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587 Explode, Dog Head! Part 2

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After killing two people in a row, Liu Zilang was having a grand time looting the dropped crates.

Suddenly, he heard faint sounds of gunfire in the distance. He turned around and saw that GodV and the others had already fallen.

"It's C9. They came up from the west side of the coast," Aluka said, his face pale.

As GodV was getting up from his seat, he gently tapped Liu Zilang's shoulder. "Hold tight," he said earnestly.

Cpt said nothing, though his gaze imparted a message of hope.

With that, GodV and the others glumly departed from their seats.

Other than Se7en, who was eliminated by SKK in Severny, and AHQ, who was eliminated by Liu Zilang with a single grenade, the other teams from the Asian region were still in the match.

'You are not alone,' Liu Zilang thought as he turned in his seat to look at the three players of IG who were sitting nearby.

Unexpectedly, Cocoa from Team IG, who was sitting closer to the edge, took off his headset.

The light from his computer monitor reflected off his face, and his expression was hard to read.

At the same time, on the tournament's big screen...



The crisp sounds of sniper shots flew by.

"Oh! Team IG has arrived from Novorepnoye and is engaging SKK! What made these two teams cross paths?"

"No matter, we can see the replay afterward. Master Ze and Satan are exchanging shots on their snipers now."

"Cocoa was killed earlier after being knocked out by Vivian of SKK. The distance is about two hundred meters if I'm not mistaken. Vivian knocked out Cocoa with two headshots and then killed him with the rest of her clip. There was no chance for IG to cover and rescue."

"That's right! That speed and accuracy were too fast, too precise. So now it's three against four with IG at a disadvantage!"

"So this shot by Master Ze... Awesome! That diversion by Master Ze! He was aiming at Satan when suddenly he instant-sniped Vivian with a headshot!"

Shen Zeyan was seen using a manually operated sniper to deliver a headshot to Vivian, which knocked her out immediately. Fortunately for her, she was in a good position and managed to crawl away to safety.

The live audience exploded with unrestrained cheers!

On IG's side, CuoJue and XiaoJue were slightly late to react, which meant that the headshot by Shen Zeyan only managed to destroy one of the opponent's helmets.

At the same time, the shot caused Satan to raise his guard.

Satan inhaled a deep breath, and his face displayed an unprecedented level of concentration!

At the end of the last match, he had told Liu Zilang that he was not qualified to be a sniper.

His intent behind that statement was not to one-up Liu Zilang.

In his eyes, from the Se7en team of the past, the only one qualified to be a sniper was none other than Shen Zeyan.

That did not mean that Liu Zilang did not have the talent. Rather, he had too much talent, thus he did not specialize in one weapon, but rather became a wildcard like Vivian: Jack of all trades, master of none.

Satan had always believed that snipers should be specialized in their craft, while Liu Zilang was obviously not one to specialize in anything... which was why Satan did not acknowledge him as a sniper.

However, Shen Zeyan, his current opponent, was undoubtedly one-track minded in his pursuit of mastering the sniper rifle.

Earlier, during their face-off, Shen Zeyan somehow managed to steal a shot away from Satan and knocked out Vivian.

Satan recognized he had been one-upped, and thus the battle spirit burned even brighter in his eyes!

The two players were stationed next to the windows of separate two-storied buildings. In the first person's perspective, they stole a few glances at each other.

In the next moment, both players suddenly exposed themselves!



"Oh my god! Incredibly, Master Ze and Satan managed to hit each other's dog... I mean, heads!" Lord Rong stopped himself mid-sentence and quickly covered up. "What impeccable instant-sniping technique displayed by the two players!"

"It's a pity that both of them had level three helmets, and their movement was so fast that their teammates did not manage to follow up in time. No one was knocked out from this exchange," Ruo Feng lamented, then added doubtfully, "I don't think we can tell who the faster sniper is this time."

"I think it's Zeyan. He unarmed his weapon a beat faster than Satan." Su Changming's eyes stared at the tournament screen intently, and added jokingly, "If Zeyan considers himself number two in sniping, I don't think there are many players would claim that they are number one."

The smile on his face was a rare sight to behold after the unfortunate annihilation of team Se7en by SKK.

"Vivian has been revived by her teammates, SKK's next move... Oh, hold on! They're planning to close the distance?" Lord Rong yelled out in surprise.

On the tournament's big screen, Satan was holding his position and aiming, while his three teammates were sneaking quietly toward the edge of Novorepnoye, where IG was situated.

It was obvious that in close quarters, SKK would have the sheer advantage in numbers over IG, regardless of individual abilities and team coordination.

The viewers in Chinese live-stream channels became anxious, even their breathing became slightly faster.

"IG should have seen this right?"

"Quick, find out! Otherwise, you're f*cking dead meat!"

"Oh! I think Master Ze noticed it. He marked on the minimap the positions of the SKK players."

"Phew, that was close!"

"Do your best, IG! Eliminate SKK this time, and I'll stream myself performing a Thomas flare!"

"LOLOL the previous commenter is serious!"

"Easy does it, this time IG should be able to win."


In the match, with the three players of SKK closing in, the situation on the battlefield became a battle from both close and far ranges.

As IG analyzed the situation on hand after discovering the opponent, SKK's formation seemed to be somewhat disjointed.

Their 3-1 split had stretched the team too far.

If the teams were engaged in close combat behind a building or some other form of cover, Shen Zeyan, IG's sniper, could quickly join the fray, but Satan's line of sight might be obscured, and he could only helplessly watch from afar.

IG understood this fully well, therefore they threw Molotov cocktails and frag grenades to taunt the opponent, while occasionally sticking out their heads to fire a couple of shots.

In this situation, gun accuracy plays a very important role. If you did not knock out your opponent while exchanging fire, but were knocked out yourself, it would not be immediately fatal provided there was cover. However, any time wasted on reviving or healing is precious, and here time equals life.

Once a team's rhythm gets disrupted, it would put them at a disadvantage.

Everyone's eyes were transfixed on the big screen when the caster turned the camera toward IG's position.

XiaoJue was exposing his head to observe the enemy when the three SKK players concentrated fire on him.

Even though his reaction was already incredibly fast, he was still knocked out.

In the live-stream channels, many hearts sank!

Within delay, the three teammates of SKK closed in, applying immense pressure on their opponent.

It was as though the horns of war had been sounded!