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583 There and Back Again!

 Colt Arena, California.

The live Western audience watched Liu Zilang drive his little yellow car from one end of the bridge to the other. Their eyes were unblinking and their hearts were in their mouths!

On one hand, there was no stopping Liu Zilang's momentum!

On the other hand, the members of Team Ghost were also fully prepared for this situation. They had retreated from the smoke and were standing in formation!

With the cooperation of the four members, the car might be reduced to a flaming wreck under concentrated fire the moment it emerged from the smoke.


In the tournament, Liu Zilang was driving at full speed and had knocked down several people in a row. Adrenaline was surging in his body!

They were about to exit the smoke corridor when Liu Zilang felt something was amiss.

Why was there one less team?

Also, they had been driving forward without incident.

Something was fishy!

In the next moment, the front of the yellow car emerged from the smoke, and his view dramatically expanded.

However, at this time, the pupils in Liu Zilang's eyes dilated. He quickly tapped on the direction keys, and the car skidded and drifted to its side.


The friction between the car types and the surface of the bridge caused an ear-piercing screech and a shower of sparks!

At the same time, the sounds of intense gunfire erupted from in front of him!


The guns of Ghost's four players fired simultaneously, the bullets swarming like fire dragons toward the car's chassis!

Clink clank clink clank!

Amidst the whooshing sound of bullets was the clanging of metal on metal!

In a blink of an eye, the car which was supposed to be resilient and long-lasting had black smoke emanating from the roof.

Liu Zilang's health points were dropping like crazy too!


Little wisps of fire appeared!

In a moment, there was a loud "BANG"!

The car was skidding when it abruptly exploded. It made a revolution and headed toward the three people on the side of the bridge!


Even though Ghost had the time to prepare their formation, and was mentally prepared for the worst, there was a lot that could happen given the width of the bridge.

They were not expecting Liu Zilang to deliver a seductive butt kiss while they fired at him.

It felt as though the car was deliberately body-slamming into the three players of Ghost.

In such a short distance and with the speed of the oncoming car, there was no way of dodging the car that was hurtling toward them with its broad side.

Liu Zilang's sudden drifting attack accidentally caused a destructive threat against Ghost. There was a chance that three of their players might be killed in one blow!

However, what made the jaws of the collective audience drop was...

At the moment when the car exploded, Liu Zilang performed an extreme stunt by jumping out of the car and evaded death himself.

Three people of Ghost fell, leaving only Miccoy. He quickly recovered from the initial confusion.

Just as he lifted his gun to finish off Liu Zilang...

Two more vehicles emerged from the smoke.



GodV on the jeep and Aluka on the buggy headed single-mindedly toward the remaining player without any signs of stopping.


Miccoy's eyes bulged wide. 'Why is this group of people knocking down opponents with cars? Is this still an FPS game?'


He reflexively leaped to one side and at the same time fired blindly.


The jeep brushed right by Miccoy's shoulder. Before he had time to catch a breath, another buggy was heading straight for him!


Without any chance for evasion, Miccoy was sent flying by the buggy and curled up in midair.

He landed on the ground with a 'splat'. His eyes were wide open, still bearing a grudge...


Just, why...

In a brief moment, 4AM had wiped out the full squad of four people.

In their rampage along the stretch of the bridge, 4AM's victims numbered at least ten people. However, their total kill count was only five.

They did not have the opportunity to kill those that they knocked down, except for one unfortunate soul who was run over twice.

In any case, professional players were not like those in random matchmaking games.

In a random matchmaking game, the average player would not have been able to find their bearing out of the thick smoke after being knocked down by a car.

As for professional players, most of them had the time to react just as the vehicles crashed through.

Under those circumstances, there was no other choice for 4AM other than to head straight down the bridge in one breath, and there was no time to deliver the final blow to those knocked down.

Still, being able to run over everyone along the bridge and scoring five kills along the way had already achieved Liu Zilang's expectations when he devised the plan.

He was knocked out earlier from the repeated shots received while in the car and having survived an explosion.

GodV revived him.

Liu Zilang patched himself up, and after a swift round of looting, the four players returned to their vehicles.

They had only accomplished half of their mission.

The play area was on Sosnovka Island. After rampaging in one direction down the bridge, Liu Zilang and the others still had to make it back across the bridge in time, before the opponents managed to complete their smokey journey across the bridge.

Under normal circumstances, there would not have been enough time. Since Liu Zilang led the entire team on his rampage, he had to think of a contingency plan to handle this situation.

The answer was that there must be enough time.

The reason was none other than the fact that the teams on the bridge would need to spend time reviving those that were knocked out.

The second reason was that these teams had a common enemy only while crossing the bridge, and they were forced to cooperate to lay down the smoke corridor.

Once they were on land, the situation might not be as harmonious. Once again, they became enemies. This was the opportunity that Liu Zilang was counting on.

They climbed back on their vehicles in a 1-3 split, with Liu Zilang leading the way on the buggy.

In the jeep, GodV was steering while Cpt and Aluka stuck their heads out of the side windows with their guns prepped.

If their trip down the bridge was considered a "lawnmower-style" invasion, their trip back up would be considered an "armored tank-style" reclamation!

What the other four teams on the bridge never expected in their wildest dreams was that the smoke corridor that had protected them from danger had now become their shackles and cage.

If not for the smoke, there was no reason for the separate teams to work together.

Even if they had managed to work together against this common enemy, the lack of communication among them was another obstacle.

Could they resist the urge to pull their guns when another team was shooting right in front of their faces?

Even if they were not trying to kill you, the urge to kill them sneakily was hard to resist.

This is PUBG. Other than your teammates, everyone else is your enemy!

Under these circumstances, the remaining teams on the bridge were forced to hide their positions within the smoke and proceed with caution.

In the next moment, they heard the familiar engine sounds coming up from behind them.

The faces of the people on the bridge changed drastically!

F*ck... not again?