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596 Last Man Standing!

 After dispatching an opponent with a bout of 'military boxing', Liu Zilang did not pursue his killing streak but rather took a few steps forward to pull away from the blue circle, then immediately fell prone on the ground.

He crawled forward slowly bit by bit. From afar, he looked like a caterpillar on the grass.

On the other hand, the two players of Underhood were 'dancing' agitatedly in the smoke.

They wanted to ask SKK and C9, "There's a Voldemort-level enemy just lying there, why aren't you shooting at him?"

In reality, they were at a loss for words.

They did not say anything.

The smokescreen that was supposed to provide cover and safety had made them the biggest target, while Liu Zilang, who was wearing a ghillie suit, discreetly crawled around the smoke, not attracting any attention like a quiet handsome man.


Alva, in the smoke, was hit by a bullet. His health points reached a critical level and slumped onto the ground instantly.

Evan, standing next to him, saw him fall.

He could not escape anyway. So he gritted his teeth, rushed to his side and knelt to revive his teammate.

To avoid being hit by bullets, they switched positions several times within the smoke. They eventually found a relatively safe spot.

However, at this time, a stray bullet flew by and happened to strike Alva's body, who was kneeling on the ground.

Alva's critical health levels fell once again.

He was sprawled on the ground.

Knocked out!

Upon witnessing this scene, the live audience felt pity for him.

However, Evan sprang forth at his side and slapped a palm on Alva's butt.

Critical health revivification!


A bullet hit Evan's body, but it spared Alva's life.

"Oh my god! What a touching brotherly relationship! Evan used his body as a meat shield."

"This reminds me of an old cow licking her calf clean, full of love and warmth."

"Can he be saved? Evan was hit by another shot, and has less than half of his health left."

As the commentary spoke, the atmosphere in the live audience became tense.

Swish swish swish~!


Another bullet came in from the side and hit Evan who was still reviving Alva. His health fell into the red zone!

One more shot!

If he was hit by just one more shot!

Both of them would be sprawled on the ground.

At this instant, many Underhood fans in the live audience were clenching both their fists together and staring at the tournament screen without blinking.

Three, two, one!

He did it!

The instant both players stood up, the two Western live commentators held their hands to the sides of their heads and yelled out at the top of their lungs.

"OH MY GOD! What an unbelievable save at death's door!"

"Underhood created this miracle with their indestructible bond of friendship!"

"I think the moral of the story is--and I believe this is the message from the creators of the game--that PUBG isn't all about killing! It is also about saving!"


Just when the two Western commentators finished speaking, an explosion rocked the tournament!

Amidst the thick white smoke, a flash of fire suddenly bloomed!

Shortly after, everything fell silent once more.

With the caster's God's perspective, the live audience stared at the screen with their eyes wide open.

Alva and Evan were lying on the ground peacefully, side by side. Next to them were two crates.

Two kill notifications appeared at the top right corner of the screen.

"SKK-Vivian killed Underhood-Alva with frag grenade!"

"SKK-Vivian killed Underhood-Evan with frag grenade!"

Two kills with one grenade!

The caster switched over to a player cam on Vivian. She was blowing on her bright blue bangs smugly.

Upon seeing this scene, comments exploded in the Chinese live-stream channels.

"F*ck! This little missy sure is something! I feel sorry for the pair of South American lovers."

"Hmm.... That grenade was about 70 percent of Vic's mastery."

"You're exaggerating too much! If Vic saw this he'd be so full of himself!"

"By the way, don't you think this girl resembles Jinx[1] a lot?"

"Now that you mention it, she does look like her! Both of them are A-cups too!"

"That's a little harsh. I think she's at least... A+?"

"Bahaha! Yeah, she's definitely an A+."

"Stop that nonsense. How about we thank ol' Jinx for her rocket... I mean, her grenade."


In the tournament, Liu Zilang shuddered when he saw the situation in the smokescreen.

Luckily for him, SKK and C9 diverted their attention elsewhere after seeing the two people within the smoke were killed.

That was perfectly logical.

They would not have expected the four players of Underhood to be "Starcraft players'' who did not spot Liu Zilang at their hiding spot despite crouching there for a long time.[2]

On the Hua Xia commentary platform.

"What an ordeal! I wasn't expecting Liu Zilang to survive this attack," Lord Rong said emotionally.

"I can't say the same for this upcoming circle." Su Changming looked at the screen and furrowed his brow as he continued. "C9 killed a player from Savage, and so the situation now is 3v3v1v1. The next targets should be Vic and the sole survivor from Savage."

Ruo Feng nodded. He continued with his analysis of the match. "However, it's still about three minutes away from the final circle. I believe that the two three-man teams will be trying to suppress each other, and so will not cause too much danger to Vic."

Ruo Feng's analysis of the unfolding situation was spot on.

In the final circle, a full squad would not be afraid to face four lone wolves.

The full squad merely needed to sweep the periphery to eliminate the lone wolves before the final circle shrunk.

However, if there were two teams with roughly the same number of players left, the situation would be different.

One had to remain passive before the enemy makes their movement.

Even if SKK was slightly stronger than C9 as a team, there were still two wildcards lurking about in the constricted space of the final circle.

Bullets have no eyes.

They narrowly missed the chicken dinner in the last match. In this one, stability was their main priority.

If they slipped up and let C9 have the chicken dinner again, then it may be hard for them to catch up in the third match, even if they were to win that one.

For a team like SKK that only strives for first place, they only needed to aim for stability in this match.

Time passed, second by second.

Before long, the three-minute countdown had only ten-odd seconds left.

In that instant, the atmosphere of the cavernous sports arena became tense.

On the live Western commentary platform.

"Based on the current situation of the battlefield, SKK and C9 are the two teams with the highest chance of getting that chicken dinner."

"I think so too. Vic's position is quite bad. Even if he isn't discovered, he has no chance of outrunning the blue circle."

"Sorry to say this, but I have a premonition that he'll soon die to the circle."

"Heh heh, I believe that's possible. Everyone knows that the damage output of the final circle is very painful. One can easily fall to it if they ran too slowly."

As the commentary continued to speak, the countdown timer of the final circle struck zero.

In an instant, the radioactive blue shroud that encompassed Erangel island thundered!

With an aura of annihilation, it engulfed the last remaining safe zone on the island.

Within the blink of an eye, gunfire once again erupted on the battlefield!


Tut tut tut~!


The two live Western commentators were yelling with all their might.

"Oh! SKK sniped the lone wolf from Savage! Satan's sniping is as accurate as ever!"

"That's right! So it has come to the final showdown between SKK and C9! Chappie of C9 is moving toward the right! He plans to draw close!"

"We can see that C9 is taking an active role this time! Shroud and Moody are in a direct face-off. A sweep! Both players are knocked out at the same time!"

The countless people in the live audience felt like they were on the battlefield themselves. The agitated commentary caused them to experience an adrenaline rush!

All around the arena, several fans of the teams have stood up from their seats.

They waved their arms with all their might, cheering for their favorite teams!

"Oh my god in heaven! Chappie is rushing in! He's holding a frag grenade!"

"Captain Karl, however, has fast reflexes! He knocked out Chappie and survived with a little health left."

"No salvation for Chappie. Wait! Vic is coming in from the flank! But SKK is concentrating fire on him! That's the end for Vic!"

"Oh, wait! C9 is taking the opportunity and knocks out Captain Karl!"

"The scary blue circle is right behind everyone's backs! There's no time to save your teammates!"

In the blink of an eye, SKK and C9 were down one player each.

With the blue circle forcing them to move forward, they finally met face-to-face in a clearing without any cover!

On the narrow path to victory, only the courageous will prevail!

A 2v2 direct battle was ignited!

Tut tut tut~!


Both teams were moving up down left and right while shooting at each other, even jumping around and flaunting their moves wildly.

The first to go down was Moody from C9.

Then, Vivian of SKK.


Satan emptied the clip of his rifle, and without warning, pulled out the sniper rifle to deliver a no-scope shot!

As though he poured his soul into it, that shot took Shroud's life.

At the instant Satan killed Shroud...

The tournament screen changed!

A line of yellow English characters appeared simultaneously on the four gigantic LED panels in the middle of the arena!

Winner winner, chicken dinner!


The excitement of the audience reached a boiling point at that instant!

The SKK fans who were cheering earlier could not hold back their joy, and danced madly on the spot!

The two Western commentators on the live platform were screaming hysterically. "SKK has taken down the second match of the day! Let us extend our hands... to SKK!"

"Congratulations to... cough cough hack!"

The other commentator was talking halfway when the words choked in his throat. He suddenly coughed violently.

At the same time, the wild cheers from the live audience slowly died down...

Eventually, the audience became completely silent!

On the tournament's big screen, after the line "Winner winner, chicken dinner" appeared, a player character appeared on the screen.

Accompanying it was the user name "4AM-Vic"!

In his hands was a dark green sniper.


[1] Hero from League of Legends with the Chinese nickname "Berserk Loli". Her ultimate skill is "Super Mega Death Rocket!".

[2] The "Starcraft player" remark refers to another note in Chapter 593, where an unfortunate scouting incident in a professional Starcraft tournament had spawned the phrase, "Vision is not required in competitive esports".