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589 I Am Vic. Aren’t You Scared? Part 4

 On the Hua Xia commentary platform, Lord Rong spoke with high spirits, "Well, nothing more to say about it. All I can say is that this player has already done his best."

"Mm." Su Changming nodded silently. Then, he resumed his commentator's posture and continued his analysis. "Not only he had played to his limits, but he had also displayed a lot of intelligence there."

"Intelligence? How so?" Ruo Feng asked quizzically.

Without waiting for Su Changming's reply, Lord Rong uttered three words while staring at the tournament screen.

"Divide and conquer!"

Su Changming was slightly taken aback by Lord Rong's sudden words, but nodded sagely and said, "Indeed. He did a fine job of dividing the opponent's offense!"

Su Changming paused for a moment, then continued. "It was an impossible task for him to single-handedly face a team of three strong opponents. By heading down the staircase halfway, then going back up and positioning himself the balcony, he caused the three players of SKK to split up to search for him."

"His ability to remain calm under pressure also allowed him to strike down two players while on the brink of death, even though he only managed to score one kill."

After their analysis, the three commentators once again felt a sense of pity.

With IG successfully eliminated, SKK was now the dominant force in the bottom left corner of the play area.

With a strong team holding their ground in the area, the other teams that have snuck their way across the bridge earlier knew better than to face them, and thus they took the long way around.

Soon, the next circle refreshed, The new play area encircled the mountain range to the north of the military base. This circle was undoubtedly concentric to the earlier one.

On the southern end of the west bridge, Liu Zilang noticed a row of kill notifications appear on his screen and shortly after saw the four players of IG rise from their seats.

'This SKK again...'

Liu Zilang squinted, an unnoticeable sense of sharpness flashed in his eyes, but disappeared quickly.

The biggest problem he was facing was to try sneaking past the watchful eyes of the full squad of C9 into the next circle.

One against four?

No thanks!

If they were playing in third person's perspective, he might have given it a shot, perhaps sniping from cover.

Under the first person's perspective, the breadth of the visual field of all players was the same. With a "Demon King" like Shroud leading the team, there would not have been any problems with coordination.

If he were to expose himself in a confrontation, the four opponents would spread out, and the bullets from four opposing guns would have converged on him like "The Greeting of Ten Thousand Buddhas".

There was no 'fight' to be spoken of!

In a 1v4 situation like this, the decision to fight was not up to the individual -- Liu Zilang -- but whether the team of four was willing to give him a fighting chance.


On the other hand, after C9 finished off GodV and the others who were hiding behind their jeep, they naturally took out the two remaining players from TS and Windfall who had helped them in taking down 4AM.

C9 was currently searching for the crucial remaining player from 4AM in the area surrounding the west bridge.

That player was none other than Vic, the sniper!

Going by the regular logic of typical players, if GodV and the others gave chase on the west coast, the sniper should have been keeping some distance behind them to provide cover fire -- Liu Zilang should have been positioned at the end of the bridge.

C9 had searched high and low around the bridge and had nearly gone beyond the boundaries of the play area to search for him.

Liu Zilang was still nowhere to be found.

Consequently, the players of C9 were extraordinarily cautious.

What kind of person was this Liu Zilang?

He was the freak that singlehandedly eliminated Team Liquid, the "Black Whirlwind", and Team Ghost, The "Phantoms of North America"!

He was also the one who stalled SKK in the final circle previously and delivered the destiny chicken into their hands.

Against a competitor like this... even if he were alone, C9 dared not drop their guard.

They did not manage to flush out the opponent, and thus they did not linger for too long at the end of the bridge.

No one could tell if Liu Zilang would suddenly come out from somewhere unexpected, go berserk and kill all of them.

Even if they were not annihilated, it would still be bad news for C9 if their numbers were reduced by even one.

Since their current position was not in the play area, it was a wise choice to immediately leave by car.

Hiding in the bushes outside of the houses at the fishing village near the bridge, Liu Zilang let out a sigh of relief as he heard the car moving away from him.

He had been mentally prepared for a fierce firefight, in the worst-case scenario that C9 would be searching their way from the bridge to the fishing village.

Since C9 was not coming, there was no need for Liu Zilang to ride on the buggy he had hidden earlier. Instead, he unarmed his guns and sprinted toward the direction of C9's car.

C9 now served as an advance scout for Liu Zilang.

Liu Zilang would have heard gun sounds if they encountered any opposing teams along the way. This would have been a sufficient warning for him.

"Oh! What a sneaky way for Liu Zilang to move into the play area!"

"Yup, with C9 as the vanguard, he should be able to evade ACE and Underhood, who had taken a big detour after crossing the east bridge."

"Well, come to think of it, Liu Zilang helped C9 in being crowned the victors during the last match. It makes sense that they're just repaying the favor by giving him a little help."

"It's just like a little kid helping out his elder brother once in a while, what's the problem with that? Oh! Let's look at the map. C9 has just started a fight with ACE from Korea! Looks like their car is moving very slowly... and it stopped."

Accompanying the commentary, the caster cut the camera to the location of the battle.

On the tournament's big screen, it was seen that when C9's car was hit, they immediately parked it behind a tree and some boulders.

The teams were still in full squads. With the terrain providing cover for both sides, their engagement would be a prolonged affair.

Meanwhile, at the back, Liu Zilang had heard the sounds of gunfire. A plan immediately formed in his mind. In a chaotic fight like this, he might be able to steal a kill or two.

However, if both teams caught his presence, then he would have to face the wrath of eight guns.

Carrying the hope of all of 4AM's supporters, he needed to be extremely cautious in his approach.

As he considered this, he decided to not continue moving in C9's direction, but instead headed somewhere else.

He thought that this new path would be relatively safe without any encounters, and he can look for a secure spot before the next circle refresh.

Unexpectedly, he had not moved far before he noticed the notification of "Underhood killed XXX" on the top right corner of his screen.

His present location was at the edge of the play area. Fortunately for him, finding a path to safety was not an urgent matter.

With this in his mind, he searched around for a tree to lie prone behind.

However, he was not expecting to find someone already under that tree.

That person appeared to be a lone wolf. He was aiming with his sniper rifle toward the direction of the gunfight not too far away, though he did not have the courage to fire any shots.

Liu Zilang noted that this person was concentrating as hard as an old man applying a screen protector under a flyover, and suddenly felt sorry for him...