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601 Overhead Pass!

 Was he running away?

The audience was shocked when they saw Liu Zilang turn around and head upstairs!

However, the live commentary kept their senses.

"He's not running away! Vic wants to head to the rooftop!"

"Eh? That's... not a bad choice. He's all by himself, and it would be dangerous for him to recklessly rush into the swimming pool complex."

"But from the rooftop... can he support GodV?"

While everyone pondered over this, Liu Zilang's swift steps had brought him to the rooftop.

Immediately after that, he ran to the rooftop edge closest to the swimming pool complex.

Clank clank clank ~!

As expected, he heard a flurry of frantic footsteps coming from the next building.

In the next moment, a silhouette abruptly appeared on the second floor, turned the corner and went upstairs.

GodV was hiding in a room on the third floor of the swimming pool complex.

Meanwhile, at the puzzle buildings not too far away, Aluka and Cpt found out that GodV was under attack and swiftly headed over to provide support.

GodV's predicament did not allow him to wait for the other two players. As he heard footsteps in the corridor closing in, he held the AK tightly in his hands, his heart beating slightly faster.

Right then, a sudden, hectic stream of gunfire shots was heard from the rooftop of the basketball court complex next door.


The Navi players were caught off guard by the sudden attack. They had not managed to react before the shots firing through a side window of the swimming pool complex took out one of them.

"4AM-Vic knocked out Navi-Drainys with M16A4!"

However, Navi, the renowned "Russian war gods", had formidable reaction speeds.

Right as their teammate was knocked out, Shade1, the rifler, immediately turned his sights towards Liu Zilang and delivered a burst of bullets with his AK.


The lower half of Liu Zilang's body immediately spurted blood, his health level dropping by more than half.


'Not below the belt!'

Liu Zilang cursed silently. Fortunately, he was on higher ground and could obscure himself completely by taking a few steps back and lying prone.

At the swimming pool complex, GodV had been barricading himself in a room on the third floor when he saw Liu Zilang taking out one opponent.

He could not fight back the urge, and so, with gritted teeth, he rushed out of the room.

He had just exited the doorway and had not taken a few steps down the hallway when he prematurely bumped into the Navi players.

He had expected them to put reviving their teammate as their top priority, rather than pushing forward with the assault!

Tut tut tut~!


GodV reflexively launched the first attack and took out the Navi player at the frontmost position from the staircase.

However, after being knocked out, that player immediately crawled forward to make way for his teammates behind him.

The second Navi player stepped up and continued their assault, and in a blink of an eye took out GodV, who had already been reduced to about half health.

"4AM-GodV knocked out Navi-Shade1 with AKM!"

"Navi-ubah knocked out 4AM-GodV with Tommy Gun!"

Two notifications flashed on the top right corner of the screen.

"That was too impulsive and careless of GodV. Holing up in the room would have been a better choice for him. As long as he can hold out until Aluka and Cpt arrive, they'd have a great chance of winning."

"All I can say is that the players of Navi are hot-blooded Russian men. They didn't even revive their teammates, and instead went for the jugular. I guess GodV was overwhelmed by the offense."

"That's right. This team's motto is: Shoot first, ask questions later."

"Yup. GodV managed to knock out one opponent, however, he was knocked out by the ones at the back. His life is in Navi's hands now."

"Oh? Navi didn't immediately finish off GodV. Looks like they have other plans. This should be interesting."

"However, the Navi players are cautious. They only started the reviving process after their teammate crawled away from the hallway and into a room. In that case, Vic wouldn't be able to take all of them out with a grenade."

"Aluka and Cpt are here. They can't let their opponents revive their teammates!"

"Yup. Not only is this a 4v3 showdown, but 4AM's movements are also restricted with GodV as the 'hostage' on the other side."

On the rooftop, Liu Zilang restored some of his health with a first aid kit.

"One is on the second floor, the other is on the third. Both are reviving their teammates," GodV spoke rapidly in the team voice chat.

Upon hearing that, Liu Zilang eyed the two windows on separate floors that led to their respective hallways. Eventually, his gaze stayed on the second floor.

He would take a gamble with a frag grenade.

Aiming at the third floor was not impossible. However, GodV was still there, and he did not want to kill his teammate with friendly fire if his hand slipped. He would have to experiment on the second floor.

However, the rooftop he was at was the same height as the third floor of the swimming pool complex. The second-floor window was relatively low.

Furthermore, grenades in the game could only be thrown with an overhand throw or an underhand toss. Overhand throwing was not an option here, and it was difficult to judge where the grenade might land with an underhand toss.

Simply put, delivering the grenade accurately was a test in pure technical skill.

Who was Liu Zilang though? He was hailed the incarnation of Thor.

To him, this feat was difficult, but not impossible.

Liu Zilang pulled out the pin from the frag grenade in his hand and cooked it for a moment.

Right after that, he took several great strides and rushed forward.

Upon seeing this scene, the live audience and the stream viewers were stunned!

What the hell?

Did he need a running start when throwing at this distance?

However, in the next moment, a cry of surprise echoed throughout the arena.

On the tournament's big screen, Liu Zilang was seen leaping off the rooftop, the grenade still in his hand.

In a flash, his fall brought him near the second-floor hallway window of the swimming pool complex. Liu Zilang swung his right hand, and a frag grenade was delivered through the window with an underhand toss!

The live audience and stream viewers watched with wide eyes as the grenade streamed through the window, collided with the doorway that led to the first room with a "clunk", then bounced into the room.

The two Navi players were dumbfounded when they saw the spinning grenade heading their way!


Before they could react, there was a gigantic explosion!

One immediately turned into a crate.

The other knelt on the crate.


"Haha! 100 points to this brave act of grenade throwing. You can be proud of your achievement!"

"I feel sorry for the two bros of Navi. They had spent so much effort in crawling into the room, but they got blasted anyway!"

"I'll have you know that they're facing the Phantom of Explosions! Vic's grenade isn't meant for you to evade."

"Vic: Don't stop me now, I might even blow myself up!"


The live Western audience was staring wide-eyed with their tongues sticking out, and had a newfound understanding of Liu Zilang's nickname: the Incarnation of Thor...