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578 Shattered! Part 1


Li Muqiu's heart sank as he heard the jeep ramming into a wall. He was not expecting the opponent to initiate such direct conflict.

The teammate who was knocked out earlier had been revived and was currently patching himself up. Li Muqiu, hiding in a residential building, lifted the SKS in his hands and scoped to survey the distance.

Suddenly, the pupils of his eyes contracted and he lowered his head.

He was shaking slightly.

With the SKS's 4x scope, he saw two people just standing there and hanging around, with their guns on their backs.

That meant that the opponent had only sent two people to engage with them.

This was an outright insult!

In the next moment, Li Muqiu lifted his head once more, his usually exhausted face now filled with determination.

The price of glory is constant vigilance.

Is it not?


On the Hua Xia commentary platform, Su Changming's face was grim as he watched this scene unfold. An air of awkwardness filled the commentator's table.

Lord Rong took notice of this and coughed lightly. "By sending in only two people, I think SKK might have been a little too conceited here. If Se7en could eliminate these two players with a pincer attack, SKK will have to pay the price of their arrogance."

"I guess so," Ruo Feng said, nodding. He then yelled out, "Oh! The three players of Se7en have rushed out, including Guru Qiu! Haha! The two SKK players are surrounded!"

He had just finished speaking when rapid and aggressive gunfire exploded on the battlefield.


Bang Bang!


In the next moment, the Western audience collectively opened their mouths, apparently in shock!

As the three Se7en players rushed forward, like a flash of lightning, Billy swept a left-to-right arc with the S686 in his hands!

As gunfire emerged from the muzzle, the Se7en players ambushing from the left and right fell to the ground with a thud!

More frighteningly still, when the third player was going for a frontal assault, Satan had somehow equipped his Kar98K in his hands.

The live audience had no time to react when he lifted his gun!

The shot was exactly like how Liu Zilang fired his in the C Building.

Everyone saw the flash on the screen. None of them saw how he scoped in and aimed.

A shot was fired.

A point-blank instant snipe!

In a blink of an eye, two out of the three Se7en players that had rushed forward had been killed.

The chatrooms of all the Chinese live-stream channels instantly exploded!

"What kind of joke is this? Four against two and three knocked out? Do they even know how to play?"

"F*ck! Is Se7en a team of noobs?"

"Hey wait! There might be a chance for Guru Qiu!"

In the tournament screen, Li Muqiu was seen approaching rapidly. Billy's S686 and Satan's Kar98K were out of bullets.

This was the perfect opportunity for Li Muqiu, whether they decided to reload or swap weapons!

Two kills... coming right up!

Tut tut...


The crisp yet echoing roar of a gun!

A Kar98K!

Hold on... Satan had just emptied his clip and had yet to reload.

Where did this Kar98K come from?

The audience was stunned. The caster's camera zoomed in!

The screen displayed the two remaining players of SKK who had stayed behind. Karl was wielding a Kar98K in his hands.

A thin wisp of blue smoke emerged from the muzzle of the Kar98K, as if whispering something quietly.

At the same time, an enormous hole appeared at the back of Li Muqiu's head.

He rushed in and had not fired two shots when his head exploded in a mist of blood!

He fell to the ground!

"F*ck me! That was utterly despicable!"

"Didn't they just bring two people to the fight? Did they regret that decision?"

"I feel sorry for Guru Qiu, sigh..."

"Don't you know they just made a fool out of your Guru Qiu?"

"Tsk tsk, stans nowadays are in far too deep!"

"2v4? This is a f*cking tournament! Just because they sent two people doesn't mean that it's a 2v4!"

"Enough talk. All of you and Guru Qiu have been played for fools this round, and you're still blathering nonsense."


On Se7en's competitors' seats, Li Muqiu stared at the black and white screen in front of him. His fists were clenched tight and his head hung low. The expression on his face was indescribable.

The faces of the other three players of Se7en were unnaturally pale.

All four players were silent. The atmosphere was deathly.

At first, SKK allowed them to revive and recover.

Then they sent out only two people to crush their dreams.

Just when there was a glimmer of hope for the tables to be turned... that sparked was snuffed out in an instant!

They knew that SKK had made fools of them in front of a global audience.

To realize it all after it happened... was enough to send a player into a state of mental breakdown.

They only came back to their senses when game marshals came over to remind them to leave the stage.

Li Muqiu stood up from his seat, and for a brief moment, lost his footing.

Subconsciously, he opened his eyes wide to look at the audience around him.

He then lowered his head and pulled up the zipper on his team jacket to cover up the flowery shirt inside.

He turned his gaze to the other teams of the Asian region. He pulled his lips to force a smile, but his eyes were dull.

Finally, he took a step and joined the other members of Se7en. Still in a state of confusion and partial instability, they departed from the stage.

In three matches, they had already lost two.

To be eliminated in such a way in the second match was enough to shatter even the mental fortitude of a professional player.

There was no other explanation for their current mental state.


On the Hua Xia commentary platform, Su Changming was still commentating, though his tone of voice carried a hint of bleakness.

As the eldest member of Se7en, he was at one time known by his fans as "the Nanny of eSports" because of his caring attitude toward these younger members.

At present, even though he was retired and married, he still felt sorry to see Li Muqiu receive such a blow.

A thought appeared in his mind. If he had not decided to retire and become a manager and commentator... If he was still fighting alongside Li Muqiu, might the situation have been better today?

He closed his eyes and sighed.


In the tournament, the match was still in progress.

The caster's camera jumped again, this time to somewhere near the military base.

On the tournament's big screen, 4AM and Vega were each seen camping like threshold guardians at separate bridges that led to Sosnovka Island.

The first circle of the match had covered almost the entire Sosnovka island, and there was no saying which bridge was nearer to the center of the island. Both bridges were convergence points of equal importance to the Sosnovka Military Base.

At this time, there was a familiar rumble from the far horizon!

An airplane was coming!