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607 Did You Set Me Up?


Full squad elimination with zero casualties!

The live commentary was momentarily stunned when they saw the flawless ambush executed by 4AM!

"That was unbelievable! 4AM had set up the perfect trap, and their gunshot sounds from multiple directions allowed them to completely dominate ACE."

"That's right. That was a textbook diversionary tactic. The victim becomes so disoriented by the different distractions from all directions that they are unable to guard themselves against any direction at all."

"Looks like 4AM's battle tactics have matured after the harrowing experiences from the past two matches. They've cut down on their impromptu actions and we can see that their team coordination was superb in this attack."

"However, I feel sorry for team ACE. They put in so much effort looting the entire Rozhok, and just when they had split the loot, their plans were disrupted. I wouldn't be surprised if they're suffering from mental breakdowns right now."

"Yup. I wonder if anyone noticed that team ACE is the second team to be eliminated in this match. That means they got themselves a chicken butt."

"Heh heh, that's true. Team Navi was wiped out after they jumped at the dragon inn. Meanwhile, team TSM who picked a fight early on, as well as team Se7en and Liquid at the east bridge, have all suffered heavy casualties, though they still have a ray of hope."

"Haha, it looks like 4AM is a team-annihilating assassin in this match. They've encountered two teams so far and spared no survivors."

"I wonder who from 4AM came up with this sexy plan. Earlier, Aluka didn't even flinch when an opponent had almost moved into his face. I thought they were hesitant due to their inferior numbers. Who knew that their goal was a full team elimination. Their appetite is voracious!"

"Yup. By the way, the sniper shot by Vic from the watchtower was another highlight of the encounter. It was a headshot on a moving target, which delivered the first strike to ACE and evened the numbers between the teams."

"Maybe that's the true value of a sniper in a team. They always can dish out the maximum amount of damage in the shortest amount of time."


The three commentators on the platform were heaping praises on 4AM's performance. The stream viewers, too, were also boiling with excitement!

It was extremely pleasing to see a team annihilate their opponent with a combination of teamwork and individual skill.

"F*ck! 4AM is godlike this time round!"

"Hahaha, who'd have thought that 4AM would begin using teamwork tactics after Pighead was sacrificed!"

"Looks like they could even win the chicken dinner, though it must be awkward for whoever's left out. If the three players remaining in 4AM claimed the chicken dinner this round, it's gonna be f*cking awkward for GodV."

"Poor Wei-chan got set up by the three traitors! Sob sob sob!"

"Pighead, Pighead, if you feel like you're being set up, please blink once."

"GodV says he'll bring his meat cleaver and chop up the traitors one by one, and he won't even blink."

"Sure, sure... looks like 4AM will be restructuring its ranks after the tournament."

The discussion in the live-stream channels started with congratulating the team's spectacular ambush. However, as the chat went on, the conversation digressed to a conspiracy of Liu Zilang and the others 'setting up' GodV.

In the tournament, Liu Zilang and the others had already started to loot the corpses.

ACE had spent the first five minutes of the match going door to door in Rozhok gathering the best resources, and the quality of their loot crates was evidence of their hard work.

After a satisfying 'meal' of looting, Liu Zilang and the others wiped their mouths and silently pledged not to bother looking for any crates other than airdrop crates for the rest of the match, even if it were one lying abandoned on the roadside.

It seemed as though the three of them had achieved crate-sainthood, and all crates were insignificant objects in their eyes.

In the next moments, the three players returned to the water tower on the high slope to the south of Rozhok.

The location was near the center of the current play area. They could get a good view of the surroundings with its high elevation.

4AM's current plan was to designate this place as their foothold. They would engage in a fight with anyone coming their way, and not allow anyone to set up camp near them.

In comparison, if they had just camped out in a random building on the ground, it would also have been a stable decision without much risk.

However, if the next circle refreshed at a different location, they would need to outrun the blue circle together with the other teams, and they could be easily caught in a fight they would rather avoid.

Taking that into account, their current objective was to eliminate any potential obstacles for the upcoming circles...


The 4AM team on Rozhok's water tower might give off the impression that they were guardians of the territory.

If so, then the four players of SKK, who similarly occupied the church on the high slope to the west of Pochinki, were borderland marauders!

SKK was giving the viewers a demonstration of the true meaning of "king of the hill". They did not drive out their opponents, but instead waylaid and killed them.

Any vehicle convoy from the west that passed by Pochinki en route to the play area were blown up by them when they got close!

Carl's AK, Billy's M4, Vivian's "17 shots in two seconds" SKS, and Satan's "randomly dishing out death" sniper.

The four players gave the entire world a show of what 'God-level' skills looked like.

The caster's camera jumped back and forth among the four players; the eyes of the live audience and stream viewers could barely keep up.

"Can they detonate the car in time?"

"Oh, my god! That car exploded so fast! There's only one buggy rider surviving for Avangar."

"Wait a second! Our World No. 1 Sniper, Satan has lifted his gun! This shot..."

"Good heavens! Satan has killed the last player of Avangar! They've eliminated the entire team!"

Just like that, the four of them were like grim reapers wielding scythes, mercilessly harvesting the souls of passers-by.

At the end of the first circle, SKK had eliminated an entire team, plus a few more players who were driving vehicles at some farther distance.

Under these circumstances, the opponents would immediately attempt to revive their fallen teammates. However, would SKK spare any of these 'cooked ducks'?

Satan's first shot usually knocked a player out of their vehicle. Before their teammates could react, Satan's teammates would immediately turn around and finish off the opponent. The coordination displayed in such an attack stunned the viewers.

Others may attempt to imitate them, but they might not be able to pull it off.

Finishing off the enemy was the easy part. Before that, one still needed to snipe an opponent off a moving vehicle...

On the Hua Xia commentary platform.

"Alright, the first blue circle is over. At any other location on the map, we can see that the teams are alright. As for those who entered the play area from the west... they suffered heavy casualties!"

"That was to be expected. Who asked them to sit in front of SKK's muzzles? We can only say that SKK chose a very strategic location!"

"Let's take a look at the new circle. Oh! Its center moved northwest. It's now a 'yin-yang circle' with the river cutting through it."

Because of that, the high slope near Rozhok at which Liu Zilang and the others were stationed had changed from a central location to one on the edge.

At this time, the caster's camera turned to God's perspective on the entire map.

The live audience saw that a convoy with "IG" tags was heading toward Rozhok from the east.