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Pet King

Author: Jie Po

Lastchapter: 795 Newcomer

Updated: 2019-01-23 11:27

795 Newcomer
794 Crispy and Chicken-Flavored
793 Undocumented Alien
792 Everybody Dispatched
791 The Ferocious Monster Worm
790 Fish Gone Missing
789 The Electrician and the Welder
788 Alumni
787 Fruitful Return
786 Sex Education
785 Ugly Duckling
784 Underwater Dancing Waltz
783 Voice Recording
782 Morning News
781 Spicy Diced Chicken
780 May Heaven Lend Me Another 500 Years to Live
779 One More
778 Aquatic Treasure Hun
777 Greeny Green
776 Corals
775 Aquascape
774 Conductivity
773 Testing the Voltage with Oneself
772 Electrical Leakage
771 Electrician
770 Low Oxygen
769 Acting Ability Not as Good as a Dogs
768 Calling a Stag a Horse
767 Cone Snail
766 Extremely Venomous Creature
765 Wild Harves
764 Visiting the Aquarium Marke
763 Staring at the Back View
762 High Reward
761 Mobilizing the Masses
760 Making Up for Past Regrets
759 Transition
758 Missing Money in the Five Elements
757 The Gentleman is Poor
756 Weeping from the Distant Ocean
755 Top-up for a Bugatti!
754 Absolutely a Misunderstanding
753 Between the Lotus Leaves the Fishes Play
752 Amazing Fate Aquarium
751 Extra Large
750 The Joy of an Everyday Routine
749 Methods on Dealing with the Media
748 Unpredictable
747 Goodbye, Germany
746 An Unforgettable Nigh
745 Well Deserved
744 The Closing Ceremony
743 Contract and Commission
742 A Surprise Gif
741 Invitation
740 She Is a Beauty
739 Excursion
738 Mermaid
737 Where“s My Long Legged Oppa?
736 Angel
Chapter 735: Monster
Chapter 734: Cape Treasure Hunting
Chapter 733: Seaside Encounter
Chapter 732: Beware of Burns
Chapter 731: FKK
Chapter 730: Novelty Hunting
Chapter 729: Almost Peed His Pants
Chapter 728: An Eye for the Queers
Chapter 727: Any Empty Beer Bottles for Sale
Chapter 726: The Journey North
Chapter 725: Curtain Call
Chapter 724: Zhang Zian Had the Red Carpet All to Himself
Chapter 723: Splitting Paths
Chapter 722: Schedule Changed
Chapter 721: Opening Ceremony
Chapter 720: Glorified
Chapter 719: Crowning as King
Chapter 718: The Aquarium Zone
Chapter 717: Communication Problems
Chapter 716: All Roads Lead to Rome
Chapter 715: A Different Policy
Chapter 714: Dogs Never Change
Chapter 713: Goggles
Chapter 712: A Fellow Business in Germany
Chapter 711: Germans Who Love Dogs
Chapter 710: Delicacy
Chapter 709: Itinerary
Chapter 708: An Epic Encounter
Chapter 707: Brainstorming
Chapter 706: The Check In
Chapter 705: Arriving in Germany
Chapter 704: Lost, or stolen?
Chapter 703: Rekindling Evil
Chapter 702: Stray Cat
Chapter 701: Consignment
Chapter 700: Home Alone
Chapter 699: A Diamond the Size of a Duck Egg
Chapter 698: Emergency Visit
Chapter 697: For the Forgotten Memories
Chapter 696: Washing Cats and Dogs
Chapter 695: The World Belongs to Cats
Chapter 694: The Chinese Zodiac
Chapter 693: Some People Are Dead; She Is Still Alive
Chapter 692: Matthew Davis Foundation
Chapter 691: Birthday Gift
Chapter 690: Genetic Screening
Chapter 689: Peculiar Cries
Chapter 688: Cat Bet
Chapter 687: Forcing a Person with OCD to His Death
Chapter 686: New Monkey King at Qidian
Chapter 685: Stew
Chapter 684: Fish for the New Year
Chapter 683: The Willing Shall Take the Bait
Chapter 682: Ice Fishing
Chapter 681: Little Sweetie and Madam Cow
Chapter 680: Ask for Fish and You Shall Find
Chapter 679: New Years Red Packet
Chapter 678: Borrowing Fish
Chapter 677: Send Off
Chapter 676: Wedding
Chapter 675: Leaving the Mountains
Chapter 674: Consecutive Dangers
Chapter 673: One After Another
Chapter 672: Birth
Chapter 671: Delivery
Chapter 670: Disturbance
Chapter 669: The Unexpected Result
Chapter 668: Firework
Chapter 667: Postcard
Chapter 666: 666 Burial
Chapter 665: Looking off into the Distance
Chapter 664: Death
Chapter 663: Secret Investigation Visit
Chapter 662: Harassment, Delicious!
Chapter 661: Another Visit to the Police Dog Nursing Home
Chapter 660: Famous in Despair
Chapter 659: Advancing into Berlin
Chapter 658: Going Premium
Chapter 657: The Probability Typist
Chapter 656: Pure Chance
Chapter 655: Chopstick and Bowls
Chapter 653: Zhang Zians Wife?
Chapter 652: Red Packets
Chapter 651: Rekindled Life
Chapter 650: Reviving the Hamsters
Chapter 649: Hibernation
Chapter 648: Suspended Animation
Chapter 647: Discussing the Fall of Love Lovely Pets
Chapter 646: Amazing Fate
Chapter 645: Cause and Effect
Chapter 644: A Distant Marriage
Chapter 643: Fight Poison with Poison
Chapter 641: Scrambling for Loots
Chapter 640: Reasonable Terms
Chapter 639: The Route of Adoption
Chapter 638: The Odd Case of Adoption
Chapter 637: The Four Conditions
Chapter 636: Rubbed the Wrong Way
Chapter 635: No Transactions, No Harm
Chapter 634: Adopting Instead of Buying
Chapter 633: Sharing a Table
Chapter 632: A Successful Escape
Chapter 631: Secretly Setting up a Trap
Chapter 630: The Formulation
Chapter 629: Expensive Injections
Chapter 628: Skipping a Beat with Every Step
Chapter 627: Witnessing the Inside Story
Chapter 626: Secret Infiltration
Chapter 625: Name Calling
Chapter 624: Growing Greenery, Fowls in the Air
Chapter 623: A Tricky Problem
Chapter 622: Eavesdropping
Chapter 621: Borrowing A Car
Chapter 620: Fireworks
Chapter 619: Possessing No Evil Thought
Chapter 618: Chief
Chapter 617: Defying All Conspiracies with Absolute Strength
Chapter 616: Slander
Chapter 615: Holding Things in Both Hands
Chapter 614: Love Lovely Pets
Chapter 613: Deformity
Chapter 612: Teacup Puppy
Chapter 611: Waiting in Line
Chapter 609: Internal Alchemy
Chapter 608: Additional Effects
Chapter 607: Upgrade
Chapter 606: Friend
Chapter 605: Pride and Prejudice
Chapter 604: The Malatang That Took Flight
Chapter 603: Motorcycle Riders
Chapter 602: Raiding the Ladies Residence at Night
Chapter 601: Correcting Mistakes
Chapter 600: Kneading
Chapter 599: Another Bowl, Please
Chapter 598: The Shocked Neighbor
Chapter 597: The Imperial Kitchen
Chapter 596: Game Changer
Chapter 595: Kept Kittens
Chapter 594: A Huge Misunderstanding
Chapter 593: Advertising
Chapter 592: Eternal Life
Chapter 591: Triple Win
Chapter 590: Infinity
Chapter 589: Hyperwebster
Chapter 588: Pet Boarding
Chapter 587: Revenge Succeeded
Chapter 586: Dont Forget Me
Chapter 585: Comments
Chapter 584: Dogs Jumping on Guests
Chapter 583: The Night at the Pet Shop
Chapter 582: Bedtime Rock and Roll
Chapter 581: Farewell, Balls
Chapter 580: Bodies Not for Sale
Chapter 579: Serval
Chapter 578: Winning with Virtue
Chapter 577: Reward You A Bowl of Dog Food
Chapter 576: The Moon and Sixpence
Chapter 575: We Are the Champions
Chapter 574: Gift of Congratulations
Chapter 573: New Goal
Chapter 572: Pregnancy
Chapter 571: Dual Blade
Chapter 570: Meeting Son of Heaven Again
Chapter 569: Return Home After Having A Blast
Chapter 568: Talents in Unthinkable Areas
Chapter 567: The Pleasure of Being A Cat Enthusiast
Chapter 566: Life for Life Expectancy
Chapter 565: Masanori Suzuhara In the Lab
Chapter 564: How to Train a Dog
Chapter 563: The Disturbing Dog
Chapter 562: The Father and Son Who Lost Their Dog
Chapter 561: New Interpretation of the Evolution Theory
Chapter 560: Sneaking Out
Chapter 559: Allergic Reactions
Chapter 558: Mutual Flattering
Chapter 557: The Morning Runner
Chapter 556: Strength of Faith
Chapter 555: Kennel Cough
Chapter 554: Pet Boarding
Chapter 553: Being A Bookworm For A Decade
Chapter 552: Numerator and Denominator
Chapter 551: Support
Chapter 550: ""
Chapter 549: Interesting Story
Chapter 548: The Limit Of Hide-and-Seek
Chapter 547: All Is Fair In War
Chapter 546: The Power Of Reading
Chapter 545: Life Is Finite While Knowledge Is Infinite
Chapter 544: Difficult Chinese
Chapter 543: The Correct Posture
Chapter 542: Come, Drink the Water Of The Ganges River
Chapter 541: Neighborhood Committee
Chapter 540: Online Shopping
Chapter 539: The Blessing of Being Single
Chapter 538: A Teenager
Chapter 537: Mission Accomplished
Chapter 536: Book of Elfins
Chapter 535: Life, the Universe and Everything
Chapter 534: Chinese Room and Turing Test
Chapter 533: Speculation Over the Identity
Chapter 532: Pi
Chapter 531: Doing Good Deeds Without Asking for Reward
Chapter 530: Navigating the Mountain of Books
Chapter 529: Binhai City Library
Chapter 528: Hidden Hints
Chapter 527: The Ethereal Elfin
Chapter 526: Disposal of the Stolen Goods
Chapter 525: Ear Tag
Chapter 524: Urban Village
Chapter 523: Tracking
Chapter 522: Danger
Chapter 521: Gang
Chapter 520: Dog Trapping
Chapter 519: Jingle Bells
Chapter 518: The Best Performance
Chapter 517: When Christmas Comes to Town
Chapter 516: The Final Rehearsal
Chapter 515: Having a Girlfriend So Soon?
Chapter 514: The Plan for the School Founding Anniversary
Chapter 513: Funny Games
Chapter 512: Dogs Pulling A Sleigh
Chapter 511: Purebred and Hybrid
Chapter 510: Holding A Rabbit
Chapter 509: A Class on Animal Raising
Chapter 508: The One Who Experienced Metempsychosis in the Imagined Landscape
Chapter 507: Human Comedy
Chapter 506: Only the Paranoid Survive
Chapter 505: Confronting the Devil Inside
Chapter 504: Friday the Thirteenth
Chapter 503: Eleven Feet and Nine Inches
Chapter 502: Unbearable Memories
Chapter 501: I Am the Protagonist
Chapter 500: Movie Mate
Chapter 499: Book a Whole Screening Room
Chapter 498: A Homage to Youth
Chapter 497: Bring You Home
Chapter 496: Movie Dream
Chapter 495: Take You Home
Chapter 494: PTSD
Chapter 493: A Psalm of Life
Chapter 492: Dignity
Chapter 491: The Problem of Providing for the Aged
Chapter 490: 1918
Chapter 489: Imagined Landscape
Chapter 488: Humanistic Care
Chapter 487: Guarantee Allocation
Chapter 486: Defeat
Chapter 485: Time to Wake Up
Chapter 484: Today, I Know Who I Am
Chapter 483: A Thrilling Night Deep in the Mountains
Chapter 482: Classic Culture
Chapter 481: Enter the Mountain to Visit
Chapter 480: Propagate the Doctrine and Impart Professional Knowledge
Chapter 479: Being Grateful
Chapter 478: Let the Girl Go
Chapter 477: Upholding Justice
Chapter 476: Hold Back Your Trick
Chapter 475: One Hundred Years of Solitude
Chapter 474: Youth
Chapter 473: Weird Cat
Chapter 472: When You Find the Inner Peace
Chapter 471: Proving Strength
Chapter 470: Capture the Ringleader First in Order to Capture All His Followers
Chapter 469: Nine Dogs and One Mastiff
Chapter 468: Tibetan Mastiff
Chapter 467: Beasts
Chapter 466: Let the Right One in
Chapter 465: Be with You for the Long Run
Chapter 464: Degeneration
Chapter 463: Police Dog Training Base
Chapter 462: The Adventure of Lu Yiyun
Chapter 461: Showtime
Chapter 460: Knitting Wool Ball
Chapter 459: The Classic of Cats Appreciation
Chapter 458: Three Good Things About the kitten
Chapter 457: Association of the Pet Exchange Promotion
Chapter 456: The Disappeared Chausie
Chapter 455: The Tactful Snowy Lionet
Chapter 454: A Needle Versus a Thorn
Chapter 453: Guest Shows up
Chapter 452: The Model Father
Chapter 451: I Want a Cat
Chapter 450: Getting the Casket and Returning the Pearl
Chapter 449: Owing a Favor
Chapter 448: Pet Delivery
Chapter 447: Breaking Bad
Chapter 446: Wrong Script
Chapter 445: Dark Cuisine
Chapter 444: Outdoor Location
Chapter 443: Getting Benefits
Chapter 442: The Unexpected Answer
Chapter 441: Understudy
Chapter 440: The Different Stewed Beef with Potato
Chapter 439: Eavesdropping
Chapter 438: Anecdotes about Police Dogs
Chapter 437: Compromise
Chapter 436: Relishing A Feast
Chapter 435: Delicious Salty Food
Chapter 434: Getting Lunchboxes
Chapter 433: Feng Xuans Strict Requirements
Chapter 432: Effective Methods to Repel Mosquitoes
Chapter 431: Hidden Dangers in Summer
Chapter 430: Charlottes Troubles
Chapter 429: Start Working
Chapter 428: Coercion
Chapter 427: Lie to Me
Chapter 426: Undercover
Chapter 425: Nightmare
Chapter 424: A Dangerous Scene
Chapter 423: Protagonist Finalized
Chapter 422: Foreshadowing Crisis
Chapter 421: Crossing Fire
Chapter 420: Pyrotechnician
Chapter 419: Harsh Test
Chapter 418: Great Performance
Chapter 417: The Audition
Chapter 416: The Director
Chapter 415: An Overnight Sensation
Chapter 414: A Biting Dog
Chapter 413: A Bird Flying in the Strong Wind
Chapter 412: Having Lunch Together
Chapter 411: A Puppy That Needs Little Walking Outdoors
Chapter 410: Struggle to Make a Choice
Chapter 409: Four Little Swans
Chapter 408: Buying
Chapter 407: Sheng Kes Notice
Chapter 406: Scalper
Chapter 405: An Unexpected Visit
Chapter 404: Old Acquaintances
Chapter 403: Reunion
Chapter 402: The Secret History of Lop-Eared Cats
Chapter 401: Scottish Fold Cats
Chapter 400: A Long Pedigree
Chapter 399: Qin Jing
Chapter 398: Learning Without Thinking is Labor in Vain
Chapter 397: Airport Pickup
Chapter 396: International Calls
Chapter 395: The Domineering Guard
Chapter 394: Farewell
Chapter 393: A Precious Legacy
Chapter 392: An Unexpected Guest
Chapter 391: A Heavy Mental Burden
Chapter 390: Joint Enforcement
Chapter 389: Help Issue Certificate
Chapter 388: When All is Said and Done
Chapter 387: Anticipate Opponents Intentions
Chapter 386: The Truth Has Come to Light
Chapter 385: Life and Death
Chapter 384: The Incredible Brother Zhang
Chapter 383: A Windfall
Chapter 382: Distant Relatives
Chapter 381: Testing in Public
Chapter 380: Profiteers Everywhere
Chapter 379: Identify Kittens Through Teeth
Chapter 378: First Visit to Dog Market
Chapter 377: Questions about Imported Cat Food
Chapter 376: My Angel
Chapter 375: Desire for Freedom
Chapter 374: Safety Guarantee
Chapter 373: Firm Opposition
Chapter 372: New Employee
Chapter 371: Lygophobia
Chapter 370: Famous
Chapter 369: Ten Years After Its Death
Chapter 368: Returning Home
Chapter 367: Bakeneko
Chapter 366: Reincarnated Dog
Chapter 365: Dawn
Chapter 364: Angel in this World
Chapter 363: Never Lost Herself
Chapter 362: A Momentary Tenderness
Chapter 361: Kung Fu Superstar
Chapter 360: A Place Where Magic Happened
Chapter 359: The Fifth Elfin
Chapter 358: Heading to Hollywood
Chapter 357: Always Waiting
Chapter 356: Entering the Venue
Chapter 355: Old Friends
Chapter 354: Exclusive Interview
Chapter 353: A Match for House Cats
Chapter 352: A Recent Incident
Chapter 351: Nightwish
Chapter 350: Into the Wilderness
Chapter 349: Astonishing Techniques
Chapter 348: Qi
Chapter 347: The Time I Thought Happiness Came So Naturally
Chapter 346: Across the Ocean
Chapter 345: Issuing Certificates
Chapter 344: Showing Support
Chapter 343: Blooming Flower
Chapter 342: Reaching an Agreement
Chapter 341: Origin of the Name
Chapter 340: Good Teamwork
Chapter 339: Friends Visiting from Afar
Chapter 338: Over A Great Distance
Chapter 337: Strive for Cooperation
Chapter 336: Blue Climax
Chapter 335: Unexpected Competitor
Chapter 334: YouTube Partnership
Chapter 333: Fortune Telling
Chapter 332: Mystery in History
Chapter 331: Not Publicly Displaying Affection
Chapter 330: Job Posting
Chapter 329: Avi Display Quality
Chapter 328: Penny Wise, Pound Foolish
Chapter 327: A Returned Customer
Chapter 326: Amazing Fate Hook Shop
Chapter 325: Item from Ancient Times
Chapter 324: Gift for Reopening Ceremony
Chapter 323: I Will Take Anything
Chapter 322: Gayer-Anderson Cat
Chapter 321: Back to the Old Days
Chapter 320: Asking for Opinions
Chapter 319: A Driver that Wasnt Driving
Chapter 318: No Offense
Chapter 317: Confession
Chapter 316: Magic of Languages
Chapter 315: Conditions of Speaking
Chapter 314: Basic Wing Chun Kung Fu Wears Away Rock with Water
Chapter 313: Getting into Trouble again
Chapter 312: Teenage Syndromes
Chapter 311: Quoting from Classics
Chapter 310: Over the Great Wall
Chapter 309: Absolute Foreigners
Chapter 308: Will Go Viral
Chapter 307: New Stunts
Chapter 306: Looking Back in the Past
Chapter 305: Three Forms of Unfilial Conduct
Chapter 304: Vlogger
Chapter 303: Here She Comes Again
Chapter 302: Away from My Love
Chapter 301: Where I Should Go
Chapter 300: The Unbearable Heaviness of Being
Chapter 299: Heaven is in his Favor
Chapter 298: Racing Legend of Akina Mountain
Chapter 297: Need For Speed
Chapter 296: Everyone Performs Their Own Duties
Chapter 295: Knowledgeable about both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine
Chapter 294: Critical Condition
Chapter 293: Emergency
Chapter 292: Invitation to Stepping into the Jar
Chapter 291: Ask for Help
Chapter 290: Dork
Chapter 289: The Painful Husky
Chapter 288: Coughing
Chapter 287: To Stay or To Go
Chapter 286: Great Decision
Chapter 285: Dog in Shorts
Chapter 284: Difficult Business
Chapter 283: Goodbye, Doctor
Chapter 282: Hide and Seek Experiment
Chapter 281: Poor Little Thing
Chapter 280: Yesterday Once More
Chapter 279: Sound in the Kitchen
Chapter 278: Free Labor
Chapter 277: Genetic Disease
Chapter 276: All Alone in a Foreign Land
Chapter 275: Niche Dog
Chapter 274: Trick Succeeded
Chapter 273: The New Nurse
Chapter 272: Warmth in the Old Days
Chapter 271: True Language
Chapter 270: A Plan to Play Pranks
Chapter 269: Different Ways
Chapter 268: As Lazy as I am
Chapter 267: Crow Like a Cock and Snatch Like a Dog
Chapter 266: Needs Help
Chapter 265: You Can, You Up
Chapter 264: Decoding and Encoding
Chapter 263: Masterpiece
Chapter 262: The So-Called Tsundere
Chapter 261: Gap Moe
Chapter 260: The Picky Snowy Lionet
Chapter 259: Goddesss Messenger
Chapter 258: A Bird Lover
Chapter 257: Breakdown
Chapter 256: A Seesaw to Friendship
Chapter 255: Three-legged Cat
Chapter 254: In Search of True Love
Chapter 253: The Unemployed Cat
Chapter 252: There Is No Choice
Chapter 251: Whiskers
Chapter 250: The Tall, Wealthy and Handsome Guy
Chapter 249: Never Lend My Wife or Cats
Chapter 248: Cosplay
Chapter 247: Lessons Learned from Previous Mistakes
Chapter 246: The Famous Nature Magazine
Chapter 245: Red-headed Lovebirds
Chapter 244: The Black-Collared Love Bird
Chapter 243: Lovebirds
Chapter 242: The Designers Insights
Chapter 241: Academic Significance
Chapter 240: Rejected from Entry
Chapter 239: Phoenix House
Chapter 238: Whistles
Chapter 237: Who am I?
Chapter 236: The Power of Habit
Chapter 235: A Cry from Deep Inside the Soul
Chapter 234: Repaying Moms Love
Chapter 233: English Idiot
Chapter 232: Raising A Parrot Legally
Chapter 231: The Perfect Dubbing
Chapter 230: An Important Mission
Chapter 229: Psittacosis
Chapter 228: The Fading Memories
Chapter 227: Sickness Comes on Horseback
Chapter 226: "My Mom Doesnt Recognize Me."
Chapter 225: The Renovation Plan
Chapter 224: The Super-rich and the Parrot
Chapter 223: Richard Deserves Rewards
Chapter 222: Apprehension
Chapter 221: Talking with Pets
Chapter 220: Little Celery
Chapter 219: Two-Way Apprehension
Chapter 218: Giving A Name
Chapter 217: Mysteries Unsolved
Chapter 216: The Cat Training Ancestor
Chapter 215: The Cat from the Book
Chapter 214: Ill-gotten Wealth
Chapter 213: Fina Loses Control
Chapter 212: Linqing Lion Cat
Chapter 211: Seeking the Elfin
Chapter 210: Unexpected Discovery
Chapter 209: the Maze
Chapter 208: A Forever Tie
Chapter 207: Haste Makes Waste
Chapter 206: Clue Search
Chapter 205: Life in the Past
Chapter 204: Testing the water
Chapter 203: Going Out for a Field Trip
Chapter 202: A Fitness Plan
Chapter 201: In the Name of Decoding Words
Chapter 200: Apprehension
Chapter 199: A Bird that Finds Destined Love for People
Chapter 198: A Temporizer
Chapter 197: Get a Fashionable Name
Chapter 196: Understanding the Bird
Chapter 195: The Blooming Flowers and Full Moon
Chapter 194: Mission Accepted
Chapter 193: Surveillance Camera
Chapter 192: A Stolen Luxury Watch
Chapter 191: Captain Shengs Visit
Chapter 190: A Safe Move
Chapter 189: A B*tch Bird Elfin
Chapter 188: The Elfin in Class
Chapter 187: Finish What You Start
Chapter 186: Life and Death
Chapter 185: On the Observatory
Chapter 184: Search Along the Route
Chapter 183: Planned Route
Chapter 182: A Special Experience
Chapter 181: Calling Its Real Name
Chapter 180: Condition to Appear Invisible
Chapter 179: The War Between Two Maneki-nekos
Chapter 178: Missing Each Other
Chapter 177: A Special Ratio
Chapter 176: The Fourth Elfin
Chapter 175: An Artistic Designer
Chapter 174: An Official Settlement
Chapter 173: Release Power Like a Cat
Chapter 172: Promise Made After Three Cups of Tea
Chapter 171: A Hero Protects Three Villages
Chapter 170: Going Out For a Walk
Chapter 169: Extra Worries
Chapter 168: War
Chapter 167: A School Student
Chapter 166: Compensation Exchanged for Commutation
Chapter 165: Feeding the Cats
Chapter 164: A Door in Galaxys Heart
Chapter 163: No Raw Food
Chapter 162: Bitten
Chapter 161: The Wrong Generation
Chapter 160: Visit
Chapter 159: Starting A New Restaurant
Chapter 158: The Fate of Two Dogs
Chapter 157: A Lolita Complex
Chapter 156: The Cutest Dog
Chapter 155: Raising Pets on The Internet
Chapter 154: I Want to Read a Poem
Chapter 153: A New Start
Chapter 152: It Would Become Popular
Chapter 151: A Trip For More Righteousness
Chapter 150: A Trip For Righteousness
Chapter 149: The Real Fight
Chapter 148: Illusions
Chapter 147: The Fairy Cat
Chapter 146: Learn Kung Fu To Get Girls
Chapter 145: The Oceans Roar
Chapter 144: The Benevolence
Chapter 143: A Strange Signal
Chapter 142: An Undistinguished Hero
Chapter 141: Guinea Pig
Chapter 140: The Breakfast Vendor
Chapter 139: The Dream of the Glorious Age was Gone
Chapter 138: Rainbow Warriors
Chapter 137: The Dream of the Glorious Age
Chapter 136: A Small Deal
Chapter 135: Qing Ren
Chapter 134: Qing Ren Lane
Chapter 133: The Empty City Strategy
Chapter 132: Ready for The Fight
Chapter 131: Tit for Tat!
Chapter 130: Running Away
Chapter 129: The Ragdoll
Chapter 128: People of The Same Trade
Chapter 127: Not Only A RPG Game
Chapter 126: The Depressed Show Host
Chapter 125: UFO
Chapter 124: The Lonely Illustrator
Chapter 123: The Dream of Glorious Age
Chapter 122: The Family Secret Method
Chapter 121: The Dead End
Chapter 120: The Desired Benevolence
Chapter 119: Divine!
Chapter 118: A Naughty Kid
Chapter 117: The Real Cause
Chapter 116: The Returned Samoya
Chapter 115: The Pet Food Problem
Chapter 114: The Diorama
Chapter 113: The Membership System
Chapter 112: Suggestions and Warnings (2)
Chapter 111: Suggestions and Warnings (1)
Chapter 110: Glamour Beauty Salon
Chapter 109: The Survey
Chapter 108: No Way Out
Chapter 107: A Temporary Staff Member
Chapter 106: Rancor
Chapter 105: A Good Girl
Chapter 104: No Kneeling Down
Chapter 103: RPG
Chapter 102: The Male Owner
Chapter 101: A Rainy Day
Chapter 100: Mr. Pretend-To-Know-It-All
Chapter 99: Ice Water
Chapter 98: The Benevolent & Righteous Cat
Chapter 97: Teahouse in the Hidden Fog
Chapter 96: Appreciate Life
Chapter 95: Running into an Acquaintance
Chapter 94: The Third Elfin
Chapter 93: Mr. Liar
Chapter 92: Victorias Secret
Chapter 91: Collaboration Proposal
Chapter 90: The Horn of War
Chapter 89: A Dream of Two Thousand Years
Chapter 88: The New Direction
Chapter 87: The Problem with Returning Customers
Chapter 86: The Guard From Ancient Egypt
Chapter 85: Until Death Do You Guys Apart
Chapter 84: Same Dog as the British Queen
Chapter 83: Cat Washing Cages (Part 2)
Chapter 82: Bathing Cage (1)
Chapter 81: Never Have Seen Such a Brazen Person
Chapter 80: The Hottie
Chapter 79: Second Group Starts, Sending message if come
Chapter 78: Fighting for Your Rights
Chapter 77: The Issue of Market Share
Chapter 76: A Deal Stealer
Chapter 75: Tricky City
Chapter 74: First Time in Stars Pet Chain Supermarket
Chapter 73: The Issue of Marriage
Chapter 72: Witty Aunt Liu
Chapter 71: Bathe
Chapter 70: Difference in Value
Chapter 69: The Lonely Illustrator
Chapter 68: Self-service Cat Bathing
Chapter 67: Aunt Liu, Who Loves to Take Advantage
Chapter 66: Shiny Things
Chapter 65: Cultivated Immortality Last Night Again
Chapter 64: Missing A Huge Deal!
Chapter 63: Su Mins Decision
Chapter 62: The Best Customer
Chapter 61: Occupational Illness
Chapter 60: Increase Friendliness
Chapter 59: What the F*ck
Chapter 58: Uncle Jin, The Dog Walking Man
Chapter 57: People Are Inferior to Cats
Chapter 56: Baking a Fish
Chapter 55: Mineral Spring Water, I Only Drink Evian
Chapter 54: End of Friendship
Chapter 53: Damn Single
Chapter 52: Two Became One
Chapter 51: Pilfering Doesnt Count as Stealing
Chapter 50: Kittens Doing Stunts
Chapter 49: Why Are You So Awesome
Chapter 48: Tuhao[1] Versus Hillbilly
Chapter 47: Eating, Drinking, and Having Fun in Binhai
Chapter 46: Dont Say I Didnt Warn You
Chapter 45: A Hard-to-Please Cat
Chapter 44: Momentary Crisis
Chapter 43: The Big Door of a New World
Chapter 42: The Advanced Animal-Taming Skills
Chapter 41: A Pair of Good Friends
Chapter 40: Developing New Business
Chapter 39: Is This the Best Era?
Chapter 38: Shining Little Stones
Chapter 37: What a Paranoid Cat
Chapter 36: Small Gambling was Entertaining
Chapter 35: The Computer Geek
Chapter 34: Shi Shi
Chapter 33: One by One
Chapter 32: An Unfinished Business Deal
Chapter 31: A Siamese Cat for Sale
Chapter 30: One More Customer
Chapter 29: Two Customers
Chapter 28: Maneki-Neko
Chapter 27: The Diamond Ring
Chapter 26: Longfeng Jewelry Store
Chapter 25: Searching for the Target
Chapter 24: The Second Mythical Creature Appears
Chapter 23: Cyber War
Chapter 22: Wang Haige Forum
Chapter 21: Showing Off
Chapter 20: The Falling of the First Domino
Chapter 19: The First One!
Chapter 18: The Real Guest
Chapter 17: Look Forward to the Future
Chapter 16: Morning Exercises
Chapter 15: The Observer of Destiny
Chapter 14: Loser in Hide and Seek
Chapter 13: Favorability Mission
Chapter 12: Grand Opening
Chapter 11: Ready for Business
Chapter 10: Naming
Chapter 9: The Release
Chapter 8: The Meaning of The Pet Shop
Chapter 7: The Pets Home
Chapter 6: Breeding Base
Chapter 5: Lottery
Chapter 4: Nulla Luctus Felis
Chapter 3: Beginner Tutorial
Chapter 2: Pet Hunter
Chapter 1: Amazing Fate Pet Shop