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579 Who is Faster? Sorry! Part 2

 In PUBG, the appearance of an airplane usually signaled an airdrop.

As they listened to the distant rumbling beyond the horizon, not just the players of 4AM staking out at one end of the west bridge, but also Vega on the east bridge stared at the sky like villagers in a drought who felt a raindrop overhead.

A moment later, an airplane appeared in their field of vision.

The caster raised the camera to the sky to obtain a better view of the flight route.

"As we can see, the airplane flew in from four o'-clock--looks like it'll fly past the two bridges."

"That's right. The only question remaining is the location of the airdrop."

"Yup. Excluding the remote possibility of it dropping on the beach or the bridges, I believe there's an eighty percent chance of the crate falling into the sea."

While the commentary spoke, the plane rumbled past the skies over the east bridge without making an airdrop.

The players of Vega on the east bridge were clearly disappointed.

Compared to looting an airdrop, securing the bridge chokepoint was far more important. The airdrop crate did not choose them, thus they made no further attempt to pursue it.

Meanwhile, seeing the airplane resolutely refusing to make a drop as it approached them, the players of 4AM on the west bridge were exuberant!

"Heh heh, this has to be the airdrop of destiny. I can't believe it's going to drop right in front of us," Aluka said, grinning.

"Hmm... we'll be too exposed if it drops on the bridge. It'd be more convenient if it dropped on our side of the beach." Liu Zilang rubbed his chin while forming unbridled plans for the crate.

Before long, the airplane flew over their heads.

They raised their heads and watched the airplane with eager eyes.

The will of the airplane was indeed resolute.

Extraordinarily resolute.

It flew past them with no signs of stopping.

"F*ck... so it's dropping in the sea then?" GodV grumbled.

Right on cue, a little black dot appeared below the airplane as it was vanishing from view.

The airdrop!

Their faces dropped. The crate had landed in the sea near the fishing town pier.

Among the four, GodV's prediction was the most accurate.

They looked at each other, one question in their minds:

To loot or not to loot?

The airdrop was not too far from the west bridge. There was also a boat under the bridge. If they drove under the bridge and boarded the boat, it would not take long to reach their destination.

On the other hand, 4AM's objective of this circle was to secure the bridge chokepoint. If someone were to sneak across the bridge while they went looting, there was no saying who would be the dominant force on the west bridge upon their return.

The players weighed their options and soon reached a decision.

Loot the crate!

Also, secure the bridge!

The crate was in the sea; no one could fire their guns except people on land.

There was no need for all of them to ride the boat. Three people could stay on the bridge while one went to loot.

Who would be our lucky little friend?

In unison, GodV, Aluka, and Cpt turned their heads toward Liu Zilang.

Even though he had expected this, Liu Zilang could not help but give a wry smile.

'This is too much! F*ck it... aren't you worried that I might elope with the airdrop crate and you'll never see me again?'

Liu Zilang complained in his heart, though his body had obediently hopped on to the buggy and drove straight toward the speedboat moored on the beach.

Meanwhile, near the fishing village pier, two teams were engaged in a fierce gunfight. Shots were traded, the unceasing sound of gunfire ringing in the air!

However, they had been fighting for nearly three minutes without knocking anyone down.

An awkward atmosphere enveloped the battlefield. The two teams involved, the Taiwanese team AHQ who was hiding on the pier, and the Southeast Asian team Gold had a nagging thought in their minds...

'No one's watching us, right?'

In the next moment, both teams made a discovery. An airplane had delivered a crate for them!

Suddenly, the teams engaged in a fruitless battle had a new objective: to race for the airdrop crate!

Both teams gauged the distance of the crate from the coast. It was not too far away; both teams decided to swim there.

On the Hua Xia commentary platform.

"Our Asian teams AHQ and Gold have spotted this crate simultaneously. Looks like it's something they both desire."

"They're swimming! Both teams left behind one person on the coast to provide cover, now there are six people in the sea!"

"Indeed. It looks like both teams have the same strategy. You can't fire a gun in the water, so it all comes down to a race of speed and numbers."

"The caster's perspective is on the airdrop crate. Let's look at what's inside."

"Wow, good going! There's an AWM! If my memory serves, there wasn't a single AWM in the last match."

"Haha, what a lucky break! Other than the AWM, there's also a ghillie suit, a level three helmet and a sniper suppressor. For a sniper, this crate is at least a nine and a half."

While the three commentators heaped praises on the crate, the six players from AHQ and Gold in the water stared hungrily at the crate hovering in the sky in front of them. It could fall into anyone's hands...

All of a sudden, they heard a loud engine noise beside them!

A speedboat?

They all turned their heads!

They saw a speedboat sailing on the wind and breaking waves, heading directly toward the airdrop location!

Bad news!

The two teams were flustered. They doggy-paddled in the water with all their might toward the airdrop that was getting ever so close...

If they returned empty-handed after swimming such a distance, they would become the laughing stock of the entire world!

Judging by everyone's position... there was no telling who would end up with the crate.

A tight race between enemies had begun!


Getting close! Getting close!

AHQ and Gold were ecstatic; the airdrop crate was now less than three meters away!

All the players had already imagined the following flow of events: they would open their backpack and shove everything from the crate into it as fast as possible.

At this time, the western audience who had been observing this battle against time cheered!

On the tournament's big screen, Liu Zilang's speedboat left a white trail behind it. When it neared the crate, the boat drifted to the side and turned its tail!

The airdrop crate landed on the bow of the boat, while the boat's body performed a roundhouse on the heads of the people in the water.

Luckily, the teams were already wary of Liu Zilang. They managed to dive into the water as the boat approached.

They quickly rose to the surface as the boat passed them.

Upon resurfacing, AHQ and Gold were both in disbelief!

The crate that had been less than three meters away... was now nowhere to be seen!

They turned their gaze toward the speedboat that was departing for the opposite coast. On the bow was the airdrop crate, leaving a long trail of thick red smoke across the sea...

Was that... a f*cking cargo ship?