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586 1AM Turnaround! Part 1

 On a hot and sunny afternoon, all was still in the fishing village located next to the sea. Only the gentle sound of lapping waves could be heard.

The tranquility was broken by the arrival of three unexpected intruders.

"Liquid is playing a pretty smart move. Scoom is attracting Vic's attention from within the house, while Jeemzz remains outside the building and administers a first aid kit to himself in the bushes."

"Indeed. Now that both players have healed themselves, their health is at a relatively safe level. This might pose some danger to Vic."

"Oh! Vic has heard the footsteps coming from inside. He knows there's someone within the house, though I don't think he has yet to notice Jeemzz sneaking up to him. This could be quite a problem."

In the match, Liu Zilang suddenly pulled out a frag grenade!


After yanking out the pin, he held the frag grenade in his hand for a brief moment, then flung it straight through the window!


The frag grenade shattered the glass pane and fell onto the floor with a "clunk".

Liu Zilang immediately drew his M16, but just as he was about to open the front door, he noticed a moving silhouette in the corner of his eye.

At the same time, he heard a series of hastened footsteps echoing from the floorboards in the house!

Bad news!

He was surrounded!

Liu Zilang reacted with superhuman speed!

He abruptly squatted down, turned around, and delivered a burst of three shots with his M16!

After that, he immediately stood up, turned around and, without looking, delivered another burst of three shots toward the interior of the house!

The entire sequence did not take more than one second.

It was extremely fast!

It seemed like he had been possessed and was convulsing on the spot!

However, the live Western audience was not spooked by the sight; rather they felt like they were in the middle of a hot summer's day and got rinsed by a basin of ice-cold water. They shuddered from head to toe!

"4AM-Vic knocked out Liquid-Jeemzz with M16!"

"4AM-Vic killed Liquid-Scoom with M16!"

Two bursts of three bullets!

Six bullets in total!

In one fell swoop, the two players of Liquid who originally had Liu Zilang trapped were defeated by his "turnaround shot"!

"Oh my god! What kind of joke is this?"

"Heavens! That was some formidable gunplay

by Vic!"

"That's insane! Totally insane!"

"Coach, I want to learn this gun technique!"


Meanwhile, several Chinese students and fans of Liu Zilang among the live audience lifted LED placards. Someone shouted, "God of War Vic"!

The Western audience did not understand the context behind "God of War", but they were intensely familiar with the name "Vic"!

A tide of excitement had swiftly washed over the crowd. The cheers of the audience were like crashing waves!

The caster's camera cut once again to GodV and the others, who were giving chase on the coastline west of the bridge.

On the tournament's big screen, GodV, Cpt, and Aluka were in hot pursuit of Windfall and TS, not even allowing them to heal.

The coastline to the west of the bridge was not like that of the eastern side. While the eastern side had a fishing village available for cover, the western side was a barren plot of beach.

Two people out of the four between the two teams had been killed.

However, at that moment, a jeep and a small orange sedan were speeding in from the distance.


Then, four people swiftly dismounted from the vehicles, and took their positions behind the cars!

It was the C9 Squad, who had just landed on the shore from Georgopol!


'Wait a minute!'

'Where did these people come from?'

GodV and the others were temporarily startled by the sudden intrusion, but they did not have the time to brood over it!

The opponents had already started firing!

At the same time, their two remaining quarries grasped the opportunity like a straw of hope, and turned around to retaliate!

The 4AM players were suddenly caught in a pincer attack.

Their jeep was not big enough to provide effective cover for all of them.


Tut tut tut!

The gunfire became more intense. Bullets flew toward the center from both sides, sounding like firecrackers on Chinese New Year.

Amidst the firecrackers, two out of the three people hiding behind the jeep were knocked out, with only Cpt left hanging by a thread.

"Oh my god! What a surprise attack by C9! With Vic isolated from the rest of the team, the three other players are in dire straits!"

"Yup, I guess they weren't expecting the full C9 squad to disembark on the west coast as well."

"About that. I believe they were so satisfied with successfully securing the bridge that it subconsciously gave them the idea that there were no other teams in their vicinity."

"So what do you think about this situation? There's only Cpt left. He's laid a smokescreen behind the jeep. Do you think there's any way out for him?"

"The situation seems dangerous. C9 has decided to attack the vehicle!"

Clank clank clank!

A fresh hail of bullets sprayed through the sparks of the muzzles!

In a blink of an eye, thick black smoke spewed from the jeep that provided cover for GodV and the others.

"Go go go!"

"Don't worry about us!"

GodV and Aluka, sprawled on the floor, roared at Cpt.

Cpt regained his senses and immediately ran away from the jeep.

Unexpectedly, the caster's camera turned again to Shroud of C9. He was lobbing a frag grenade!

The frag grenade traced a parabola in the air and penetrated the smokescreen, toward the back of the jeep!

"Oh my god! This blind throw by Shroud..."

Lord Rong was screaming on the commentary platform, his eyes transfixed to the tournament screen and his heart in his throat.

In the next moment, there was a loud BOOM!

Cpt had not created enough distance when the grenade exploded behind him. His back suffered the full brunt of the explosion, and he was thrown forward into the air.

"C9-Shroud killed 4AM-Cpt with frag grenade!"

Soon, there were several more kill notifications on the top right corner of the screen.

Upon witnessing this scene, Lord Rong's words were choked in his throat, and were unable to come out...

Su Changming sighed. "Shroud had very good intuition. Even though he could not see through the smokescreen, he had correctly predicted that the opponent wasn't going to be a sitting duck."

"That is indeed the case," Ruo Feng agreed, "However, GodV is not entirely to blame. His plan of pursuit was well-planned. The team needed to eliminate the enemies that swam in from the sea. Otherwise, they would become threats as the play area shrinks. C9 was just a menace that no one expected."

Lord Rong regained his senses. He looked at the tournament screen, took a deep breath, and spoke with a convoluted expression on his face. "If that's the case, 4AM is now exactly like the previous match, with only 1AM left..."