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590 One Fish, Two Fish, Big Fish, Tiger Shark! Part 5

 On the commentator's platform.

"Tha... That's the end for him. Who'd expect that Vic would bump into Mfreeca from Athletico at a place like this."

"Mfreeca is still scoping at the fight between Underhood and Navi. He didn't notice Vich approaching from behind."

"Well, I guess Mfreeca isn't attentive enough. Then again, the gunfire is very noisy and had muffled Vic's footsteps."

"Oh, wait! Vic unarmed his gun, and instead swapped out a frag grenade!"

"You've gotta be kidding me, big brother! Can I call you 'big brother'? Stop playing a fool at this crucial moment!"

In the match, Liu Zilang held a frag grenade firmly in his hand. It was as though he was holding the hearts of countless viewers in all the Chinese live-stream channels.

Everyone was watching the game with their eyes wide open, observing how Liu Zilang would once again pull off this "Marseille turn on the brink of death".

He held the grenade in his hand, not throwing it, and not even pulling out the pin.

That was because there was a pause in the gunfight.

He was waiting!



At the instant the gunfire resumed, Liu Zilang immediately drew back the grenade.

Through Liu Zilang's first-person perspective, the live audience and the stream viewers could see him looking about for a place to aim while the grenade cooked in his hand. What was he looking for?

Did he need to be that precise while throwing a grenade?

That question crossed everyone's minds. Not long after, the grenade flew out of Liu Zilang's hand.

On the screen, the frag grenade glided through the air with a low parabola and landed on the ground, before rolling over under the tree, not far away from where Mfreeca was.

If he had not noticed the 'thud' of the grenade, he ought to have his ears checked by the doctor.

It was obvious that Mfreeca heard something drop near him.

Something was coming!

His heart skipped a beat. As he got up from the ground, he swiftly turned his body around and took a glance at his side.

When he noticed the grenade next to him, he was stunned!

'Oh f*ck!'

He reflexively dodged aside, but the grenade had been cooked in Liu Zilang's hand before he threw it.

It was already too late.


A flash of fire and a cloud of black smoke.

The explosion filled the air with dirt and grass!

The magnitude of the impact was like a bulldozer ramming into Mfreeca. He flew backward and slammed into the tree!

Then, his back slowly slid downward along the tree and landed on his butt at the base. It looked as if he were a Buddhist monk reaching enlightenment under the tree and "attended nirvana" on the spot.

The only thing ruining the scene were his dead fish eyes that were open wide.

In real life, the Mfreeca sitting in front of his computer had the same stunned look.

'Wait a minute!'

'If this guy had discovered me... Why did he lob a grenade?'

In an instant, Mfreeca sank into deep thought, scratching his scalp as he agonized over the question.

At the same time, upon witnessing the strange death pose of Mfreeca, the live Western audience went speechless and looked at Liu Zilang on the stage with eyes of suspicion.

This person had some seriously bad taste!

Did he have to spend so much effort in preparing the last rites of someone who was doomed to die? Who would do that in a tournament...

That was just sick!

On the Hua Xia commentary platform, Su Changming and the other commentators looked at each other and smiled dryly. They shook their heads at this person's antics, thinking that only he would come up with something as crazy as this.

Fortunately, he had not faced any difficulty so far, which was the best news for the sole surviving team from the Hua Xia area.

Though, come to think of it...

Was this kid not afraid that he might mess up and get rejected by his audience and fans?

Liu Zilang's subsequent actions caused the three commentators to stare in disbelief.

On the tournament's big screen, Liu Zilang was seen walking over to the loot crate that Mfreeca had dropped next to his body. He picked up some items from within, then crouched down behind the tree and moved no further.

The live audience was speechless.

Was that... setting up a trap?

On the commentary platform, Su Changming took a glance at the map and immediately reacted. "Hold on, Vic's position ...that's a spot where all the teams that came in from the east bridge have to pass through! He actually might be able to score some kills this way."

"But the body will soon disappear, no?" Lord Rong said while rubbed his chin and smacking his lips, "There will still be the crate on the ground. That might somewhat serve as bait."

The caster's camera cut to a full four-man squad on the tournament's big screen.

They were discreetly moving along the hillside toward the play area.

It was exactly toward where Liu Zilang was hiding.

"Oh my god! It's team Vitality from Europe!"

"I think Vic might have hauled in a tiger shark this time!"

In an instant, the countless eyes of the live audience converged on him.

The challenge faced by Liu Zilang this time was far different from those earlier, even if he had single-handedly eliminated Liquid and Ghost in the previous match, which was already an unbelievable feat.

When he eliminated Liquid, even though he had four kills, there were only three that were capable of fighting back, and even they had the disadvantage of being blinded by a flash grenade.

As for his encounter with Ghost in the last match, he scored with a long-distance instant snipe, and while the opponent was reviving their teammate, he killed both of them with an ultra-long distance clinical finish grenade lob.

That was to say, in this international-level battlefield, Liu Zilang had never claimed an actual "1v4" to his name. A "1v4" might not even be possible.

As such, the atmosphere in the Chinese live-stream channels was tense as the full Vitality squad approached Vic.

"Game over, man! Game over!"

"F*ck me, is that the end for him, at such an early stage?"

"If he dies now, none of our three Hua Xia teams will be in the top ten."

"F*ck! Vic was too f*cking reckless! Does anyone have his home address? I'll be waiting for him if he dies this time!"

"I'll go together!"


In the tournament, Vitality heard the sounds of fighting in a distance and had their guard up while they approached.

Two teammates were scouting ahead, while the other two were guarding their backs.

As if linked together, the four players slowly moved toward the play area.

At this time, Shadow1K, who was watching the front, twitched his eyebrows, and immediately pulled his trigger!

"Under the tree!"

Tut tut tut~!


Shiv, who was scouting the front together with him, also started firing.

In the next moment, their faces hardened.

They had just realized that the person that was being shot into a pulp... was actually a corpse.

Meanwhile, Mfreeca, who was spectating the match from offstage, felt like he was being punched in the stomach, seeing his corpse being abused this way!

Was this man... a devil?