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605 3AM on the Tower and GodKiller! Part 2

 The three players of team Liquid were evidently the ones most affected.

They thought they had victory in their hands after defeating three Se7en players. They never would have thought that the remaining player would charge straight at them instead of escaping.

Otherwise, they would not have revived their teammates.

Then they could easily avoid Li Muqiu's sudden "flying dragon in the face".

A complicated mess of emotions was shared among the Liquid's players. They counted their blessings that a seed of hope was preserved by one of their teammates who moved into the play area in advance.

However, they were sore at the same time. If Scoom had stayed together with the team, then they might have had a fighting chance against the lunatic on the motorcycle.

It was too late to think of such things.

In a PUBG tournament, you win some, you lose some, and these outcomes might have been separated by a single decision.

On the Hua Xia commentary platform.

"This was a masterful retaliation by Guru Qiu!" Ruo Feng exclaimed. "I never would have expected that he would dare to ride his motorcycle into the enemies' den under such dire circumstances."

"All I can say is that prodigies can do whatever they want."

"To think that in the past, Guru Qiu was revered as the "GodKiller" in the Western FPS circles. We can now see his true colors in this match," Lord Rong said with a grin on his face.

"Indeed. In the earlier exchange, we can see that he was acting without any hint of hesitation. That was a spectacular display of skill." Su Changming's face showed a rare display of approval.

"If he had decided to fight, then he needed to swiftly find a break between Liquid and TS's offense, and then defeat his opponents in one devastating blow."

"So what will happen to Guru Qiu now? Scoom of Liquid had entered the play area and doesn't seem like he's planning to avenge his fallen teammates. So it's now Guru Qiu against the South American team TS in Mylta. Do you think he has a chance?"

"Heh heh, I'm afraid not. Earlier, Liquid was busy reviving their teammates, so there was basically only one defender. However, TS still has a full four-man squad occupying a town area. I'm afraid that he'll die a horrible death before he can even see their faces."

"That is indeed the reality. I would suggest Guru Qiu to look on the bright side. Even though he's a lone wolf, at the very least this was still a three-for-three tradeoff between the teams."

"That's right. Look at TSM. They were beaten hard by IG upon landing, and the remaining player is still joyriding on his buggy. Guru Qiu's main priority in the match now is to survive, so that Se7en can obtain higher placement points."

In the match, the "flying dragon to the face" attack did not cause Li Muqiu to become hot-blooded like a male protagonist in a comic book who had suddenly tapped into his latent powers.

After a round of looting Liquid's corpses, he looked into the distance toward the loot crates near his teammates' corpses, then in the direction of Mylta and team TS. He took a deep breath, rode on his motorcycle, and departed from the slope behind the gas station, steering around Mylta before driving into the play area.

The priority now was to survive.


Upon seeing the conclusion of the battle at the bridge, the viewers in Chinese live-stream channels all reacted favorably toward Li Muqiu's retaliatory wipeout against team Liquid, and the live Western audience similarly approved.

However, as they watched Li Muqiu finally leave on his motorcycle, they felt as though the hero's journey should not end so prematurely. They still hungered for more.

If at this time, Li Muqiu rode solo into the enemy's camp in Mylta and took them out one by one, the enthusiastic cheers might have blown off the roof!

That was, however, not very practical.

After following Li Muqiu for a while, the caster cut the camera to the situation at the west bridge.

Indeed, after looting clean the "Twelve Golden Palaces", SKK was still waiting for their prey to cross the west bridge.

Second after second passed.

SKK finally realized that something was amiss.

They gave up on waiting, and swiftly turned around and headed into the play area.

In the previous two matches, they would have directly rushed into the play area using the shortest route.

Encounters on the way?

"Sorry, you are exactly who we are looking for."

After previously experiencing the loss of team members while outrunning the blue circle, as well as losing the advantage at the very last second, SKK was now playing with utmost caution.

Under the caster's camera, on the tournament's big screen, SKK's convoy was seen departing from the west bridge. They then moved an arc around the periphery of the play area, with the School as its center.

Eventually, their mysterious and convoluted path brought them to the slope at the west of Pochinki, from which they changed directions and drove directly into the play area.

Along the way, SKK had maintained a 'trident attack formation' while moving.

In the early stages of the match, their core strategy revolved around avoiding encounters and fights whenever possible.

However, if someone were to come picking a fight, then that opponent would be mercilessly steamrolled.

On the Hua Xia commentary platform, Su Changming and the others appeared pensive as they watched SKK on the tournament screen.

"It looks like SKK really wants the chicken dinner this match. Their strategy is different than the previous two matches. They seem impenetrable, even."

"That's right. Look at the point from which they entered the circle. Based on the flight route earlier this match, they can handle opponents coming in from three different directions at the same time, while ensuring that they've marked out a territory for themselves within the play area."

"Yup. I must say that a strong team like SKK looks scary once they get serious."

"It looks like the teams that jumped at Gatka, the V-shaped trenches, and the hospital to the west need to be extremely cautious when they pass by Pochinki."

SKK's motive in occupying high ground was to deter their opponents from entering the play area. They could score kill points for their team while preserving their strength. Being on high ground also helped them avoid most fights among teams as they escaped from the blue circle.

However, at the same time, another team on the battlefield occupied the high ground.

Unlike SKK, their motive was to perform sneak attacks.

When the caster's camera cut again, the tournament's big screen displayed a 4x magnification that was bobbing up and down and shaking left and right.

That was Liu Zilang's first-person perspective.

Standing on the high watchtower at the south of Rozhok and wielding a Kar98K with a 4x scope, Liu Zilang was aiming across the road at a person on the third-floor balcony of a small building at the northern side of Rozhok.

Liu Zilang was observing him.

That person was also moving about in all directions, providing a lookout for his teammates who were looting for resources in Rozhok.

It was none other than the Korean team, ACE.

Rozhok had two unique characteristics: sparse and spacious.

The sparsity of its resources was, of course, relative.

If a single team could collect all of Rozhok's resources, there was a good chance that they could escape poverty.

However, Rozhok's buildings were not very densely built.

Not only was the city was divided into northern and southern halves by a road, the size of the houses were big, so looting the area took time.

With the lookout of their teammate, the other three players of ACE had almost looted the northern half of Rozhok clean, and could at any time move toward the southern half.