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609 Catastrophe!

 From the west, an airplane.

From the east, a convoy of players.

For a while, the attention of 4AM and IG at opposite sides of Rozhok were torn between two concurrent events.

Airplanes moved a lot faster than ground vehicles. The airplane had appeared from the edge of the map but would reach the skies above Rozhok slightly faster than the convoy.

In the next moment, a small black dot appeared under the airplane.

"Wow! The airdrop is going to smack us right in the face!" K3 was speaking excitedly in team AHQ's voice chat as he saw the airdrop crate in front of him.

When an airdrop crate comes smacking right on your face, you should oblige it and pick it up.

"Quick! Let's loot the goodies and then scram!" yelled W1nner, the team leader.

However, team AHQ did not know that the airdrop crate was aiming not only at them...

The crate was smacking on the faces of three teams!

On the Hua Xia commentary platform.

"Eh? Who would've guessed that this convoy is team AHQ? The situation doesn't look too good for the Taiwanese team!"

"Yup. They seem intent on grabbing the airdrop crate, but lying in wait are 4AM and IG! I'm afraid they'll be obliterated like muggles this time."

"4AM and IG are still hidden from AHQ. I wonder if they'll be waiting for AHQ to dismount from their vehicles, and attack when they're picking up the loot?"

"Not necessarily. The airdrop crate will be landing in the middle of the northern residential area. The spot is obscured behind many buildings, and 4AM and IG should be aware of that."

It turned out that Su Changming's analysis was spot on.

Just as the Taiwanese team AHQ reached the boundary of Rozhok, an intense flurry of gunfire came from the residential buildings on the high slope.

Swish swish swish!

A torrent of bullets appeared in a flash!

"Oh f*ck! Ambush!"

AHQ's motorcycle in the vanguard immediately switched directions and headed up the slope on the left toward the water tower to the south of Rozhok. The little sedan soon followed behind.

However, at this time, a "Psssht" was heard. The tires of the little yellow sedan suddenly deflated.

The little yellow sedan immediately became a drunkard who had too much to drink. It slowed down severely and swerved left and the right.

Clink clank~!

Under the concentrated fire of the four players of IG, multiple sparks flew from the chassis of the sedan!

Soon after, smoke started billowing from the car.

The two AHQ players in the car realized that the situation was going south, and immediately jumped out, even before the car had come to a complete stop.

However, M4 had already lost too much health from being hit while inside the car. Upon landing on the ground, he tripped over his feet and was sprawled on the floor.

"AHQ-M4 was knocked out from falling!"

All the people in the arena were speechless!

Dongmen, who jumped at the same time, survived the fall. Upon landing, he immediately lay prone on the ground.

"F*ck! I should've swapped to a motorcycle on the way here. Who made me drive this lousy car?" Dongmen cursed to no one in particular as he saw his two teammates zooming up the slope.

Just as he finished speaking, a thunderous boom was heard on the upper end of the slope!

... Was a thunderstorm coming?

Of course not.

Even when there was a weather system programmed into PUBG, the weather was clear with the sun shining in the middle of the sky. A thunderstorm could not happen right now.

However, if Dongmen, still lying prone on the ground, was confused by the sudden blast, then all the people in the live audience and live-stream channels looked like they were struck by lightning, and were smoking from the top of their heads!

On the tournament's big screen, they saw the entire event unfold. On the high slope, Aluka and Cpt, followed Liu Zilang's cue, swapped the guns in their hands with frag grenades.




The three people pulled the pins simultaneously, like igniting the fuse on three firecrackers.

A moment later, just as AHQ's motorcycle dashed up the hill from below and its wheels momentarily left the ground from the hill's summit, they tossed the 'firecrackers' out of their hands at the same time.


A cloud of fire appeared on top of the three players' heads.

K3 and W1nner of AHQ were silently congratulating themselves for successfully outrunning the ambush when an earth-shattering explosion erupted right next to their ears. When they regained their bearings, they found themselves enveloped by fire!

Then there was another boom!

Within the blazing inferno, the two AHQ players did not get to ride off into eternity.

The motorcycle had taken too much damage and was yielding under the heavy load. In the next second, it violently exploded!

"4AM-Aluka knocked out AHQ-W1nner with frag grenade!"

"4AM-Vic killed AHQ-K3 with vehicle explosion!"

"4AM-Vic killed AHQ-W1nner with vehicle explosion!"

A stream of kill notifications appeared on the top right corner of the screen.

Just from the notifications, all the people witnessing the scene could feel the powerlessness of the two AHQ players.

W1nner was not immediately killed by Liu Zilang's grenade blowing up their motorcycle, but rather he was first knocked out by Aluka's grenade, then killed when Liu Zilang's grenade detonated their motorcycle.

It was indeed cruel how the two players met their end during that brief moment when they were airborne. It seemed like there was no room for them in heaven nor hell...

The live audience and stream viewers were dumbfounded by what they saw.

'I didn't know you can play like that!'

They saw AHQ's motorcycle heading south and going up the slope. They expected 4AM to ambush them, but not with frag grenades.

"LOLOL, I'm floored! They're lunatics."

"Surface-to-air missiles, ready to fire!"

"Bahaha, I think that's not the red zone but the lightning zone!"

"I feel sorry for AHQ. Stowaway failed!"

"LOLOL good thing that they had failed. If they had succeeded, would they be able to rise into the sky?"

"Rise into the sky? If you look at it that way... maybe they've succeeded?"

"Bahaha, you guys sure are entertaining!"

At the same time, in the 4AM team voice chat.

"F*ck! Why did only two people come? That's a waste of grenades," said Liu Zilang, shaking his head.

Meanwhile, Aluka and Cpt looked at each other, a little taken aback when they saw two loot crates and the twisted wreck of a motorcycle drop from the sky.

When Liu Zilang proposed the plan earlier, they had obediently pulled out their grenades, though they were not confident of the outcome.

Upon seeing the carnage, they suddenly regained their senses!

"Did we make it?"

"We made it!"

"Ha ha ha!"

"That was a d*mn good explosion!"

They did not celebrate for too long, for they remembered that there was another team in Rozhok.

Also, AHQ was only down two players after their attack. There were still two survivors - one crawling and one lying prone - behind the sedan at the bottom of the slope.

Dongmen, the only active player who was hiding behind the car, thought of blowing up the car to provide cover.

However, after seeing his teammates killed, he suddenly realized that there was another team hiding in the water tower on the high slope. He immediately changed his mind.

He threw a smoke grenade and stumbled into the ensuing smokescreen. Meanwhile, M4, who was knocked out from falling off the vehicle also crawled hurriedly into the smoke.

At the same time, in a residential building on a high slope across the road, IG saw the huge explosion originating from the water tower. They were momentarily surprised but regained their composure.

"Bad news! Those guys from 4AM are stealing our kills!"