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593 Don’t Shoot, Captain!

 In the game of PUBG, what could a lone wolf do against a full squad of four players?

If it were a random matchmaking game with mismatched skill levels, perhaps a Voldemort-level veteran could ambush four players from behind; if their reaction times were slow, there could potentially be a full team wipeout.

However, in a professional tournament like this, Liu Zilang could only sit in his ghillie suit and stare at the butts of team Faze's four players.

Without any form of cover around him, his position would be exposed the moment he opened fire.

There could only be one outcome: death.

Finding the perpetrator?

Distracting the opponent?

No such thing!

If a top-tier European team like Faze needed to waste time on such matters, they would be better off as pig farmers back home rather than playing for a professional esports team.

Patience is a virtue.

Liu Zilang could only continue covertly observing Faze's behinds in the meantime.


On the Hua Xia commentary platform.

"That's SKK for you. Even though they were attacked from behind by a team like Faze, their reflexes allowed them to defend themselves against the ambush."

"That's right, though they're still in a tight spot now, being caught between Faze and Savage."

"The key factor here is that SKK is in the way of Faze entering the play area, so it's impossible for their encounter to be just a touch-and-go. If Faze wants to proceed, they will have to eliminate SKK!"

"Oh! Faze is already entering formation and spreading a smokescreen. They're using all sorts of throwables to suppress the opponent. A grenade by Mxey..."

"What a shame! It was in the right direction, but there wasn't enough strength behind it."

Accompanied by the brisk commentary from the platform, the big screen showed the four players of Faze spreading out and pressing forward swiftly under the cover of smoke.

Based on Satan's headshot notification earlier, they knew that their opponent this time was the legendary FPS team SKK.

Under these inevitable circumstances, the strong European team still displayed commendable courage.

The jeep was burning fiercely in the wind.

With its four wheels punctured, the chassis appeared lower than usual.

This was to prevent the opponent from lying prone and sniping at their legs.

Satan had administered himself a first aid kit to stabilize his health level, then raised his head to down a bottle of painkillers.

Before he fully replenished his boost, a cold glint flashed in his eyes, and he suddenly turned around and lifted the Kar98K in his hands!


A clear gunshot rang out. Fuzzface of Faze, who had just entered the smoke, exploded in a cloud of blood.

"Nice! That was Satan's trademark smokescreen prediction shot!" A Western commentator immediately roared with excitement on the live commentary platform. "Satan had used his instincts to estimate Fuzzface's movements in the smoke."

Behind them, Liu Zilang was observing the fight with the 8x scope on his AWM. When he saw the shot by Satan, he could not resist making some silent trash talk.

'He didn't even hit the head. Garbage!'

Meanwhile, the SKS in Vivian's hands roared to life, and bullets exited the gun like a violent rainstorm!

Bang bang bang!

The torrent of countless bullets tore apart the smokescreen!

"SKK-Vivian knocked out Fuzzface with SKS!"

One to locate, one to finish!

Satan and Vivian's coordination for their attack was impeccable.

However, Faze was no pushover.

Their spread-out attack formation had reduced Karl's health to a critical level; he could only lie low on a concave slope in the ground nearby, clutching onto his SCAR-L.

Under normal circumstances, the teams would be evenly matched.

However, Satan and Vivian's coordinated attack that knocked out an opponent was the start of a chain reaction.

An opening appeared in Faze's attack formation.

They wanted to revive their fallen teammate.

On the other hand, they were on the offensive. They could not afford to take their foot off the gas at this point.

"SKK's composure in the face of adversity is admirable. However, this gives Savage a chance to revive their teammate at the flank."

"With Savage brought back to full force, SKK will be in a rough situation."

"Oh, wait! A double-tap on the SKS by Vivian!"

"Two shots! Both on the head! Oh my god! Another player of Savage went down."


This crazy lady was a force to be reckoned with!

Liu Zilang's crosshair was aimed at Vivian's bobbing head. He felt the urge to fire his gun.

However, his AWM was only noise-suppressed, not silenced.

At such a close distance, he would expose his position once he fired a shot. Faze would then have to reevaluate their choice between 'eliminating forward obstacles' and 'clearing threats at the back'.

Liu Zilang simulated headshotting the opponent in his mind but never fired a single shot.

There was now less than twenty seconds before the blue circle began shrinking.

Liu Zilang looked at team Faze in front of him, who was already down one player, and decided to help out this band of 'little brothers'.

Otherwise, once the blue circle closes in, with threats from both the front and rear, Faze would lose all initiative in deciding their ultimate fate.

The three remaining players of Faze realized this as well.

They did not stop to revive Fuzzface but instead stepped up their offense.

Jembty struck first, rushing to the front under the cover of the smoke grenade a teammate had lobbed.

At the same time, he pulled the pin of a frag grenade in his hand. Next, Jembty was seen passing through the smoke and, relying on his memory, lobbed the grenade in a high arc toward the jeep's location!

This direction...

This force...

Karl had just applied a first aid kit on himself.

The pupils in his eyes dilated and he immediately yelled at Satan and Vivian, who were hiding behind the jeep and shooting suppressing fire at Savage at the flank.

"Fire in the hole!"

With Karl's timely warning, Satan and Vivian quickly pulled away from the jeep!


A cloud of fire and smoke violently rose!

This was a cooked grenade that was timed precisely to explode in the air!

Even though they had managed to retreat in time, the shockwave of the grenade still damaged them, dropping their health levels by half.

This was the chance!

Faze saw their opponents pulling out helter-skelter from the jeep, and made a snap decision!

The three players rushed out from behind the tree and out of the smoke, converging toward SKK.

Seeing this, the SKK players immediately reacted. Satan and Vivian, who had less than half of their health points left, aborted their healing and retaliated!

At once, disregarding Savage at the flank, Faze and SKK were locked in a frontal 3v3 battle to the death.

Based on their health levels, Faze had the advantage.

Just as everyone thought that the legendary team SKK would come to their journey's end in this match, what happened next made everyone's jaw drop...

"SKK-Karl knocked out Faze-Jembty with SCAR-L!"

"Faze-Jembty knocked out SKK-Vivian with AKM!"

"SKK-Satan knocked out Faze-Haxete with M416!"

"4AM-Vic killed Faze-Jembty by headshot with AWM!"


"SKK-Karl killed Faze-Mxey with S686!"

In the end, two SKK players were knocked out.

SKK's team captain Karl emptied the clip of his SCAR-L, and while the opponent was attacking his teammates, he quickly swapped to a shotgun and managed to save the team by killing two opponents!

Wait a minute...

Something was sneaking about amid the chaos.

At this time, the caster panned the camera at a point not far away, where a 'grassy monster' was holstering his AWM and rising from the ground...