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582 Culling the Weak!

 A long corridor of smoke unfurled splendidly along the span of the west bridge!

About five teams were moving within, each only about two to three meters away from the next.

What on earth was this?


The casters were at a loss of words. It took them a few seconds before they switched perspectives among the teams on the bridge.

After that, the live audience realized that visibility among the teams in the smoke was extremely poor.

Almost all the players within the smoke relied on the minimap to find their bearings. There were a few players who hopped from time to time, peeking their heads above the smoke to catch a glimpse of their surroundings.

Since the play area would be restricted to the other end of the bridge, it was perfectly understandable that the teams would want to escape to safety before fighting among themselves.

Still, the Western audience had never seen anything like this before. They could only stare with their eyes wide open at the smoke passage on the west bridge as if it was a portal to a whole new world...

"Oh my god!"

"What is this I see?"

"This is madness!"


In the game, 4AM, who was guarding the bridge at the Sosnovka end, was also flabbergasted at the tactics of the opponent.

"Reported! I'm reporting them! These people are illegally teaming up, right?" Aluka yelled as he witnessed this scene while standing on top of the bridge.

"Psh! This will be quite a challenge for us." GodV sucked in a mouthful of cold air and said anxiously, "Wait 'til they gang up and swarm us. How are we supposed to guard the bridge?"

Liu Zilang furrowed his brow as he looked at the corridor of smoke on the bridge. There was a hint of doubt on his face, but immediately after, his expression became determined.

"Wanna bet?" Liu Zilang asked.

"Bet on what?" The three other players of 4AM were confused.

"Let's bet on who's faster: their guns or our cars," Liu Zilang said while staring into the distance.

Upon hearing this, GodV and the rest looked at the jeep, yellow car and buggy that was parked behind them, and contemplated his words.

If they were to chicken out and run away, they would not suffer many losses, though all their effort in securing the bridge would have gone down the drain.

They were in a dilemma.

To do or not to do?

Liu Zilang took the lead. He jumped off the cross beam, walked swiftly to the little yellow car and hopped on to the driver's seat.

Let's do it!

The bloodlust of the other three members of 4AM was roused by Liu Zilang's actions.

After thinking about it, if they were able to pull off this move as a team, even if they did not eliminate all five teams, they would still deal a hefty blow to their confidence.

This was the perfect opportunity for them to boost their morale as well as to show off to the viewers.

Soon, GodV and Cpt rode on the jeep, while Aluka took control of the buggy. The three players followed Liu Zilang's actions and ignited their engines at the same time.


On the west bridge, the four players of Liquid felt apprehensive when they heard the parade of footsteps behind them. They had unintentionally started a mass migration and were feeling uneasy.



"Oh, sh*t! Who the hell are these people?" The members of Team Liquid cursed as yet another smoke grenade was tossed in front of them. They had run out of smoke grenades a long time ago.

"They're using us as their advance scouts; if anything happens we'll be their scapegoats!" Jeemzz commented with a cold smile.

The members of Team Liquid were close to the other end of the bridge when they suddenly heard the revving of vehicle engines.

"What's the situation?"

"Those fellas at the end of the bridge are chickening out perhaps?"

"That's possible."

The members of Team Liquid discussed after some contemplation.

"But maybe...would they..." Sambty asked abruptly.

As he spoke, they heard the engine sounds getting closer and closer.

Their faces paled!

For real?

A yellow car parted the smoke and sped recklessly toward them!




There was no time for Sambty to dodge the oncoming vehicle. He clenched his teeth and fired at the car. He had not released two shots before he was sent flying backward by the impact!

Right behind them were the three members of Avangar. They were carefully tailing Liquid amidst the thick smoke.

Without warning, someone came flying from the front and landed on them butt-first. The engine sounds that they heard earlier might have signaled something ominous...

In the next moment, the car was in their faces!



Avangar did not have time to react. Two of their players were knocked aside and sailed across the air like kites with a broken string!


The advantages of ramming opponents with vehicles in the smoke were fully on display. The thick smoke severely hindered visibility; those in the smoke would not be able to spot faraway targets.

When the car came within visual range, they might be able to shoot at it, but whether they have the reaction time to do so was a different matter.

The vehicles driven by the 4AM players were like lawn mowers plowing through a field of weeds, dashing across the bridge with no signs of slowing down!

It was as though a macho man had taken a watermelon cleaver and hacked at people from one end of the bridge to the other, without stopping for three days and three nights, and never once blinked. [1]

It was worth mentioning that most teams in professional leagues were used to conservative methods of play.

The reckless methods as displayed by 4AM in this tournament nevertheless left a shocking impression in everyone's hearts!

If the earlier scene of "laying down a smoke corridor and procession of ghosts" had left a "what the f*ck" feeling, then the visual impact caused by 4AM's rampage must have had left a "getting f*cked" impression...

The mouths of the Western audience were left hanging wide open, incredulity written all over their faces!

On the Hua Xia commentary platform.

"This.... 4AM actually dared to drive their cars into the five teams!" Su Changming cried out, "What an extreme display of audacity!"

"I believe that's once again Vic's plan," Ruo Feng said, shaking his head and rubbing his big nose, "I saw him jump from the cross beam of the bridge first. I thought they were planning to abandon their positions and move somewhere else."

"I wasn't expecting him leading the team into such a big gamble. Frankly speaking, even MITH of the Thailand Macho Man Squad wouldn't have had the guts to play like this."

"There's only one word to describe such a move: reckless!" Lord Rong nodded in agreement. He then slightly furrowed his brow. "Still, had 4AM thought about making their return trip?"

While the commentators continued with their discussion, Liu Zilang's little yellow car had arrived at the northern end of the bridge.

The first to greet them was team Ghost from South America, who were last in line on the bridge.

Even though they were still within the smoke, hearing the commotion and seeing the kill notifications appear on their screens had made them alert.

The four players spread out their positions, and gripped their weapons tightly, in anticipation of the cars that were coming closer and closer!


[1] Line taken from 2013 Stephen Chow film "Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons". In the film, Sun Wukong was bragging about how he once killed people without blinking an eye for three days and three nights, and soon after the topic digressed to whether his eyes were dry from not blinking.