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603 A Cornered Beast!

 On Sosnovka Island, Se7en saw the first safe zone appearing at their north.

After another quick round of looting, they proceeded to move northward.

The flight route of the airplane was a horizontal cut starting from Lipovka, therefore the southern resource points were a deserted wasteland.

They were moving cautiously, though they were not expecting anyone to be waiting for them at the bridge.

On the Hua Xia commentary platform.

"We can see that Se7en has chosen to use the east bridge to move into the play area. That's bad news. Liquid is camping near the gas station."

"I have a question though... why didn't they choose to move by boat?"

"Well... I think it's because they're worried that the next circles will be moving northward, so they don't want to be caught without vehicles so early in the game. Of course, the main reason would be that they were not expecting someone to be guarding the bridge at this stage."

"Then it's a little dangerous for them. We'll just have to see if Se7en will display some caution when crossing the bridge."

"Oh? Wait! It looks like Liquid is moving away!"

"I see! They've been camping for a long time with nobody coming their way, so they must have believed that their prey had left the island via the west bridge. Also, they did not manage to loot many resources in the rural areas, and they plan to scout ahead into the circle."

"Indeed. We can see that Scoom has already left toward the play area on a motorcycle. They are using a '3-1' formation, sending an advance scout to recon for the team in the play area, so that the other three players won't have to move into the play area blindly."

"It seems that Se7en can safely make their way across the bridge! We'll just have to see if fate connects these two teams."

In the tournament, Li Muqiu, the rifler, was leading the team on his motorcycle. The other three players were riding two jeeps and a white sedan.

One of the main reasons why Se7en dared to cross the bridge without hesitation was because they had many vehicles among them.

Even if they could not manage to disperse the enemy's concentrated fire, they still had a choice of making a quick getaway.

SSR, the sniper, glanced at the far end of the bridge, and could help but ask in the team voice chat, "Guru Qiu? Anyone ahead of us?"

Li Muqiu, riding far in front of the rest of the team, squinted and observed the gas station and Mylta ahead of them.

He shook his head. "There shouldn't be anyone waiting for us at the end of the bridge. However, we still need to be careful."

At the gas station near the bridge.

Liquid and the other two teammates had just gotten on their jeep when they suddenly heard the rumble of vehicles coming from the bridge!

"Oh, sh*t! Someone's coming!" Jeemzz yelled. "Get off the car!"

The other two Liquid players reacted swiftly and jumped off the jeep.

The three Liquid players' current position was behind the wall of the gas station.

The four Se7en players who had crossed the bridge did not notice them.

When Li Muqiu zoomed past the gas station, the aggressive sounds of a machine gun rang out!


However, Li Muqiu was prepared for unexpected situations like this. Without hesitation, he turned his motorcycle in another direction and sped along the slope next to the coastline.

Two bursts of bloody mist appeared on his body, and then he disappeared from the vision of his three opponents.

Behind Li Muqiu was a cavalcade of cars!

Liquid had spent a lot of bullets shooting at Li Muqiu, and the remaining bullets in their magazines were not enough to detonate a car.

If they reloaded at this time, they would not have enough time even if they had the Quickdraw Mag attachment.

As a top-tier professional esports team, they could communicate without many words.

They continued observing the bridge to determine the number of vehicles passing by.

As the second vehicle entered the junction that led to the gas station, they did not shoot at it. Instead, all three of them ceased firing and in an extraordinary display of coordination, they reloaded their weapons.


While they were still reloading, a jeep whizzed past them at close range.

Liquid ignored that vehicle. Instead, they aimed their muzzles at the last jeep!

A bird in your grasp is worth more than the thousands of birds in the forest.

Liquid displayed their team's experience in the way they only performed actions that they were most confident in.

In the speeding jeep, Se7en's rearguard, Base, was rather relieved when he saw that the two vehicles in front of him passed unharmed.

However, a moment later, he saw three people popping out from behind the gas station wall and three pitch-black muzzles were pointing at him. All of a sudden, he felt like crap!

'I've been targeted, huh?'

Tut tut tut~!

The intense feeling of bitterness had not receded when three 'fire dragons' from the guns of team Liquid were released and headed straight at him!

Clink clank clunk~!

In a blink of an eye, the chassis of the jeep rattled with the sound of strained metal.

Under such a dire situation, Base skidded and rammed the brakes. Before the car fully stopped, he quickly swapped over to the passenger seat and jumped off.

In the next moment, a loud explosion was heard!

Base, in his hurry, had only managed to pull a slight distance from the detonated jeep and was caught in the blast, reducing him to a sliver of health. He was cowering behind the jeep.

He did not immediately use any healing items, for fear of being hit in the legs.

He crawled forward slightly, then stayed close to the wheel before applying healing items on himself.

However, he was trapped behind the car by the three Liquid players.

Fortunately, he still had teammates.

Li Muqiu parked his motorcycle on the slope near the coast. After applying a first aid kit and replenishing his boost, he cautiously moved toward Base.

"What now, Guru Qiu?" asked SSR, the sniper.

"How about... we help Base lay a smokescreen to escape?" YoYo suggested hesitantly.

"That must be the team that jumped together with us at Mylta." Li Muqiu furrowed his brow and spoke slowly. "Once we're out of our country, we all represent Hua Xia. If they came to us looking for a fight, then we'll bring the fight to them."

"That's right!" Base agreed aggressively. "Just let me patch myself up and I'll join the fight! How dare they jump on us. F*ck, let's run them over!"

SSR also nodded in agreement. "Our points are too low now. We'll have to take a gamble!"

In a short time, all four players agreed to retaliate.

The two teams exchanged fire, with the road and the destroyed jeep in between them.

However, the three people on the Hua Xia commentary platform were alarmed!

"Se7en shouldn't be fighting at this position! They'll be jumped on by team TS from Mylta!"

"Wait, that shouldn't be happening? Since Se7en landed there and was looking for vehicles, they should know that there's another team in Mylta."

"Oh, I get it! Se7en must have thought that the team at the gas station is TS!"

"That sounds possible. That's bad news! TS has heard the sounds of fighting, and are now sneaking up on them!"

As the commentators spoke, the live-stream viewers were held in suspense.

Even though they were jeering at Se7en's performance in the last two matches, Se7en was nevertheless a Hua Xia team, and they would still want to see them perform their best.

However, if this situation went on...

Se7en might just die a most horrible death...