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613 Twin Snipers Squad Elimination, Spring of the Lone Wolf!

´╗┐ Just one second before, there were three of us.

One second after, only I was left.

My name is Austin, and I am very afraid...

Austin felt like crap when he saw two of his teammates fall as they were running.

'Weren't we fine all along the way? Why did you suddenly fall when we're so close!'

At this time, Austin wanted to turn his head away from the smoke in front of him, and to the back to look at where the bullets had come from.

However, there was a nagging voice deep in his heart, which was continuously repeating...

Don't! Stop!

'Right! I can't stop!'

There was no room for hesitation!

Upon reaching this conclusion, Austin threw away his doubts and quickened his stride to dash into the next cloud of smoke.



Two 7.62mm bullets were loaded into the barrel chamber of their respective guns. Kar98K was a Mauser sniper rifle that required reloading by manually operating the bolt of the gun after every shot. This was why it was also known as a "bolt-action rifle".

Compared to other sniper rifles like the SKS, MK14 or the VSS, it had a huge speed disadvantage.

To compensate for this disadvantage, it had an incredibly scary power of destruction!



Another two shots that were impossible to tell which one was first!

Two sniper bullets pierced the skies at incredible speeds like bolts of lightning, heading straight to their target!

On the tournament's big screen, Austin was seen just a few steps away from 'salvation', when the level three helmet on his head shattered with a bang. A bright red mist bloomed on his head!

"4AM-Vic killed Ghost-Austin by headshot with Kar98K!"

One-shot kill!


The three remaining players of Ghost managed to survive so far against relentless waves of rifles. In five seconds, all of them were killed by Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan's snipers!

The cavernous Colt Arena was shaken by waves of thunderous cheers from the audience!

On the live commentary platform, the two Western commentators were wheezing as if they were asthmatics. They were holding their chests, unable to find their words.

"Oh my god! That was unbelievable! Totally unbelievable!"

"Vic Liu and Wolves are monsters with their snipers! I think they're on par with Satan!"


The two commentators traded lines, and immediately brought the already-high level of excitement in the arena to another climax.

It was the same situation on the Hua Xia commentary platform.

"Haha, it seems like this both Master Ze and Vic are winners in this showdown of skills."

"Hm, that's indeed the case." Ruo Feng pushed the glasses that rested on his big nose. "Master Ze scored a headshot in the first shot. Even if Vic also scored a kill, his accuracy was slightly inferior. Haha, well, he wasn't too bad. After all, they were shooting at moving targets."

"Indeed. Bullets in the game are still affected by speed and trajectory. For a player to score a headshot, not only did they need extreme accuracy, but they also need the 'cooperation' of their targets," said Lord Rong, smiling.

"However, in the second shot, Vic was the undisputed winner. Maybe he got lucky?"

Upon hearing Ruo Feng's words, the faint hint of a smile appeared on Su Changming's face. He folded his arms in front of his chest and said, "I wonder if any of you remember what Austin was wearing on his head, and how much health he had left."

Ruo Feng touched his chin while displaying an intense look on his face. "Since Austin looted the airdrop crate, he should be wearing a level three helmet. As for his health level... I recall that he used a first aid kit in the smokescreen. He should be at full health when he started running."

After he delivered his statement, he continued asking, "What about it? Why did you ask this, Boss Su?"

However, the moment the words left his mouth, he immediately realized how stupid his question was!

Austin had full health with a level three helmet. So how did Liu Zilang kill him in one headshot?


Lord Rong sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

"I didn't notice that earlier... That means, Master Ze had hit him with a headshot too?"

Su Changming shrugged. "Austin was killed at full health. If there were no other bullets to be taken into consideration, that has to be the case! I believe the caster should be replaying that scene soon."

Su Changming's was spot on.

Given the rarity of a "double sniper kill", if the caster did not replay that scene, he would probably have to wave goodbye to chicken drumsticks in his future dinners.

The tournament's big screen replayed the earlier scene in slow motion.

In the slow-motion replay, the trajectories of both Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan's bullets were highlighted in different colors.

In the next second, uncontrollable waves of cheers rang out from the live audience seats!

On the screen, two bullets, dragging two different colored trails behind them, converged from two different directions onto Austin's head almost at the same time!

The helmet shattered, and blood splattered!

"LOLOL, such a f*cking showoff!"

"Strong! Unbeatable! My whole body is twitching from seeing this 'double sniper kill'! "

"Haha, I think Master Ze is pissed off right now! That was supposed to be my headshot, sob sob sob!"

"Oh my turtle! If even Master Ze is sobbing... then the sobbing monster has taken over the world!"

"LOLOL I think the one that's most pissed off is Austin."

"Austin: WTMFF?????!!"

"Translation: Did I sin too much in my past life?"


In the tournament, the corner of Liu Zilang's lips upturned as he saw that his second sniper shot was a headshot. He chuckled silently.

He had kept his scope on after firing the shot, so he was quicker than the live audience to realize the subtle undertone behind that shot.

At the same time, Shen Zeyan at the residential area of western Rozhok unarmed his sniper rifle and turned his back without looking.

"Aww, too bad you missed! And that Vic got to steal another kill," CuoJue said, shaking his head.

Shen Zeyan heard that statement. On his stoic, expressionless face, the corners of his lips twitched, but he did not say anything.

"That shouldn't be! I saw Master Ze hit the target earlier. I've been scoping in all this while," said XiaoJue with furrowed brows. He had been scoping in and tap-firing with his 8x scope.

"I'm pretty sure he hit," said Cocoa.

CuoJue was stunned at their replies.

They were all professional esports players with quicker reflexes than normal people, therefore they could understand the situation immediately.

However, that only made them saltier than ever.


Time swiftly passed, and soon the second blue circle coincided with the play area.

It was time for the next circle refresh!

The 'yin-yang circle' had made a judgment. The next circle appeared at the south of the inland river, near the Ruins and Water Town.

The most grateful ones were not the teams who had set up camp at the south of the river.

It was the person who had sneaked under the watchful eyes of SKK in Pochinki and had struggled to survive all along the west bridge.

The lone wolf, Li Muqiu!