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581 Procession of Ghosts! Part 4

 "F*ck! That's a scary number of people on land."

"No worries. Thank goodness you found this speedboat."

"So what's our plan, go past the bridge and make landfall somewhere in the middle?"

"Yup. The circle appeared in quite a central position. I have a feeling that the next refresh might be a concentric circle."

"Yup, sounds possible."

In the AHQ team voice chat, the four players were planning to sneak past the bridge, after having the airdrop crate snatched from them by Liu Zilang.

On top of the crossbeam of the bridge, GodV and the others were not going to let the boat sail past so easily; they delivered a volley of "welcoming shots".

While they had the advantage when striking faraway targets, it was hard to focus fire on fast-moving targets at such a close range.

Like monkeys, they were squatting in a straight horizontal line along the cross beam. Side targets were a problem as their teammates got in the way.

"F*ck, you're in my way."

"Aluka, lean a little to the right."

"Those in the front squat down!"

After spending some time adjusting their positions, the four players were spread out like a peacock flaunting his feathers. From afar, they looked abnormally festive.

Once they had settled in formation, AHQ had greatly closed the distance and had almost arrived under the bridge.

"Ahem... that position was tricky for 4AM. Looks like AHQ made it past them."

"Yup, even though they have the high ground, it's not of much use trying to hit moving targets that are directly below them."

The opponents were just about to disappear under the bridge when Liu Zilang unarmed his sniper rifle and suddenly pulled out a frag grenade!


Immediately, the live and channel audience had their eyes wide open!

Forgoing shooting and throwing grenades instead?

Was he joking?

There was nonetheless a sense of anticipation in everyone watching, considering the unbelievable antics he had already pulled off throughout this tournament...

Just maybe... it might work?


The sound of a grenade pin being pulled rang out on the bridge.

Three, two, one!

Liu Zilang counted down in his heart, then abruptly turned around and jumped!

He lobbed the grenade with all his might!

At the same time, the speedboat piloted by the four AHQ players had reappeared from the other side of the bridge and continued its path forward.

"F*ck me, that was scary!" W1nner thumped his chest and cursed in a Taiwanese accent.

"Why are those people posing on the bridge? Are they monkeys?" the squad's rifler, M4 laughed.

"Heh heh, luckily they're lousy with their aim."

K3, who was steering the boat, shook his head and sighed in relief. "If we had encountered some European or American team, I guess we would've been dead meat by now."

After speaking, he turned his gaze slightly around.

It felt like something was flying over their heads from behind.


It was a frag grenade!

In that instant, K3 nearly flung the mouse from his hand out of shock!

In a pinch, he maniacally steered the boat to one side.

The other three AHQ players on the boat were confused when they saw the boat turning to its side.

'What happened?'

They raised their heads, and saw a cloud of fire exploding directly on top of them!


A searing heatwave engulfed them!

Ever wondered what was "Terror in the Skies"?

That was it.

The live audience had yet to mentally process the turn of events when the boat emerged from the cloud of smoke and fire.

The boat survived, but the people did not.

The caster panned the camera to the stern.

All that was left were several crates floating on the surface of the sea.

In a moment, multiple kill notifications scrolled across the screen.

The live Western audience erupted into a sea of cheers. How the f*ck was that even possible?

That was not a frag grenade...

It was an ICBM!

In the Chinese live-stream channels, scrolling messages of "LOLOL" flooded the bullet screen.

"I submit! Not that I'm exaggerating, but Vic is truly the incarnation of Thor!"

"LOLOLOL that grenade was skrt skrt"

"Oh my, have the tributes started coming?"

"LOLOL one grenade four kills, that's a sexy move. I bet the AHQ players are devastated right now."


In the tournament, GodV and the other teammates on the bridge were dumbstruck. They had thought Liu Zilang swapping to the grenade and lobbing it in the opposite direction was just his idea of a joke

It turned out that the joke was too real, and the grenade killed the passengers.

There was another question: How to loot the four crates floating on the sea?

If only one person went to loot, there would not be enough space in their backpack, and multiple trips would be a waste of precious time.

If two people went instead, there would be a hole in their defenses.

In the end, they decided that guarding the bridge was more important.

They felt a slight pang of pity that the goodies were laid out in front of their eyes yet they could not enjoy them...

The feeling soon passed.

As the blue circle continued to shrink, more and more teams have converged at the northern end of the bridges.

Everyone knew that with so many people, it was most prudent to find cover and avoid fights whenever possible.

If one were to attack another, there would be no telling if a stray bullet from somewhere else could end their life.

For a team in this situation, if a member fell in a crowded place like this, it would usually result in a chain reaction. Any further mistakes could cause the entire team to be decimated.

Only the teams that had arrived late and had yet to find cover were forced to fight for their survival.

As the gunfire on the northern ends of the bridges raged on, the number of survivors in the match gradually decreased.

When the blue circle finally coincided with the boundary of the play area, there were only 14 teams and 50 players left in the match.

The end of the first circle had seen the number of players reduced by half.

The "orphan circle" of this match was entirely to blame.

Soon enough, there were more pressing matters for the players to attend.

The next circle refresh happened.

Needless to say, the strip of land in the northern mainland was excluded in the new circle. The players would need to cross the channel to reach the next play area.

Not all the teams managed to find boats.

It would have been quite impossible for this many people to cross the bridge without starting a fight, not to mention 4AM was guarding the bridge on the other side.

Was the match about to prematurely enter its final stages?

The live audience and the commentary were held in suspense.

Suddenly, Team Liquid, who was hiding behind cover near the northern end of the west bridge lobbed a smoke grenade.

As thick smoke engulfed the bridge, the four players of Liquid dashed into it. Under the cover of smoke, they moved forward, setting up a smokescreen along the way.

The team that was closest to Liquid was Avangar from the Commonwealth of Independent States. They noticed Liquid's sudden movement and contemplated attacking them from behind.

They saw the corridor of smoke forming on the bridge and changed their minds.

After Liquid had disappeared into the smoke, Avangar created a smokescreen from their location and quickly followed behind.

On the bridge, they assisted Liquid with paving the path using smoke grenades.

In a short moment, a long corridor of smoke had formed on the bridge. The other teams at the end of the bridge quickly imitated them and moved quickly into the thick white smoke.

In a blink of an eye, under the caster's God's perspective, five teams were seen moving within the corridor of smoke on the west bridge.

The tightly formed row of heads looked like a procession of ghosts!