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584 Same Sky, Different Fates

 What changed in this wave of attack was, the people on the bridge felt bullets piercing through the smoke before they had even seen the car.

The teams were prepared to adapt their strategies according to the situation, but this caused them to scatter.

In the next moment, they saw a buggy leading the charge, followed closely behind by an armored tank spitting tongues of fire!

Seeing this, the people on their bridge lost their minds!

On the Hua Xia commentary platform, the three commentators were clenching their fists and yelling at the top of their voices while watching the tournament screen.

"They're back!"

"That's right! 4AM seems to be behaving recklessly this round. I think it's the first time the game has seen someone going on a killing spree on vehicles."

"That might be the case, but the circumstances have to be ideal for this to happen. In other situations, your car would've exploded before you even get close to your target."

"There goes another one! Vic had just knocked out another player. His buggy is exactly like a Magnum Tornado! Oh! Aluka followed up with a shot. Beautifully and precisely executed! Right now, 4AM is on top of the kill count leaderboard!"

"Looks like there's a high chance of 4AM getting chicken dinner tonight!"

At the same time, the viewers in the live stream channels witness the impeccably executed technique by 4AM, and a flood of "LOLOL" messages scrolled past the bullet screen.

"Go go go! Kill these foreigners!"

"That's how real men should play! Not cowardly, but brave!"

In the blink of an eye, Liu Zilang and the gang had emerged from the other end of the smoke.

The team that suffered the most was the vanguard, Liquid.

Two of their teammates were knocked out in the previous wave. They had only revived them when 4AM came with guns blazing on their return journey.

The two players that had just been revived were once again sprawled on the floor. One of them was even killed when the jeep that was following closely ran over him.

'What the f*ck?!'

The Liquid players were cross-eyed and in disarray!

'This team of bastards...'

'Once was not enough for them, they just had to do it another time.'


The four players of 4AM had returned to the opposite end of the bridge and stopped their vehicles.

"That was a fun ride! I didn't know you can do this in tournaments," Aluka said excitedly in the voice chat.

"I even managed to score two kills. That was f*cking amazing," GodV said enthusiastically.

Liu Zilang merely smiled. He turned to observe the smoke on the bridge that was slowly dissipating and spoke with a grin, "No rush. They're almost out of smoke grenades. We can still score some kills if we hold our positions on the bridge."

"That's right. We cut down their numbers by quite a bit. Not many people left on the bridge now," Aluka analyzed, "Then there must be infighting among them, so our 'tollbooth' can be quite profitable indeed."

"Aren't we... a little heartless?" Cpt spoke as he smacked his lips.

"That's what real men do," GodV spoke sagely.

Soon after, 4AM resumed their defensive position on the bridge. They seemed determined to not leave any survivors.

When the smoke cleared, they were shocked!

They could not see anyone else on the bridge!

What the f*ck was going on?

Are they all hiding behind their wrecked cars?

For a moment, the teammates stared at each other, speechless.

Coincidentally, they noticed someone emerging from a wrecked car in the middle section of the bridge, run toward the railings on the side, and in one continuous movement flipped himself over the bridge.

Upon witnessing this scene, the teammates immediately reacted. They leaned over and looked downward, and their eyes twitched uncontrollably.

Under the bridge, multiple swimming athletes were exercising their limbs, swimming maniacally across the sea.

The four teammates of 4AM did not know what to say.

On the Hua Xia commentary platform, the commentators saw this via the caster's God perspective. Their only reaction was a wry smile.

Lord Rong smacked his lips. "Well, what to say... I guess the impression of America and European teams have been, you know, hot-blooded men that don't play tricks... in a word, tough! I expected them to storm the bridge by numbers, and not jumping into the water."

Ruo Feng followed up with a laugh. "That just shows that the Western teams are flexible with their strategies. I think jumping into the sea might work for some of them. What do you think?"

"Yes, that was a versatile move, and easy to execute too. I can't say the same when they reach the shore though..." Su Changming shook his head.

"Boss Su is right. The next play area is entirely on land, which means that these players who jumped into the sea need to reach the shore before the circle closes."

"Hm... that could potentially be a problem. They won't be able to heal themselves in the water. If they don't reach the shore soon, they will die of circle damage."

While the commentators discussed the situation on the west bridge, the caster switched over to the east bridge.

Just as the camera switched, what greeted the audience was a trail of blood!

BANG! The crisp sound of gunfire rang out.

A system notification appeared!

"SKK-Satan knocked out Vega-Krama by headshot with Kar98K!"

"It's SKK! They managed to break through the east bridge!"

"Looks like Vega, the guardians of the east bridge, aren't pulling their weight."

"As you can see, two of Vega's players have been knocked out by Satan, the sniper. Now the remaining two don't even dare to show their heads!"

"Oh! The vanguard of SKK is preparing to break through the defenses! With only two survivors in Vega, this is the perfect opportunity!"

In the match, after Satan had knocked out two players in two shots, SKK dashed forward in their car without even releasing a single smoke grenade.

At the same time, the players that were following SKK quickly got on their respective vehicles and tailed closely.

On the bridge was a V formation of four to five teams, with SKK taking the lead.

At the other end of the bridge, the two remaining players of Vega were reviving their teammates.

They were scared silly when they peeked their heads out of their cover and saw this mighty formation!

They aborted the reviving process and pulled out their guns in an attempt of a preemptive strike.

Unexpectedly, SKK's jeep did not stop, but instead pulled up right in front of their faces.

All that was between them was a wrecked car, behind which Vega was taking cover.

The four teammates of SKK hopped off their vehicle, and promptly proceeded to annihilate Vega! Meanwhile, they gave no reaction to the other teams' vehicles that drove past them.

In a blink of an eye, the remaining two players of Vega were finished off.

Many teams on the east bridge successfully crossed into the island while SKK was busy pummeling Vega. The east bridge was like a wide-open gash in the defenses of Sosnovka Island.

The circumstances of the two bridges played out in a drastically different manner.