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612 Godkiller Sniper and Face Value Chicken King!

 On the Hua Xia commentary platform.

"We can see that Ghost has made a very decisive move! They have abandoned their fallen teammate Pr0phie and are now moving toward the west side of Rozhok."

"That's right. It happens that west Rozhok is in the play area. I don't think Ghost is planning to escape from the battle now, but rather they want to gain a foothold in the play area before retaliating."

"Yup. IG is now hot on their heels. XiaoJue has conveniently dispatched Pr0phie hiding behind the low wall. I think they must have guessed correctly that their opponents were going to retreat."

"So what do you think IG will do? Strike while the iron is hot, or be satisfied with the kills they have?"

"Wait a second. 4AM is on the slope south of Rozhok. It seems that they have some ideas about how to deal with Ghost."

"Indeed. 4AM has the height advantage now, and they can see more clearly than IG where Ghost is headed."

"Once Ghost exits Rozhok, why do I feel like this will develop into a joint killing spree between 4AM and IG..."

In the next moment, the commentators' predictions were confirmed.

Team Ghost headed westward out of Rozhok, the spoils of the airdrop crate in hand.

They had planned to retreat past the western end of Rozhok, to the Fake Garage at the northern side of Water Town. That would have been the base camp for future circles.

However, they were only halfway there when they felt a breeze blowing past their butts!

Swish swish swish~!

Two waves of bullets were headed straight their way from the top and bottom of the hill!

4AM and IG could not engage with each other because of the residential buildings in Rozhok blocking their view. With that in mind, they had joined forces in sniping team Ghost, who was running out of town!

"Oh, sh*t! Throw smoke grenades, quick!"

Team Ghost saw that they were being attacked by two teams and cursed their lives.

What the f*ck!

While the occasional "splat" could still be heard, a huge patch of white smoke soon filled the area, and the players of Ghost dashed into it.

They quickly laid prone. Some of them took out their healing items, while others scouted ahead, laying their path with smoke grenades. They managed to find a temporary respite from the storm of bullets.

Austin, who looted the airdrop crate before they escaped, was lucky enough to not be hit by stray bullets.

He lobbed a couple of smoke grenades in front of him and smiled wickedly. "They can run rampant all they want now. Wait till I show them."

They were only about two hundred meters away from the Fake Garage in Water Town.

That location was closer to the center of the play area than Rozhok behind them.

More precisely, only half of Rozhok was within the second circle.

If Ghost could gain a foothold at the Fake Garage near the bridge, as long as the next circle was not a tangential circle toward the direction of Rozhok, they will be the masters of the land and be the ones hindering 4AM and IG's advance.


The target in mind gave them the motivation to move ahead.

After the two [1]players of Ghost had almost recovered to full health, they maximized their boost and set off sprinting.

The distance was not close enough for them to set a 'smoke corridor' with the meager supply of smoke grenades in their inventory. As such, they had to instead set up 'smoke platforms' and hop from one to another.

With that, every time they were exposed when moving between two 'platforms' of smoke, it was 4AM and IG's turn to maximize their offensive output.

Swish swish swish~!

Countless bullets whizzed across the air. However, the distance was gradually increasing, and also because the Ghost players were 'snake-dancing' furiously, even though they might be hit by the occasional stray bullet and causing a cloud of red to form, their lives were not threatened. As such, each 'smoke platform' became a supply station for them to recuperate.

In a short while, the "Phantoms of North America" managed to nearly reach the Fake Garage.

Upon seeing this development, Liu Zilang on the hill at southern Rozhok, and Shen Zeyan at the outskirts of Rozhok both furrowed their brows at the same time and realized the root of their problem.

Both players' analysis of the situation were amazingly similar.

That was, without a source of lethal damage, the opponent could always recover to a healthy level while moving forward in the smoke.

After they had thought of the solution, both of them swapped out the rifles in the hand. Then, two Kar98Ks were simultaneously brought from their backpacks into their hands!

Under God's perspective of the caster's camera, the audience could see the weapons the players were wielding, based on the icons on their heads.

The moment the two players swapped weapons, the live audience and stream viewers saw what they had done.

"Oh my turtles. I think Vic and Master Ze are both riled up now!"

"Um... I think the reloading time for bolt action rifles is too long. If they wanted to be practical, maybe they should use rifles instead?"

"You think that they didn't want to? The problem is that rifles are lacking in damage output. Also, you'll have to see who's the one doing the sniping. I believe Master Ze is adept at it."

"Hm... but I've heard that Vic's skill in sniping was trained by Master Ze hand in hand back then..."

"Hand in hand? That sounds a little gay, no?"

"That's not the point here... don't you guys see that this is a competition between master and disciple?"

"Oh? That sounds interesting. If the disciple hits the target while the master doesn't, then it'll get pretty awkward."

"Haha! I'm betting on Master Ze with my eyes closed! This b*stard Vic is such an unorthodox player."

"Well, even though our Ah Lang doesn't have some sort of delusional 'Godkiller' nickname, he's nonetheless the Face Value Chicken King on Douyu."

"That's right. Haven't you heard that he's the 'Human Implant Hack'?"

"Who said the nickname was delusional? I'll flying kick you in the head!"


Even before Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan had started firing their guns, the bullet screens on all the Chinese live-stream channels were bustling with activity.

As for Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan in the match...

Without the caster's God's perspective, they did not know that the other player had swapped to a sniper.

However, in the next moment when the three Ghost players ran out of their current 'smoke platform'...

Their eyes flashed with concentration!

Swish swish swish~!

The other players of the two teams in Rozhok had started firing at the escapees with their rifles.

This time, however, something different was heard amid the chaotic sounds of rifle gunfire.



As the crisp sounds of the snipers rang out, two sniper bullets whizzed across the air, accompanied by the storm of gunfire and bullets!

Compared to rifle bullets, the two sniper bullets were undoubtedly faster and their trajectories did not drop as fast.

Even though they were fired at the same time as the rifle bullets, the sniper bullets reached their target first!

The live audience and stream viewers opened their eyes wide as they heard the sounds of the snipers!

Meanwhile, the caster swiftly pulled the camera toward the direction of the three players of Ghost!



In the next moment, the live Western audience erupted in cries of surprise.

Two players of Ghost, still running toward their next 'smoke platform', exploded in a mist of blood!

"IG-Wolves knocked out Ghost-Miccoy by headshot with Kar98K!"

"4AM-Vic knocked out Ghost-Define with Kar98K!"

The two Ghost players stumbled on their feet, their bodies leaned forward and fell headfirst to the ground.

Shen Zeyan's shot was a headshot, but Liu Zilang's was only a regular shot to the body.

The results were the same, however, because the latter's target had already been hit by stray bullets.

The "Phantoms of North America" was reduced to a lonely wandering spirit...


[1] Potential author typo, think it's three instead.