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585 The Hunter and the Hunted

 "This time SKK did a good deed!"

"That's right. They opened up the blockade on the east bridge. Many other teams took the opportunity to dash across the bridge to safety."

"The only teams left behind are Athletic, whose bad luck meant that they never claimed a vehicle to rush through, and Underhood, who had a vehicle but wasn't fast enough. Oh! Both teams have gone into the water. That was very decisive of them."

"Haha, they had no choice but to be decisive! There was still a chance earlier when Vega was the one guarding the bridge. Now that the guardians are SKK. There's no point in trying to look for an opening; it'll be just a waste of time."

The caster switched the camera over to Novorepnoye, then the west coast of Sosnovka Island.

Two teams on separate speedboats managed to make landfall right before their boats ran out of fuel.

The team that made landfall on Novorepnoye was IG, who had jumped at Lipovka at the start of the match, while the team that landed on the west coast was C9, who had earlier driven team ACE out of Georgopol.

Even though these two teams had wasted a lot of time early in the match hunting for a boat and outrunning the blue circle on water, they were considered lucky compared to some other teams, especially those who were stuck on the west bridge and had to encounter 4AM.

Presently, Liu Zilang was armed with his AWM, and with GodV and the others were playing "Whack-A-Mole".


Under the effects of the suppressor, a muffled AWM shot rang out on the west bridge!

A sniper bullet exited the muzzle of the AWM, pierced through the air, and ended up as a spot of bright red somewhere in the sea!

"4AM-Vic knocked out TS-Bigreggie by headshot with AWM!"

"4AM-Vic killed TS-Bigreggie!"

Upon seeing this kill notification, the swimmers who had their heads out for air immediately dove back down into the water.

That was the second one!

This guy's AWM was too f*cking accurate!

One should note that to be knocked out in water was a one-step process in being turned into a crate.

For a short while, under the threat of Liu Zilang's "artillery" and the support of his teammates, the players in the sea dared not surface even if they were out of breath. Suddenly they realized that jumping into the water was not a wise decision.

When the caster's camera was moving around, it coincidentally caught someone who was rapidly losing health for being out of breath. He could not take it anymore, and so he surfaced to catch a breath.

Just when his head surfaced, there came a whooshing sound!

A rifle bullet skimmed past the skin on his head and splashed into the water.

'Oh sh*t!'

That player shuddered and immediately dove back into the water!

After he re-entered the water, his pulsating red lungs caused his health to drop sharply.

Before he could make up his mind whether to surface again, he straightened his legs in the water and kicked the bucket.

A crate floated to the water surface.

"WindFall-Jina drowned!"

Upon seeing this inhumane scene, the people in the live audience and live-stream channels fell silent.

Even professional players drowned... had this game become so difficult?

"That was too much! I'm condemning this inhumane act on behalf of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Westerners."

"I'm sorry that I actually laughed out loud..."

"Life is already so difficult, please let's not expose each other's secrets."

In the end, Liu Zilang and his teammates managed to reduce the number of people who jumped into the sea by half.

The remaining five or six people tried to spread out and crawled up the shore at various places.

The squad kill count of 4AM had already reached 21, which was an extremely rare occurrence in the first half of the match.

Liu Zilang himself scored 11 kills, more than half of the team kill count, and easily held the top spot of the individual kill count leaderboard.

The teammates of 4AM on the bridge chuckled when they saw their opponents scampering for cover.

At this point, these players had lost quite a bit of health from being out of breath in the water. To 4AM, they were nothing but moving targets of ten points each.

"Vic, you handle the two that went east." GodV decided quickly. "The rest of us will go for the four that headed west."

"Go go go!"

"We'd better kill them off before they have the chance to heal up. Once they've recovered, it'll be a hard situation to handle, even if they're not in a full squad."

"Yup." GodV nodded.

In the next moment, from the caster's God's perspective, 4AM was seen splitting their forces in two. On one side, Liu Zilang, on his buggy, chased after the two remaining players of Liquid, who were headed for the fishing village on the east side of the bridge.

On the other side was GodV, Aluka and Cpt, who chased after the four players from Windfall and TS, who escaped along the shore heading west.

On the Hua Xia commentary platform, Lord Rong's eyes glistened as he watched the scene unfold. "4AM is keeping up the pressure. They're aiming for total elimination of their opponents."

"Yup, they need to grasp this opportunity," Su Changming said with his eyes glowing, "If they gave their opponents time to heal, there would be a terrible price to pay later."

"Speaking of which, Liquid haven't had the best of luck in these two matches," Ruo Feng said while smiling, "In the last match, they were single-handedly eliminated by Vic at Georgopol Hills. In this match, they were forced to jump into the sea by 4AM, and now they only have two survivors."

"Haha, Vic is the one giving chase to them. I'm not sure if they can survive that."

"Hey, wait a minute. Liquid is already spreading smoke on the beach. They're playing very cautiously. They must have guessed that someone might be pursuing them, so they're trying to immediately patch up on the beach."

"Yup. I thought they had cleared out their inventory of smoke grenades on the beach but it looks like they actually kept one. Looking at the direction they lobbed the smoke grenade, it looks like they plan to enter the fishing village near the bridge to recover."

"That isn't a bad choice. This fishing village is quite big and has many buildings. Without perfect information of the opponent, even if Vic is in full health, rushing in blindly could result in him dying by an ambush from the enemy."

"That is entirely true. We'll just have to see what Vic will do."

Vroom vroom vroom~!

In the tournament, Liu Zilang saw that the opponent rushed into the fishing village after setting smoke. He did not hesitate for long before dashing headlong into the fishing village on his buggy.

After parking his vehicle, the M16 on Liu Zilang's back slid swiftly into his hands. Armed with his gun, he marched boldly toward his destination.

In a short while, he heard footsteps coming from the exterior of a house.

At the same time, in Team Liquid's voice chat.

"He's right under me."

"Move a little!"

"I did. He should have heard my footsteps."

"Alright, I'm coming."

"He will definitely die this time!"

In the match, one player of Liquid was seen to be situated in the house, while the other was out in the open.

With their coordination, they discreetly spread a net in which Liu Zilang was to be trapped.