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610 I’m just Joking, Bro!

 'They're stealing our kills!'

Upon realizing this, team IG quickly recovered from their shock at 4AM's actions. From their position in the residential buildings on the high slope to the north of Rozhok, the IG players simultaneously turned the muzzles of their guns toward the high slope to the south of Rozhok.

"Oh? It seems like IG wants to pick a fight with 4AM!"

"Haha, that's understandable. IG spent so much effort in knocking out the wheels of AHQ's vehicles but the kills were taken by someone else. Even I wouldn't take that lying down!"

"Well, let's not have Hua Xia teams fight against each other. 4AM has already gotten two kills. Let's leave the other two for the little brothers of IG, no?"

"But looking at how 4AM left their original camping spot, it appears they're not willing to give up the remaining kills, and they want to finish the entire meal."

"Haha, I'm afraid that's the case. They're pulling away down the slope in the opposite direction until they are fully obscured from IG's elevated viewpoint. In that case, they can still shoot at AHQ without worrying about being targeted by IG."

Through God's perspective on the caster's camera, the three commentators on the platform could quickly discern Liu Zilang's intentions, and they spoke as if they were downing beer.

To be fair, of the two players of AHQ, one was knocked out, one was half dead.

That was an easy twenty points.

Anybody would be tempted.

The caster's camera cut to the two remaining players of AHQ in dire straits.

Dongmen, crouching in the smoke, hastily administered a first aid kit, then lobbed another smoke grenade.

He discerned his teammate M4's position from the minimap, then crouched in front of M4's butt.

"Dongmen of AHQ is planning to revive his teammate!"

"4AM at the flank has retreated to the opposite incline at the south! IG can't hit them from there!"

"Cpt lobbed a grenade.... Do you think it'll hit?"

"Ah! That went a little sideways. What a pity."

"However, Vic and Aluka have started spraying their rifle shots into the smoke!"

"Some bullets found their target! Is he still going to continue with the revive process?"

"Haha, don't tell me AHQ is trying to reenact the lovely relationship between the two Underhood players in the final circle last match?"

In the last match, Alva of Underhood had been knocked out within the smoke in the final circle. His teammate Evan used himself as a meat shield for Alva while reviving him, taking a few bullets in the process.

That touching scene was like an old cow licking her calf clean.

For that, he was regarded as one of the top ten hom... players that touched Erangel's hearts in the PUBG world tournament!

Seeing the two AHQ players positioned thus in the smoke, the live audience and stream viewers were prepared to be once again moved by a touching scene...

However, in the next moment, everyone's eyes became large and stared at the screen with the corners of their eyes twitching.

On the tournament's big screen, Dongmen was halfway through reviving M4 when he was hit by a stray bullet.

In the next moment, he let go of his hand!

Furthermore, he swiftly crawled behind M4 who was still kneeling on the ground, and lay prone...

Splat splat!

M4's body was hit by two stray bullets. Bright red clouds appeared on his body, and his health was reduced to zero. He stretched out his legs and kicked the bucket.

Swish swish swish!


As Liu Zilang and Aluka continued their shooting, countless bullets pierced and tore apart the thick smoke.

Meanwhile, Dongmen was positioned between the wrecked car and the corpse of his teammate, quietly struggling to keep himself alive...

Upon witnessing this scene, the viewers in all the Chinese live-stream channels started leaving sarcastic comments on the bullet screen.

"What a coward! AHQ is keepin' it real."

"Is that what people mean by 'plastic love'? I'm laughing so hard I could fly ahaha!"

"M4: The f*ck? Weren't you saving me? Dongmen: I'm just joking, bro!"

"LOLOLOL the guy on top please stop with the reenactments."

"Dongmen: I, am an assassin. I, don't have feelings!"

"I think M4 is feeling so f*cked right now. He's dead and his corpse is still being abused. I feel sorry for him!"


In the game, Liu Zilang, Aluka, and Cpt crisscrossed their lines of fire into the smoke.

Despite having covered all possible points in the smoke, the kill notification for the last person in the smoke had not appeared.

Liiu Zilang and the others could not recklessly rush closer, knowing that IG was still aiming at them from the flank.

If they had moved a little closer, the incline of the slope would not shield them from the muzzles of IG's guns.

"What's the situation? D'you think that kid ran away?" Cpt asked, bewildered, while he reloaded his empty magazine.

"Do you think he can burrow his way out of this?" Aluka asked without processing the question in his head.

"I... don't think so." Cpt replied uncertainly.

After listening to his teammates, Liu Zilang squinted at the smokescreen with furrowed brows. He relaxed his brows after a short while, and the corners of his lips moved upward almost indiscernibly.

'Bro... That's the oldest trick in the book.'

"Let me try this again. Aluka, help me fire a few shots and see where blood comes out," Liu Zilang said as he pulled out a frag grenade.

Upon hearing Liu Zilang's words, Aluka and Cpt immediately figured out his tactic.

In the next moment, a bullet flew across the air and into the smoke.


A cloud of blood mist appeared somewhere in the smoke. In the meantime, the grenade was almost fully cooked in Liu Zilang's hand.

The instant he saw the blood appear, he immediately threw the grenade.


"Do you think this grenade... will hit?" The live Western commentator's voice was stretched as the grenade flew across the air.


A moment later, fire flashed from within the smoke, and billowing thick black smoke replaced the white smoke of the smoke grenade!

However, that was unimportant.

The important thing was when Liu Zilang's grenade detonated, Dongmen, who was hiding behind the corpse of his teammate, was smashed into the ground by the impact of the grenade.

"4AM-Vic killed AHQ-Dongmen with frag grenade!"

Watching the scene, the live audience let out a wave of cheers.


"F*ck! Those bastards of 4AM stole all our kills!" CuoJue was pulling away on a vehicle for a better angle while he saw the final kill notification appear. His heart was full of resentment.

"What now, do we go after them?" Cocoa asked somewhat doubtfully.

CuoJue, the team commander, immediately shook his head. "Now's not the time. Cover me, I'm heading back."

CuoJue made that decision not because "Hua Xia teams should not fight each other", but because in a PUBG tournament, survival is of the utmost importance, and should be the priority.

Other than fighting over the two kills, there was no reason for conflict between the two teams. Their positions were not in jeopardy as they were in the play area.

There was no need for the teams to kill each other as early as the second circle over two mere kills.

Moreover, even though 4AM had the geographical advantage in the situation concerning killing AHQ, there was still the airdrop.

The airdrop landed in the northern part of town, well within IG's grasp this time.

However, unknown to both 4AM and IG, at the river to the north of Rozhok...

A team was silently creeping their way toward the airdrop crate.