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599 Whose Bullets Are Flying? Part 3

 In just another moment, the airplane disappeared beyond the horizon.

Many of the teams scattered all over the map were seen scouting for vehicles at various vehicle spawn points. They knew that the resource points on the southern part of the map were impossible to reach by foot.

"Alright! Now that most teams have landed. We can see that in this match, Se7en has jumped at Mylta, the town to the north of the east bridge that leads to Sosnovka Island. Together with them are team TS."

"It seems that Se7en doesn't plan to linger in Mylta for too long, but instead obtain a vehicle to travel to Sosnovka Military Base. Looks like Se7en is playing rather cautiously this match."

"Yup. It looks like no other teams are heading for the military base at the moment. If they're lucky enough to be near the play area during the first circle, I'd say they're off to a great start."

"We can see that in this match, a lot of players are at locations in the right half of the map, such as Stalber, Yasnaya Polyana, Prison, the horseshoe mountain, Shelter, and even Mylta Power and the Factory. There are teams at all these places."

"Oh! The caster cut the camera to 4AM. They've chosen to jump at the School and the nearby puzzle buildings. That was a choice I did not expect."

"Indeed. However, the School has a geographical advantage. Its location is at the center of the map, even more so than Pochinki. No matter where the circle might appear, they're not going to be worried."

"Wait a minute, there's a team that jumped at the dragon inn next to the School. It's the Russian warriors, team Navi from the Commonwealth of Independent States!"

In the School.

"One team in the dragon inn, and one team in Rozhok," Aluka reported as he landed.

"Let's loot quickly. I have a hunch that the team that landed at the dragon inn might be coming for us," Liu Zilang said with a furrowed brow as he looked at the direction of the dragon inn.

"Really? They don't even know who we are." Cpt seemed surprised.

"I think it's possible though, what if they're just picking a fight for fighting's sake?" GodV retorted.

The team voice chat became silent. The players picked up their speed in looking for items.

At this time, a notification appeared on the screen.

"IG-Wolves knocked out TSM-Break with S12K!"

Team IG?

They were already fighting at such an early stage?

Liu Zilang was taken aback by the notification. He had only searched two rooms.

However, this was considered normal.

The teams that jumped early, naturally looted their items early and therefore fought early.

In this match, the School at which 4AM jumped was considered to be in the middle of the airplane's flight route, while Lipovka, where IG jumped was the first stop.

On the tournament's big screen, Shen Zeyan of IG was seen to be the first to engage with TSM.

After a brief exchange of fire across a doorway, Break saw that the opponent's reinforcements would be faster than his.

Outside the room, he had a sudden idea and decided to push forward the offense. Little did he expect, Shen Zeyan was waiting behind the door and promptly fired consecutive shots with his S12K.

The door was opened, and the pitch-black muzzle of the shotgun was inserted into his mouth.

Bang bang bang!

After a series of shots, Break instantly collapsed on the floor. He felt like an idiot!

'Bah! Who was on the offense again?'

In the following moments, Shen Zeyan did not kill off Break in a hurry.

Even though Break was not of noble bearing, Shen Zeyan, wielding a shotgun and towering over him, had the poise of a terrorist holding a prince hostage.

The situation at Lipovka changed accordingly. The three remaining players of TSM who were positioned nearby to provide reinforcement were forced into action.

It was a known fact that there was only Shen Zeyan within the room. If all three of them stormed the room, there was no problem in killing him off.

The problem was, where were the other three players of TSM?

What if they entered the room, only for the three opponents to tail them and block the door?

For a moment, TSM was stuck in a dilemma, not knowing whether to proceed or retreat.

"It looks like TSM doesn't want to abandon their teammate. It makes sense though, if they lose a teammate this early in the match, it'll be difficult for them as the match progresses."

"Well, there's no point in wasting time like that. If they want to rescue their teammate, then the more critical Break's health level is, the more they are forced to make their choice."

"If they were another team, I'd suggest that they abandon that teammate and move elsewhere. But it's TSM... frankly, looking at their current standings, just surviving won't do them any good."

"Heh, that's a very scathing comment coming from you. But you speak the truth. TSM's ranking is too low now; they might as well take a gamble."

"Oh? It looks like they've decided to do so. However, IG has already spotted TSM's position. CuoJue and XiaoJue are closing in on them."

"CuoJue threw a grenade.... Oh! What a pity..."


An ear-shattering explosion was heard!

The windows of the restaurant in Lipovka were shattered. Thick black smoke instantly filled the interior.

However, the grenade detonated behind the bar counter in the restaurant, which absorbed most of the shockwave.

A fight instantly began!

Bang bang!

The first one to shoot was none other than Shen Zeyan.

He saw that the 'hostage' has lost his value, and therefore finished him off. He looted the guns from the dropped loot crate, and then rushed out of the door.

At the same time, the three other players of IG stormed in from the front entrance.

Whatever idealistic plans that were concocted by the three remaining players of TSM were instantly dashed upon the death of their teammate.

However, they were replaced by a strong urge to survive!

After the three players tossed several smoke grenades and frag grenades to hinder the offense, they exited the back door swiftly.

At this time, XiaoJue noticed that there was something fishy about the footsteps.

He deftly leaped out of the restaurant from one of the shattered windows and headed straight to the back of the restaurant.

Upon arrival, he encountered SmaK, the rearguard, who had just appeared at the back door.

Tut tut tut~!

XiaoJue's M16 fired a volley of bullets. SmaK's back exploded in a blood-red mist!


"IG-XiaoJue knocked out TSM-SmaK with M16A4!"

Two men down!

"Oh, sh*t! Just go!" SmaK yelled as soon as he collapsed onto the ground.

Before SmaK opened his mouth, the two remaining teammates had already made a quick getaway toward the residential houses of Lipovka!

You have got to be kidding!

If they were only down one player, TSM, the premier North American team, might have the courage to perform a 3v4.

However, with two men down, the thought of retaliation was completely erased from their minds.

At this time, the only thing the two remaining TSM players could think of was that they did not want to be the first team to be eliminated.

That would make them the biggest laughing stock among the many Western teams in this tournament.

Before long, the TSM players had reached the roadside and rode on the buggy that they had prepared earlier.

They looked back with longing at the town they had so resolutely chosen at the beginning of the match, and then just as resolutely, they turned around and left!




Unexpectedly, a broken stream of shots was suddenly heard!

What happened?

The live audience and stream viewers heard the shots and were confused.

In the next moment, the caster turned his camera to the source of the noise. The live audience's eyes were wide open with shock!

At about a hundred meters away, Shen Zeyan was seen wielding the M4 he had just picked up.

He was firing shot after careful shot with the weapon, as though he were operating a sniper.