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606 Under Fire From A Brigade!

 In 4AM's team voice chat.

"There's one coming across the road from the north!"

"There's one under me too!"

"No rush. Wait till everyone comes over."

Liu Zilang, positioned on the watchtower on the high slope, looked northward and squinted.

They wanted to fight, and they wanted to win big--"Total elimination of their opponents" kind of big.

Rozhok was large, and everyone was in the play area.

Liu Zilang did not want to play hide-and-seek with the survivors after sneakily taking out one or two players.

GodV had been the blood sacrifice for their team. If they were careless, they might have to suffer another loss of a teammate.

Aluka and Cpt were perfectly aware of this.

They had sneaked their way to the residential area below and were motionlessly crouching at both ends of a wall, waiting for further intelligence reports from Liu Zilang at the high point.

Soon, Liu Zilang saw the team crossing the road one after another from the northern side to the southern.

"They're all here," Liu Zilang reported methodically. "One to the left, another to the right, the remaining two looting in the middle."

Cpt, who was crouching behind the wall on the left, poked his head out to take a peek. "So what do we do now? Which one do we kill first?" he asked hesitantly.

"I hear footsteps. There's one in the building right in front of me," Aluka said, barely containing his excitement. "What say you? Shall he be their first casualty?"

Ever since the loss of GodV, Liu Zilang stepped up to be the undisputed commander of 4AM, based on his distinguished performance in the last two matches.

Even when Aluka and Cpt were discussing, their bodies never moved an inch from their original positions, displaying the discipline of professional esports players.

In the team meetings during the short breaks between matches, Long Shenjue had been repeatedly emphasizing this point.


Once you have committed to an attack, you should follow it through. Never have the mindset to just 'try'.

If one failed in the attack, not only was the opponent not eliminated, the team's position would be exposed, jeopardizing one's dominance in the area.

After listening to his two teammates, Liu Zilang smiled. "We can attack..."

Aluka and Cpt's spirits were lifted!

"... but there's no need to," Liu Zilang continued.

What was the point of talking then!

Liu Zilang continued his observation on the area below him and spoke with great composure. "We can wait until all four of them are gathered together, and take them all out at once."

"When will they gather at the same spot then?" Cpt asked.

"What if they went on a 3-1 split?" Aluka said worriedly.

"Don't worry!" Liu Zilang smiled. "You forgot. What do we do once we finish looting an area?"

The first thing to do?

Upon hearing Liu Zilang's question, the two players had a sudden realization!

The first thing to do after looting an area... was to split the loot!

It was a known fact that the resource distribution in PUBG was not uniform. It was not uncommon after looting a resource point for some players to be overladen with attachments but no healing items, some could stock enough energy drinks to run a convenience store but have no weapons, and some could have a full arsenal of guns but no attachments.

At this time, distributing the loot could not only inculcate cooperation and harmony within the team, but it was also a morale booster and a way to bring up everyone's strength!

After thinking this through, Aluka and Cpt did not have a shred of doubt in Liu Zilang's plan.

However, they were thoroughly impressed that Liu Zilang could think up such a fresh, unique and utterly despicable plan...

What was next for them, was to wait.

They were right smack in the middle of the safe zone, and were not lacking time.

Team ACE, however, made them wait for a long time. The players were seen going in and out of the uptown buildings, gathering items with impressive efficiency.

In a while, a flurry of 'simida's were exchanged in their team voice chat. They gathered in a small toilet in the center of town.

At the same time, Aluka and Cpt closed in from both sides.

They did not plan to launch a sneak attack by lobbing grenades. The town was too quiet.

If they were too close, pulling the grenade's pin would surely alert them.

If they were too far, there was no guarantee of a hit.

On the watchtower at the south of Rozhok, Liu Zilang saw that Aluka and Cpt had moved into position.

"When they exit the building, I'll deliver the first hit and take out one of them," Liu Zilang said, squinting his eyes while holding the 4x scope Kar98K in his hands.


"No problem."

After listening to Liu Zilang's plan, both of them did not bother asking what the plan was if he missed.

That was the trust they had for him.

Liu Zilang understood the trust bestowed upon him. His crosshair was silently waiting on the wooden door of the toilet.

In the next moment, the wooden door opened.

A player exited the toilet, feeling refreshed and filled with confidence.

Liu Zilang did not shoot at him.

He knew that if he did, even if the shot hit its target, the remaining players will fall back into the toilet.

That will cause a standoff between Aluka and Cpt and that team.

He was waiting until everyone was out.

Two people...



At the instant when all of ACE had exited the toilet and went into the wide-open area!


A clarion shot broke the silence of Rozhok!

Without warning, the level two helmet on the second last person in the procession of four players exploded!

"4AM-Vic knocked out ACE-Broad with headshot by Kar98K!"

What was happening?

The ACE players had just finished splitting the loot and were stunned by the sudden attack, but they reacted quickly!

"Ah, shibal!"

"Cover me! I'm throwing a smoke grenade!"

"The shot was fired from the high slope in the south! Be careful!"

The shot by Liu Zilang was full of menace. So much so that it had fully grasped the attention of the remaining three players of ACE.

Their first move was to locate the origin of the shot with their hearing, then they turned to look at the high slope to the south.

It had to be mentioned that this was a first-person perspective tournament.

When all of them were looking at the southern high slope, it provided an opportunity for Aluka and Cpt at the flanks.

Aluka immediately stood up from behind a low wall, and mercilessly sprayed bullets onto the three players of ACE!

Surprisingly, Cpt on the right flank was slower by half a beat.

"4AM-Aluka knocked out ACE-MoMo with SCAR-L!"

When one ACE player was knocked out, the remaining two reacted, as though being hit by a sudden realization!


Aluka was hit by one bullet, and immediately crouched down, evading the rest of the volley!

Tut tut tut~!

An intense stream of gunfire appeared without warning behind them. Searing tongues of flame appeared on the muzzle of the gun held by Cpt on the right flank.

If Aluka had delivered a side attack earlier, then Cpt's attack was a perfect back attack!

In the blink of an eye, one more of the remaining two ACE players fell.

The final player had just turned around when a torrent of gunfire exploded from both sides and from the high slope to the south!

Under the concentrated fire from three sides, the last player of ACE was reduced to a sieve.

The four players of ACE were sent packing...

They were utterly defeated!

'Who the f*ck are these people? It felt like we were being attacked by an entire army brigade..."