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588 Folded Part 3

 If this tournament allowed for the use of third person's perspective, SKK's advance without the use of smoke grenades would be an extremely brash move.

In the duel of two professional teams, this would have exposed all their flaws to the opponent.

Unfortunately, the players are forced to use first person's perspective. Regardless of the use of cover, the breadth of your visual field remained the same.

Under these circumstances, with the threat of SKK closing in, the sole player that was left stranded downstairs was torn between reviving his teammate or defending against the intruders.

"This... this attack that brought down his teammate was too crucial!"

"IG is in a dangerous situation now. Even with Master Ze's support from behind, it's still a match of two against three."

"That's right. Now we'll just have to see if they can rise to the occasion and go beyond their limits."

"Oh my god! Wait! CuoJue is also knocked out!"

"What... what happened?"

"He decided to fight back instead of reviving his teammate. When he exposed his head, Billy and Karl focused fire on him and knocked him out in an instant."

"There was no other choice. With XiaoJue down and Master Ze still upstairs, CuoJue had to make a decision. Unfortunately, the three players of SKK had superior firepower!"

"Now IG only has Master Ze left. Oh, wait! Master Ze went back up through the hallway!"

"What's the plan here? Is he planning to barricade himself upstairs? That'll be difficult, right? SKK can lob a few grenades and teach him a life lesson."

On the Hua Xia commentary platform, the three commentators spoke rapidly. The emotions on their faces were even more animated than the players in the tournament.

After Shen Zeyan went back upstairs, he did not guard the stairway as expected. Instead, he abruptly opened a door and jumped onto the balcony. He then lifted the Kar98K in his arms and waited patiently.

At this time, the caster gave Shen Zeyan a player cam.

His angular face was as calm as still water. The fact that the fate of his entire team rested on his shoulders had no visible effect on his expression.

There was an aura of viciousness emanating from his eyes!

This posture...

This poise...

This gaze...


The "wife base" in the Chinese live-stream channels went crazy upon seeing this cool scene!

In the next moment, a person appeared around the bend of the hallway.

It was clear that SKK's attack strategy was extremely mindful.

They did not swarm in a group toward the front or back entrances but instead split up to surround the entire building, making it difficult for their quarry to escape.

Billy was in charge of covering the back.

He was expecting Shen Zeyan to forsake his teammate and escape by jumping off the second floor and had already set his mind to give chase.

What he was not expecting was that Shen Zeyan was waiting for him on the edge of the balcony, silent like a hunter.

Billy had swift reflexes.

However, in this close range, Shen Zeyan's sniping was even faster, as though it was instantaneous.

Billy did not have the time or space to react.


As the clarion shot rang out, a cloud of bright red surrounded Billy's head, after which he crumpled!

"IG-Wolves knocked out SKK-Billy by headshot with Kar98K!"

"Oh, nice shot! This preemptive sniper shot by Master Ze unexpectedly took out Billy King!"

"However, Karl is quickly rushing down the hallway! Now... what will Master Ze do? He closed the door that led to the balcony."

As the battle dragged on, the live audience's nerves were stretched to their limits!

Close the door?

Why did he close the door?

Shen Zeyan's subsequent actions provide the answer!

He did it to switch weapons.

A flurry of gunshots was fired!

Tut tut tut!

Karl, who was wielding an AK, rushed to the scene, and seeing the closed door, did not pursue but instead held his ground and sprayed his AK!

A stream of bullets flew down the hallway, accompanied by tongues of fire!


In a blink of an eye, the flimsy wooden door to the balcony was reduced to splinters!

However, by then, the Kar98K in Shen Zeyan's hands was now an M416 with a full clip.

He boldly lifted his weapon and retaliated by shooting at Karl from the gaping hole of the door.

In this situation, it was a battle of stability and courage!

Shen Zeyan's health points dropped drastically in a flash!

However, in the next instant, the sounds of gunfire on the battlefield abruptly ceased.

"IG-Wolves knocked out SKK-Karl with M416!"

One killed two!

Watching this sudden unexpected turn of events, the live Western audience reacted with cheers of surprise!

In the tournament, Karl's reaction was instant.

Once he had fallen on the ground, he crawled aside in the hallway. Vivian came from his back, and lifted her M16 to deliver a burst of bullets toward the hole in the door!

However, Shen Zeyan only had a sliver of health left after the firefight earlier. He was in no condition to continue fighting, and scoring a 'hat-trick' was certainly out of the question.

He leaped from the balcony without hesitation and pursued Billy, who was trying his best to crawl around the corner.

After Billy was knocked down, he crawled away with his butt raised in the air. He heard footsteps behind him, turned around, and saw a macho man rushing toward him.

He was instantly shaken!

The scenes from the last match subconsciously rose to his mind: how he was mercilessly eliminated by Liu Zilang on the buggy.

Oh sh*t!

Gunfire rang out, and Billy, butt still in the air, was reduced to a sieve by Shen Zeyan with his M416!

He stretched out both of his legs and weakly slumped to the ground.

"IG-Wolves killed SKK-Billy with M416!"

Swish swish swish~!

A hail of bullets assaulted him from the back.

Shen Zeyan did not turn around; he did not even struggle or resist an inch.

With just a tiny bit of health left in the red, there was no opportunity for him to switch to his sniper rifle.

"SKK-Vivian killed IG-Wolves with M16A4!"

Vivian easily dispatched Shen Zeyan, though she did not feel a sense of accomplishment. Rather, she felt a faint sense of loss.

Satan lowered his gaze from afar and unarmed his Kar98K. In his heart, he felt a pang of pity.

It was not only them. The live audience and stream viewers, witnessing Shen Zeyan being killed from the back without any resistance, felt in their heart a sense of "a hero's downfall". A flurry of comments flew across the stream's bullet screen.

"LOLOLOL he just had to trade a life before he died!"

"Tsk! That was a bold performance by Master Ze! It's a pity though."

"I don't think there's anything to feel sorry about. He already did his best."

"Sigh! If only his teammates didn't go down so easily."

"Add oil, Master Ze! Your girl fans will never give up on you!"