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591 One-Man Squad! Part 6

 "Oh, sh*t! This damned corpse!" Shadow1k cursed exasperatedly in the team voice chat.

Shiv put down his gun, then said while smiling, "You're too tense, partner! Just relax."

Oraxe, the team's commander, glanced at the direction of the gunfire they had heard earlier. He furrowed his brow and said, "We have exposed our positions. We had better be careful when entering the play area."

The other three players of team Vitality nodded in agreement.

Their attention was devoted to the fight between Underhood and Navi because they were afraid of exposing their position. However, after the scare, they relaxed a little.

At the present moment, Shadow1K was still unhappy with the unnecessary fright. Then, he noticed that there was a crate near the dead body.

He could not resist stepping forward to search for any surprises in the crate.

Meanwhile, his teammates had spread out in a defensive formation so they were protected from all sides, thus achieving a better field of vision and terrain control at the edge of the play area.

Naturally, this field of vision and control did not encompass the area behind the tree.

On the tournament's big screen, Shadow1K was seen approaching the crate. At the moment he bent down, Liu Zilang suddenly appeared from behind the tree. His gun was drawn in a flash!


As gunshots rang out, Shadow1k, who bent over his back, never had the chance to straighten it again.

He fell onto the ground with a thump.

'What the f*ck?'

'What kind of situation is this?'

'Did the person play dead?'

Shadow1k was perplexed after he was killed by Liu Zilang, who was only a tree away.

He never would have guessed that it was a trap.

'Right, I still have teammates!' Shadow1k suddenly remembered.

His teammates, however, did not need any reminding.

Liu Zilang killed him with only one burst shot.

A burst of three bullets, all three hitting the head.

With his opponent being so close to him, Liu Zilang could have stuck the gun into the opponent's mouth. There was no other body part to aim other than the head.

Liu Zilang had dealt with Shadow1k within half a second. He immediately aimed at MOnKeY, who was not far away.

If one did not pay attention, they might not have even seen Liu Zilang's gun stopping at Shadow1k's face.


Tut tut~!

Strike while the iron is hot!

Liu Zilang exploited the brief interval when the opponent let their guard down after the corpse gave them a scare. He ambushed them just when they thought they were safe.

In that case, MOnKeY was no match for Liu Zilang's when it came to reflexes and accuracy.

He managed to retaliate by firing two shots before he was knocked out by Liu Zilang's burst fire.

In a flash, Liu Zilang had dispatched two players from team Vitality.

The live audience and stream viewers could only stare at the tournament screen with their eyes wide open.

However, the remaining two members of Vitality, Shiv and Oraxe, had managed to react.


Bang bang bang~!

Armed respectively with an AK and an SKS, they retaliated against Liu Zilang with the force of a raging storm!

Fortunately, Liu Zilang did not succumb to greed. After he had struck down two opponents, he quickly retreated behind the tree.

Swish swish swish~! A torrent of bullets flew past his ears.

The tree that Liu Zilang was hiding behind was one of the stouter varieties found on Erangel. If not for the tree's girth, Liu Zilang would not have been able to completely shield his body behind it.

The tree was battered with bullets, and bits of bark were scattered all over the ground. It had perfectly shielded Liu Zilang from enemy fire.

In the next moment, the gunfire abruptly stopped.

The tension on the battlefield eased a little.

"Oh my god! Who would have expected that Li Zilang's sneak attack was successful?"

"Does this person have a doctorate in psychology? He accurately predicted his enemy's movements!"

"Now that Vic had killed two players from Vitality, how... Oh! Both of them went separate ways to distract the opponent!"

"Oraxe has a Molotov cocktail! Oh my god! This Molotov cocktail will drive Liu Zilang from..."


Before the commentators had finished speaking, a muffled shot rang out across the battlefield!

It was a silenced AWM!

In the tournament thus far, there was only one man who owned an AWM...

That man was Liu Zilang!

"4AM -Vic knocked out Vitality-Oraxe by headshot with AWM!"

A precise, lethal shot!

"Oh my god! Even Oraxe fell! There's only Shiv left in Vitality now."

"That's right! Now it's a one-on-one fair fight. Vitality's hope is on Shiv now."

"He must be under a lot of pressure. He needs to seize the opportunity without exposing himself too much."

"He turned around, is he trying to attack from the back? He... he ran away?!"

The Western commentators choked on their words!

The sole surviving hope of Vitality... decided to make a break for it!

The viewers in the Chinese live-stream channels witnessed this scene, and for a moment did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

"What happened to the promise of fighting to the death?"

"F*ck me! Is Vic really that threatening? Causing someone to run away without a fight?"

"Well, a normal person wouldn't want to go head to head directly with an AWM. The fires of revolution need to be preserved at all costs!"

"Oh? It doesn't look like Vic is letting him go that easily."

In the tournament, after discovering that there was no movement from the opponent for a while, Liu Zilang had an epiphany.

He looked with pity at the three players from team Vitality, sprawled on the ground with no one to turn to.

He felt a pang of pity and compassion in his heart.

'Don't worry, you brothers three. I'll reunite your family! I'll go and eliminate the traitor right now!'

Liu Zilang headed toward high ground, and located Oraxe's position in the north-eastern direction at the slope near the edge of the play area.[1]

The opponent was currently in a small concave slope and seemed like he wanted to play hide-and-seek with Liu Zilang.

Liu Zilang did not think any further and instead lifted his gun.

Just when the opponent performed the action of lying prone, he fired a shot toward him!

At this distance, a Kar98K might have been too slow, but it was not for an AWM.

In a swift action, Oraxe, who was halfway down on the ground, exploded with a cloud of bright red blood!

He fell on the ground face first...

Immediately after, the top right corner of the screen was covered in a stream of notifications!


Once again, he single-handedly eliminated a full squad!

He was a one-man squad!

The live Western audience was deeply shaken after witnessing this series of events that did not last half a minute!

Meanwhile, in a club meeting room somewhere back in Jianghai district, a few men were sitting on their chairs watching the tournament.

Upon witnessing this scene, a slightly plump middle-aged man furrowed his eyebrows.

He was silent for a long moment, then opened his notebook, and marked a star next to the username "Vic".

He took a deep breath, then turned to speak to the four young men next to him. "This year's PUBG China Pro Invitational, if you want to go to Berlin at the end of the year... you will need to pay extra attention to this player!"

While he spoke, a chubby young man with a student's haircut abruptly lifted his head to once again look at the tournament screen.

His gaze was piercing as if there was a fire burning within.


[1] The author used Oraxe's name here, though it seems it should be Shiv