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600 Any Gun Can Be A Sniper! Part 4

 One shot!

Two shots!

Three shots!


After the sixth shot was fired from Shen Zeyan's M4, Viss of TSM, who was sitting in the backseat, abruptly fell from the buggy head-first to the ground.

"F*ck! He, he actually knocked one out!"

"Iron sight at this distance... there's no escape from Master Ze's tap-firing skills!"

"It doesn't feel like he's using an automatic rifle at all... it's more like a marksman rifle."

"Hahaha, Master Ze is showing that any gun can be a sniper."

Aimpr, TSM's sole survivor, hesitated no more than a second before speeding away on his buggy, never looking back.

He had no other choice.

He did not have the advantage of numbers. On top of that, he did not even have a single smoke grenade on him.

If he had dismounted from the buggy to revive his teammate, they would undoubtedly die together.

Even though his prospects for the rest of the match already seemed grim...

For the sake of preserving his team's placement points, he resolved to survive, carrying on the will of his teammates.

Shen Zeyan saw the buggy disappearing into the distance, leaving behind only a trail of dust. He made no attempt to fire at it.

The distance between them had stretched too far, and he never liked trying to do the impossible.

Even so, the three kills obtained by IG in the opening stages of the match gave them a big boost in confidence!

On the Hua Xia commentary platform.

"Well... I can only say that TSM made one wrong move after another. Although they still have one survivor, there's almost no chance for them to pull off a miraculous comeback this match."

"Yup, but maybe they can at least score some placement points. Let's take a look at the battlefield. The first circle is already displayed on the map. That's a pretty good circle."

On the tournament's big screen, the first play area of the match was one centered at the School.

"Hmm, that's a friendly circle for most of the teams. I'm a little worried about IG though; from their current position they'll need to move west."

"Indeed. On their westward journey, they'll have to pass through the nursing home, Shelter, and the horseshoe mountain. All these locations, including the woodcutter camp and Mylta to the south, were places where other players have jumped. They will need to be cautious as they move toward the play area."

"Yup. It's a friendly enough circle, but once teams start setting up camp within it, the eastern half of the play area will become a chaotic battlefield. To preserve their full force, IG will have to avoid all these teams if possible."

"Let's look at another one of our Hua Xia teams, Se7en. Even though they are the only team at the Military Base, I don't think things are looking good for them. Let's check out the northern end of the east bridge."

On the southern part of the mainland, Liquid, the "Black Whirlwind", was cruising along the coastline, looting the fishing villages along the way, and had now arrived at the gas station near the east bridge.

They had clearly noticed another team entering the military base by vehicle, and decided to try their luck by intercepting them on the east bridge.

If Se7en coincidentally picked the east bridge as their exit route, then they may very well be leaving behind a couple of unlucky ghosts there.

The caster's camera did not linger on the east bridge for too long.

On the big screen, the camera panned north and stopped at the School.

In the match, two players of 4AM were looting in the School, while another two were at the puzzle buildings.

Despite their speed, they still had several rooms to clear before their task was complete.

The camera did not stay long on Liu Zilang and his teammates who were looting, but instead shifted toward the Russian team Navi, who was sneaking toward the School from the dragon inn!

There was a resource point in the rural area next to the dragon inn. If Navi had split up and looted for better resources around the area, their progress would not have been any faster than Liu Zilang and GodV's at the puzzle buildings.

The reason Navi had chosen to jump at the dragon inn was not that they wanted to avoid other teams and develop their resources early on.

They were predators.

Finding resources was not their priority.

They were out to gank.

After a swift round of looting at the dragon inn, they equipped some rudimentary gear and immediately headed out to launch a sneak attack.

They might be slightly ill-equipped, but team Navi's tactics had always been about blitzing the opponent before they were ready for it.

They did not know that it was 4AM who jumped at the School.

They were betting on their targeted team splitting up to loot between the School and the puzzle buildings, and that they would be done looting sooner than the players at the puzzle building.

If they were faster by even one step, it could have spelled doom for their opponents.

On the Hua Xia commentary platform.

"One gun in their hands, and a full inventory of guts! That's the warring clan Navi for you!"

"That's right. They're closing in from the wall surrounding the swimming pool. GodV is currently looting there. Do you think he can hear them?"

"Bad news! Navi seems to be very experienced at launching sneak attacks at the School. They did not stick close to the wall, but are instead walking silently at a distance. GodV won't be able to hear them."

"Oh my god! They didn't even stakeout at the entrance. They're just rushing in!"

The commentators were shocked.

Under the caster's camera, three players of Navi found an opening at the wall. They stopped sneaking, and simply rushed toward both entrances of the swimming pool complex.

Some might think that Navi was acting too recklessly.

That was not necessarily true.

Navi acted this way because they had already made a verdict in their minds.

They were very sure that only one team jumped at the School and puzzle buildings.

If the entire team was at the School, then the swimming pool must have been looted clean and abandoned.

Since they heard footsteps coming from the swimming pool, there could only be one possibility.

The team at the School was split up!

Navi would never pass up an opportunity to gank.

From this, even though team Navi hailed from a warring clan, it was clear they were not recklessly brave, but were cautious and bold at the same time!


Teng teng teng~!

Without warning... a cacophony of fast and messy footsteps was heard from outside the building.

GodV, who was on the third floor of the swimming pool complex, was stunned. The hairs on his skin were raised on end!

"F*ck! There's someone downstairs!" GodV immediately yelled.

In the school compound, Liu Zilang was looting at the basketball court. He was slightly taken aback but regained his composure quickly.

At the opening of the match, he noticed a team of four players jumping at the dragon inn. They looked like they were in a hurry to loot, and he noted that they may be a potential problem.

He did offer the team a word of warning, but since he was not sure if the other team would split up after landing, he could not determine their tactics.

After hearing GodV's words, Liu Zilang was certain that this team was the one that jumped at the dragon inn.

Time not on his side, he did not rush to provide support from the first floor, but instead swiftly took the stairs to the rooftop!