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597 One-shot Chicken!




On the live Western commentary platform, the two commentators were stunned. Their mouths were open wide like loot crates.

They swallowed two are three times as if their throats were parched.

On the audience seats all around, many were stunned on the spot, as if struck by lightning.

This was... a joke, right?

Did the match not end right after Satan killed Shroud?

How could Vic get the chicken dinner?

Was there a bug in the system?

At this time, the first to realize the truth was the victim, Satan.

His face was twitching slightly. He took in a breath with some difficulty. "That lone wolf.... Who among you killed him?"

When they first noticed Liu Zilang earlier, the three of them focused fire on him.

However, once they started firing, C9 grasped the opportunity to sneak in an attack. With the fastest reflexes, Satan was the first one to divert his attack toward them.

Upon hearing Satan's question, Vivian and Karl were dumbfounded. Their minds went blank!

After a long while, Karl smiled dryly. "I didn't. I had low health and was under attack, so I turned my focus to the direct attack."

"Me too," Vivian said in a small voice, her head hung low. "I thought you guys took care of him."

The three SKK players on their seats were suddenly very quiet.

"He will not get that chance again!"

Satan remembered his words from just five minutes ago. His face was as still as water, but his mind was in a mess as if being run over by an infinite number of dogs...

'F*ck you!'

'F*ck you! F*ck you!'

At this time, the caster replayed the final moments of the match that resulted in the chicken dinner.

On the tournament's big screen, the caster placed the camera in the sky above the final circle, not only restricted to the fight between SKK and C9.

The scene now showed how Liu Zilang was immediately fired upon by the three players of SKK once he moved from his hiding spot.

Amidst the torrent of bullets, he hopped to the left and right, dancing like an agitated snake, and finally lay to the ground prone with a thump.

He had taken several hits, and his health level was dropping like it had jumped off a cliff!

The next moment made the live audience and stream viewers open their eyes wide.

At the instant Liu Zilang laid prone, the three players of SKK in one coordinated movement, swiftly turned their crosshairs toward the two players of C9 who had attacked them head-on.

The next moments saw players from both sides knocked out.

At the last moment, when Satan pulled out his Kar98K in a blistering short amount of time and no-scoped Shroud in one shot...

Under the God's perspective of the replay...

Everyone could see clearly that at the instant Satan lifted his gun, Liu Zilang at the side with just a sliver of health left also lifted his AWM!



Under the crisp and echoing sound of the Kar98K, the muffled sounds of the noise-suppressed AWM was subconsciously ignored by all those who were in high spirits.

After the gunshots rang out, everything returned to nothing, and the screen cut to the "Winner winner, chicken dinner" interface.

After seeing what happened, the live audience and stream viewers were thunderstruck.

Their heads were smoking...

Was that even possible?

On the Hua Xia commentary platform.

Su Changming and the others were speechless for a while but eventually recovered from the momentous shock.

"Before we continue, let's extend a hand to the three 'big brothers' of SKK for graciously allowing a Hua Xia team to claim their first chicken dinner!"

Lord Rong shook his head and lamented, "I guess there are times when lightning reflexes can be a disadvantage!"

Ruo Feng adjusted his spectacles that rested on his big nose and nodded. "That's right. Did you see when C9 started attacking SKK, the three players instantly turned their guns around? Wow! That was a stupefying display of speed!"

"Heh heh, and I think that the way Vic laid prone at the end might have given the impression that he was killed."

Su Changming smiled as continued his analysis. "It was a critical situation. The three players of SKK did not have the chance to communicate. They must have thought that 'If I'm not claiming the kill, my teammate will do it', and turned their weapons toward the greatest threat, C9."

"I guess Vic has shown us the true meaning of 'one-shot chicken'," Lord Rong said, grinning. "In the final rounds, other than kill-stealing an Underhood player, Liu Zilang hadn't fired a shot since, and only fired one shot right at the end, and was able to eat this chicken..."

While the people on the commentary platform were waxing lyrical, the stream chat room was overflowing with comments!

"LOLOLOL! What a display of gallantry from our king Vic!"

"Hahaha, I'm dying here. I guess the SKK players are spewing blood from watching the replay."

"SKK: You f*cking dare to feign death in front of me?"

"Vic: Actually I'm just an actor."

"LOLOL well enough of that. I think we owe our three brothers of SKK a word of thanks!"

"Three brothers? I hope you're not blind... it's two brothers and a sister!"

"Of course, of course! Thank you SKK!"

"Forever grateful to SKK!"

The comments on the bullet screen in the live-stream channel flowed like the high tide.

Unlike the typical victory messages of "Congratulations to XXX", the live-stream bullet screen was filled with messages of "Thank you SKK".

If SKK, currently far away in California, knew that the Chinese viewers were so grateful to them, who knew if they would be crying tears of joy (Read: regret)...


After a series of twists and turns, the second match concluded.

In a short while, the latest tournament standings were shown on the screen.

Proudly in first place was 4AM with 600 points. In second place was SKK, with 490 points.

C9 only managed to obtain 400 points.

Adding this to the score obtained in the last match, 4AM had a total of 1000 points.

SKK, who were above 4AM in the last match, had a total of 940 points.

As for C9, the victors of the last match, they had 860 points.

Other than the "consistent runner up" SKK, 4AM and C9 in the top three switched places, with 4AM currently in the lead.

With two matches down, among the 24 teams that took part in this international tournament, IG narrowly squeezed in the top ten at tenth place.

As for Se7en...

In the first match, they were eliminated by Liquid at Georgopol Hills. In the opening moments of the second match, they were toyed around by SKK and were eliminated outside Severny.

After the two matches, their overall standings were in a dire 22nd place.

Third last!

Upon seeing the team standings, the viewers in the Chinese live-stream channels erupted like a boulder blocking the incoming tide!

"F*ck! Is Se7en sleepwalking here?"

"California tour group? Stop feeding, pretty please?"

"If you're feeding, feed to IG or 4AM then! Not to other people, brothers!"

"To be honest, Guru Qiu doesn't seem like himself today."

"Too much live-streaming, maybe? Didn't he call himself 'Asia's Number One Killing God'?"

"Guys, have some restraint. I wonder where you guys were when Se7en was owning everyone."


The viewers in the Chinese live-stream channels were very generous with their critical and sarcastic comments.

Their target was none other than the team coming third last, Se7en.

As the saying went, the most hurtful things were said when comparing against one another.

Thinking about it, it was natural behavior.

In competitive esports, results were everything, and experience was nothing.

To suck is to commit a grave sin.