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604 3AM on the Tower and GodKiller! Part 1

 Bang bang bang~!

Sparks flashed from the end of the long barrel of an SKS.

In a blink of an eye, Li Muqiu tap-fired over ten bullets.

If put in slow motion, the live audience might have seen the bullets tracing a straight line in the air.

While the first bullet was still flying in the air, the second bullet had already been ejected from the muzzle. This phenomenon can only happen when the shooter has extremely fast finger movements.

Jeemzz, the sniper hiding behind the gas station wall, had only fired one shot with his Kar98K. Two bullets from Li Muqiu's SKS, like two pearls strung together by a string, found their destination in his head!


The impact from the bullets shattered his level two helmet. His field of vision shook violently and a cloud of bright red mist blurred his sight!

"Se7en-Lech knocked out Liquid-Jeemzz with headshot by SKS!"


The audience roared with surprise at the sudden gruesome scene!

No one was expecting that Jeemzz, team Liquid's sniper, would be the one to fall in this exchange of fire.

As for the offending SKS...

Was that the legendary "17 shots in 2 seconds"?

Base, who was hiding behind the burning jeep in the middle of the road, felt joy welling up in his heart when he saw this scene. "Awesome, Master Ze! Let me blow up this bunch of bastards!"

While he spoke, Base swapped to a frag grenade in his hands, pulled the pin, cooked it, jumped and lobbed it high!

A perfectly choreographed sequence, smooth as billowing clouds and flowing water.

However, the moment Base's feet touched the ground, a gunshot was heard from behind, coming from the direction of Mylta!


Without warning, the back of Base's head exploded in a cloud of bright red mist!

His level two helmet was popped off his head. In the next moment, the rifler Base fell to the ground with a thud.

"TS-Bigreggie knocked out Se7en-Base with headshot by Kar98K!"

Someone was in Mylta!

At the instant that they heard the gunshot, Se7en's players, including Li Muqiu, were taken completely by surprise!

How was someone still there?

Did they just arrive in town?

There was no time to contemplate such questions.

SSR and Yoyo had the vehicles to provide cover against frontal attacks, while Li Muqiu was positioned behind the slope next to the coast.

However, their backs were entirely exposed.

In the next moment, when the TS player's head peeked out once more, Li Muqiu's pupils dilated, and immediately zoomed into the 8x scope of his SKS!

He found that the player who had sniped Base was in the three-story building next to the bridge in Mylta.

Bang bang bang!

Under the continuous tap firing, the third-floor window immediately shattered!

Bigreggie, who had shifted his position, had not fired another shot when a mass of blood exploded from his head! He was immediately suppressed by Li Muqiu.

The live Western commentators watched the scene with their mouths agape.

"Oh my god! What a scary person!"

"Lech is back! He's still the GodKiller of the past!"

However, at this time, a series of gunfire erupted from three different locations behind them!

Yoyo and SSR, with their backs facing Mylta, were the first ones to be hit! Blood sprayed everywhere!

"Quick, to the front!" SSR yelled with urgency.

The two players simultaneously mounted the jeep from the back, swiftly shifted their seats, then dismounted from the front.

At the moment they landed on the ground, their health levels had already been reduced to a sliver.

Nothing they could do about it.

TS was still a full four-man squad.

Even if Li Muqiu suppressed the third-floor sniper at higher ground, there were still three riflers in the team that can provide concentrated fire.

In situations where two teams exchange fire, most of the time rifles were far more useful than snipers. This situation proved that fact.

After they switched their positions in a hurry, SSR and Yoyo had not even turned their heads around when another flurry of gunshots came from behind them!

Team Liquid at the gas station noticed that they had received some 'assistance' from Mylta. Ibiza and Sambty aborted reviving their teammates and stuck their heads out to aim their muzzles at SSR and YoYo.

Swish swish swish~!

From behind, a torrent of bullets flew directly at them, like water splashed from a pail!

On the Hua Xia commentary platform.

"Oh no! A pincer attack from the front and the back! Our worst fears have come true!"

"There's more natural terrain providing cover at the slope near the coast, so Guru Qiu's situation is slightly better. However, there are enemies on both sides. With both sides demanding attention, he isn't going to be able to provide enough support for his team!"

"Se7en is in a bad spot now! Oh, YoYo has been knocked out! And SSR once again swapped to the other side of the jeep!"

"Now his back is exposed to the opponents at Mylta! SSR is planning to throw a smoke grenade... will he have enough time?"

Throwing a smoke grenade amid a rainstorm of bullets and gunfire at such a critical health level was, of course, a futile effort.

Just as the commentary platform finished speaking, the three Se7en players were sprawled on the ground, leaving behind only Li Muqiu hiding behind a boulder.

Upon witnessing this scene, the Chinese live-stream viewers' hearts sank!

However, no one left sarcastic or critical comments this time.

Everyone perfectly understood that there was nothing much that can be done when hit by a pincer attack in such a terrain, no matter which team it was. They could only lament silently that Se7en was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

At this time, it was almost impossible for Li Muqiu to revive his teammates.

Single-handedly confronting two teams was nothing more than a wild fantasy.

The best option that was laid in front of him was to head into the sea.

Even though the sea was not part of the safe zone, the damage from the first blue circle was bearable. As long as he drank his fill of energy drinks, he can swim a distance and land ashore somewhere within the safe zone.

Clank clank~!


Two smoke grenades were lobbed from behind a boulder at the slope next to the coast.

Smoke instantly spread out to fill the area. The surroundings were turned into a field of misty white, much like the chaos at the birth of the universe.

Just when everyone thought that Li Muqiu was going to escape into the sea under the cover of the smokescreen, a black motorcycle zoomed out from amidst the smoke.

Vroom vroom vroom~!

The motorcycle went full throttle, and its speed instantly reached the maximum.

Li Muqiu did not attempt to break through the siege, but instead drove an arc near the end of the bridge, and headed straight toward the gas station.

At the gas station next to the bridge, the players of Liquid were busy reviving their teammates between the gas station and the wall when they were taken aback by a motorcycle heading straight for them!

Did this motorcyclist lose his will to live?

Within a blink of an eye, Li Muqiu had appeared in front of their faces.


The two standing players of Liquid reflexively pulled out their guns. However, at this time, Li Muqiu abruptly jumped off his motorcycle and slammed heavily into the wall.

He rebounded off the wall using the force of the impact!

Jumping off his motorcycle at this speed did not immediately kill him. However, his health was reduced by more than half!

As for his motorcycle, it charged into the opponent's face with a shadow, just like Hanzo's ultimate!

Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau!

Seeing the motorcycle flying into his face like a dragon, Jeemzz, who was kneeling on the ground, immediately lost all hope!

Even more unfortunately... Sambty, who was reviving him from behind, did not dodge in time, and was sent flying!

In an instant, the Liquid players that remained were Ibiza and Scoom, who had prematurely entered the play area as an advance scout.

Meanwhile, Li Muqiu did not use any recovery items when he dismounted from his vehicle.

He had pressed the opportunity while the opponent was dodging, to pop his head over the wall and attack with his AK!

Tut tut tut~!

Ibiza, who had narrowly dodged the motorcycle and was about to retaliate, felt rays of death heading toward him!

In a flash, notifications appeared on the screen like a flowing river!

The live Western audience cried out in astonishment with their eyes wide open as they saw the tables turning!

At the same time, far away in Lipovka, Shen Zeyan saw the kill notifications starting with "Se7en" appear on the top right corner of his screen.

His face was as stoic as usual. However, the corners of his lips seemed to have become more relaxed...

In the School in the middle of the map.

After looting the opponents' corpses, Liu Zilang, Aluka, and Cpt moved toward the tip of the water tower in the south of Rozhok.

He noticed the torrent of kill notifications appearing on the screen and was slightly taken aback.

'F*ck me! Is ol' Qiu... on crack or something?' Liu Zilang thought while smacking his lips.

At that moment, for the players on the stage, the audience in the arena, the viewers back at home...

This unbelievable turn of events had left a great impression on everyone!