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594 Who is the Chosen One?

 If he had to choose, Liu Zilang would rather help the 'little brothers' of Faze.

Unfortunately, his view of SKK was blocked by the blazing jeep.

With his philosophy of taking headshots whenever possible, he could only finish off the players of Faze who were knocked out from close range.

"SKK was pushed to their limits this round! It's a pity; Faze came so close to eliminating the strongest team in the tournament."

"Unless my eyes are deceiving me, Vic also stole a kill during their fight. SKK is now reviving teammates and healing themselves. Where's Vic? Oh! He's coming!"

"This is his chance! Team captain Karl is in bad shape right now, and he is only halfway done with the first aid kit. Vic only needs one clear shot to eliminate his biggest threat this match!"

"Oh? What happened? Vic is being shot at!"

"It's Savage from the flank! Stop, don't shoot! Your enemy's enemy is your friend, man!"

On the tournament's big screen, team Savage, who was beaten badly by SKK, had finally revived their teammates and moved from the jeep to the concave slope where Karl had earlier hid.

After getting into position, they raised their heads to check that there was no one on their trail...

Except for a 'grassy monster' lurking in from outside the play area.

Who else to shoot but him?

Liu Zilang did not expect himself to be careless enough to allow team Savage to sneak up on him.

Swish swish swish~!

While the four players of team Savage were slightly lacking in accuracy, the collective firepower of their rifles was still formidable!

In the rain of bullets, Liu Zilang was seen dodging left and right like an agitated snake.

In his heart, he was cursing madly!

After getting shot three times, he finally managed to find a thick tree trunk to hide behind.

The comments in the live-stream channels exploded!

"F*ck them! This group can't distinguish between friend or foe!"

"Stop shooting! Stop! He's your ally!"

"I feel sorry for Vic. He had stretched out a helping hand across international borders but they crushed it with a hammer..."

"That might be the end for him! When the SKK monsters finish healing, Vic will be stranded outside the play area!"

The live stream channels could see that and, in the tournament, Liu Zilang knew it too.

He saw that his plan had hit a dead end, and decided not to push it any further.

Behind the tree, he recovered his health points with a first aid kit, then downed an energy drink. Before SKK had finished reviving their teammates, he laid down a smokescreen and swiftly entered the play area from the other direction.

No matter what happens, outrunning the blue circle was paramount.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to do so in the next circle.

After entering the play area, Liu Zilang, still in his ghillie suit, decided to shed some weight. He threw away the pan that was on his butt, then quickly lay prone in the shade of a tree.

On the other hand, the three players of SKK who were finally healed up did not bother with team Savage in the flank but instead started hunting for Liu Zilang's whereabouts.

Liu Zilang had already snuck into the play area and was nowhere to be found.

After the smoke cleared, the three SKK players who were cautiously spread out found nothing behind the tree, and stared at each other.

Vivian angrily blew at her bangs on her forehead and vented her frustration. "Hmph! Lucky for him!"

"Oh well." Karl shrugged and smiled. "It's better this way. If he had acted the same way as the last match, that'd be bad news for us."

The three players of SKK immediately fell silent. They remembered how Liu Zilang had jumped on them from the back at the last minute and had denied them victory.

It had felt as though victory was right in their grasp and the future was bright, but suddenly a shameless person came and threw a brick at the back of your head.

"He won't get that chance again!" Satan squinted and hissed through gritted teeth.


Soon, the fourth circle started shrinking.

C9, ACE, and Underhood had bumped into each other when entering the play area from the west.

Unfortunately for ACE, their players were caught in between the other two teams and were swiftly dispatched with a pincer attack.

Meanwhile on the east side, Savage was luckier.


After two of their players were knocked out by SKK, the other two teammates resolutely abandoned them and escaped toward the slope at the southern end of the mountain range.

After the blue circle and the white circle coincided, the new play area was refreshed.

"This circle... Oh! Nice! It's a destiny circle for Vic!"

"Ha, looks like lady luck is smiling at 4AM this time. Oh, I mean, there's only 1AM left."

"Heh heh. There are 5 teams and 13 players left in the match now. This means that Vic will land his team in the top 5 whatever happens."

"That's right. Third place in the first match, and top five in this match. This means that there's still a chance for them to be the overall winners if they perform well in the next match."

"The problem for them now is that the top two teams from the previous match, C9 and SKK, are both in the top five too. That's not good news for 4AM."

"That's right. The situation now is 4v3v3v2v1. Other than the South American team Underhood still retaining a full squad, SKK and C9 are both three-strong, Savage has two players, and Vic is the only lone wolf. The situation doesn't look too promising for him."

"Luckily for him, the final circles are in hilly terrain with lots of vegetation to provide cover. With his ghillie suit, Vic can hide easily. The ghillie suit would have been a burden if the final circles were in a farm or residential area.

"Yup, we can see that Vic had just thrown away his pan. Looks like he's pretty confident about this."

The Hua Xia commentators did not guess wrong. Liu Zilang was only planning to scout around the boundary of the play area.

If it were only SKK left, he might have tried to ambush them with a noise-suppressed AWM.

However, with the "Demon King" Shroud of C9 still around, and with both teams at either side of the play area, firing an AWM right now would have been an insult to both teams' ability to locate his position by sound.

Soon after, in the third last circle refresh, the four teams and Liu Zilang were at the edge of the play area. Overall, they were spread out like a five-pointed star.

The other four teams would abruptly fire a few shots, though with the players spread so far apart and not willing to expose themselves to danger, it would have been hard for the entire team to be brought down even if someone was knocked out.

Of course, this did not apply to a lone wolf like Liu Zilang.

In the next countdown of a minute and thirty seconds, and the thirty seconds of restricting the play area after that, none of the teams were forced to move. Therefore, there were no casualties.

However, after the blue circle coincided with the white, and when the next circle refreshed...

The live audience who were cheering on their respective teams were all shocked!

The second last circle was a concentric circle.

This meant that none of the teams were the chosen one!

All the teams' distances from the play area were approximately equal.