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602 Wanna See Fireworks?

 This underhand toss out of the blue by Liu Zilang undoubtedly blew the minds of the Navi players.

Never did they expect that they might get blown up even after they had crawled into the safety of the room.

Their embarrassment turned into anger!

After Liu Zilang had killed one player and knocked out another with a grenade, Aluka and Cpt arrived at the swimming pool complex. They called out in the team voice chat. "Don't worry, we're here to save you!"

However, in the next moment, they heard gunshots coming from upstairs!

GodV, who had bled out halfway after being knocked out, was killed by the opponent.

Liu Zilang and his teammates shared a moment of silence.


This was none other than a brazen act of vengeance!

As the live audience witnessed this scene, their eyes twitched. They could only lament that this warring clan would not forget a grudge.

With GodV offered as a blood sacrifice, Liu Zilang and the others had no more reservations.

The opponent had only just been revived, and did not have the time to heal when the three players of 4AM blitzed up the building at an unstoppable speed!

"Oh! That Navi player's health level is critical. They are on the walkway above the swimming pool. This chokepoint might give 4AM some difficulty in their assault."

"That's right. Pokam of Navi is planning to throw a grenade. However, 4AM still kept their wits. This stun grenade... it hit!"

"The timing and accuracy of Vic's stun grenade was perfect! Now that the Navi player has been stunned, the only player left is the one who had just been revived and had not got the chance to heal."

"That means 4AM succeeded in their assault. Offering GodV as a sacrifice in the opening of the match in exchange for four kills is not too bad of a trade."

Watching the situation on the battleground, the three people on the Hua Xia commentary platform let out a sigh of relief upon seeing the conclusion of this encounter that was full of suspense.

In the past two matches, 4AM had their player count reduced to one within the first three circles, with only Liu Zilang surviving.

Even then, in the first match, they clinched third place, and in the second they scored the chicken dinner. It was not a bad result.

However, if another crisis presented itself in the School during the opening moments of the match, they may not be as lucky.

Aluka and Cpt dashed straight into the doorway of the building's left side, and in a flash killed the last two players of Navi.

The dust had settled on the battlefield, and what followed was the joyous festival of looting.

Suddenly, Aluka, who was crouching on the floor, furrowed his brow and said, "Oh yeah. When we came in earlier, one of them wasn't wielding a gun, right?"

"I don't know, I saw him already knocked out as I entered the room," Cpt replied uncertainly while shaking his head. "If he isn't holding a gun... maybe he had just aborted healing?''

While listening to their conversation, Liu Zilang, who was still on the staircase on the other side of the building, had a sudden thought, and yelled loudly, "Careful! Leave the room!"

Just as the words left his mouth, a flash of fire and a cloud of thick black smoke burst out from the doorway, quickly followed by an ear-shattering boom!

Aluka and Cpt, who were happily looting while crouched, were knocked into a position where they knelt facing each other, like in a wedding ceremony.

"Navi-Pokam knocked out 4AM-Aluka with frag grenade!"

"Navi-Pokam knocked out 4AM-Cpt with frag grenade!"

A parting gift!

Upon seeing this scene, the three people on the Hua Xia commentary platform could only stare with twitching eyes.

"This Navi... they're too violent," Lord Rong mumbled.

"Well, fortunately, Vic is still alive," Ruo Feng said as he looked at the tournament screen.

Su Changming let out a long sigh of relief. He shook his head and smiled. "Luckily this kid was still outside the room. If all three of them were looting while the grenade detonated, that would spell game over for 4AM. At least he can revive the other two."

The caster played an instant replay of the scene earlier.

The replay screen did not use God's perspective, but rather the first-person perspective of Navi.

On the tournament's big screen, Pokam was seen swapping into a frag grenade, then was blinded by the stun grenade. He performed a "grenade-to-gun switch combo" and dropped the grenade on the floor.

Upon witnessing this horrifying scene, the viewers on the Chinese live-stream channels were shocked. They even felt numbness on their scalps!

"F*ck! That's such a vicious move!"

"Taking himself out with a grenade. I submit!"

"That's a warring clan for you! These Russian don't spare even their own lives when it comes down to the line!"

Navi was vicious toward their enemies, but even more vicious toward themselves!

If Liu Zilang had not been lagging behind Aluka and Cpt, they might have all lost their lives in that very room.

However, with GodV's blood sacrifice to trade for four kills, this had to a certain extent set the pace for 4AM's performance this match...


While the live-stream viewers were still feeling sore over GodV's death, the caster moved over to other scenes in the match.

The camera was pulled to the "Twelve Golden Palaces" near the west bridge.

Everyone was surprised when they saw the team that was there!

It was none other than SKK!

The question running through everyone's head was: Since when did SKK engage in guerilla warfare?

On the live Western commentary platform.

"God! Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Is that really our SKK?"

"I'm afraid so... it looks like SKK is playing rather conservatively this match!"

"Well, they were snacking on chicken butt in the last two matches. They can't allow themselves to make mistakes in the opening stages of this match."

"No. They're waiting for someone on the west bridge."

"Oh! Se7en is heading out of the military base! Which bridge will they be using?"

The caster panned the camera into the sky.

On the two bridges that led from the military base to the northern main island, there was Liquid on the east bridge and SKK on the west bridge.

It seemed like no matter which bridge they picked, Se7en's journey would not be a smooth one...