 Do You Have a Girlfriend ?
42 You Can Kiss Me, Hug Me, or Hold My Hands
41 My Love for You is Infinite
40 Hey! I’m Here. Don’t Treat Me Like Air
39 Guess Who Am I ?
38 Unexpected Gues
37 Morning Exercise
36 Just You Wait, Ill Slap Your Buttocks Using a Wad of Money
35 Dinner
34 Come Here and Hug Your Lover
33 I Miss You
32 Announcemen
31 Good Night, Love You
30 Thank You
29 Carry Me Little Brother
28 New Feeling
27 Couple Café
26 I Love You
25 Clothing Business
24 Oh! My Heart is Bleeding Right Now
23 Hmff. Bad Boy
22 Its Exciting
21 The Results
20 Illusion
19 News
18 So, Will You Kiss Me or Not?
17 First Day of Competition
16 How Dare You
15 I Just Like Firefly in the Dark Nigh
14 Coffee Shop
13 Now Im Happy
12 Aunt, Lend Me Some Money
11 The Legendary Relationship Part 5 last par
10 The Legendary Relationship Part 4
9 The Legendary Relationship Part 3
8 The Legendary Relationship Part 2
7 The Legendary Relationship Part 1
6 Maternal Aun
5 Why Are You Smiling?
4 Home
3 Thank You Uncles, for Your Blessing
2 Teasing Lin Xing Xue
1 New Life
-1 Places introduced so far
-3 Characters