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577 Cat and Mouse? Part 4

 After reviving GodV and Aluka, 4AM managed to eliminate two teams at Sosnovka Military Base while retaining a full squad.

This displayed the extension of their reputation in the country as the overlords of Sosnovka Military Base!

It was still worth mentioning that their encounters at the military base were fraught with peril.

Any slight mistake on their part would have spelled doom for the entire team!

However, with Liu Zilang's flawless performance, or rather, his flawless driving skills, the audience had not only witnessed an extreme display of vehicle control but also the ability to turn the tables under the direst of circumstances.

The two Western host commentators were knocked speechless watching 4AM claim victory over the two teams and claiming ownership of the military base!

TSM and Gates might not be as strong as the top tier teams like Liquid or C9, but they were nevertheless Western teams.

How did this Asian team eliminate two Western teams without losing any players?

How the f*ck was that possible?

At this time, the memory of someone zooming around merrily on their motorcycle appeared in the hosts' minds... and they immediately understood.

It was no surprise that someone with such godly vehicle skills could take out TSM and Gates with no casualties.


Soon enough, the first blue circle of the match started to shrink. Meanwhile, the only teams left on Sosnovka Island were 4AM and Vega, who landed at Novorepnoye at the start of the match.

While Vega still had several residential buildings to loot at Novorepnoye, 4AM could take a brief moment of respite.

After eliminating TSM and Gates, they practically had the entire military base's resources in their pockets, and there was no further need to search for loot.

4AM was now faced with two options.

The first was to remain on Sosnovka Island and wait for the next circle. In the meantime, they could find a safe spot to hide where no one would bother them. With luck on their side, they still had the geographical advantage and would be able to maintain their lead, at least for the first few circles.

This might mean that their kill count would end up lower, but it was the safest choice, and that meant more placement points.

However, 4AM wanted to score on both fronts, which meant that the only option left was the second one.

On the road leading out of the military base, GodV hopped onto a jeep while scanning the horizon. "We already have a jeep here but let's gather more vehicles. Cpt, follow me to fetch that little yellow car over here."

"Sounds like a plan."

Liu Zilang nodded, though he felt sorry for his motorcycle.

His motorcycle was not a total wreck, though the volley from the two Gates players had managed to ignite it. If he were to ride it, it would have been reminiscent of "Ghost Rider". Gunshots notwithstanding, even any pebble on the road or any tree in the way would have been able to transform it into an actual "ghost motorcycle".

Liu Zilang had to give up on the motorcycle and ride on GodV's jeep.


A total of three cars among them, 4AM departed the military base and headed toward the bridge.

The caster brought up God's perspective to display the entire map.

On the big screen, countless teams were seen moving southward like migratory birds.

There was still a lot of room to move around among teams, probably because this was only the first circle.

The camera jumped across the teams. Aside from the symbolic shots out of mutual respect whenever two teams came into view of each other, there were not any overt fights or standoffs.

It was an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Just when the audience thought that this tranquil atmosphere would continue until the teams converged at the bridge, the caster abruptly switched the camera to a location in Severny, the northernmost town on the map.

What was going on?

How was there still a fight?

"It's Se7en and SKK!" Lord Rong exclaimed in surprise on the Hua Xia commentary platform.

These two names mentioned together instantly triggered many memories among the Western members of the audience.

For example, the "Clash of the Titans"...

Or the watershed showdown between the East and the West!

Indeed, they were Se7en and SKK.

At this moment on the commentary platform, Su Changming seemed to have noticed something. There was a startled and grim look on his face.

"Wait a minute, Se7en seems like they're in a bad position!" Ruo Feng pushed the glasses that rested on his big nose. "They're one player down against SKK. Do you think they can still salvage this situation?"

"The player was knocked out as he was boarding the vehicle. At that position, they might be able to get away if they lobbed a smoke bomb after getting in the car," Lord Rong added as he observed the screen.

"From the kill notification that appeared earlier, both teams have information on each other. It is now up to them to make a choice," Su Changming spoke slowly and seriously while his eyes were fixed on the screen.

The 'choice' that Su Changming mentioned was, obviously, fight or flight.

At this point, the blue circle that had crept in from the four edges of the map had enveloped half of Severny.

Se7en was positioned near the southern end of the town, while SKK was also on the same level.

Unquestionably, if the teams had chosen 'fight', they will soon start taking circle damage.

With their advantage in numbers, it was up to SKK to call the shots.

If they decide to leave, then there would not be a fight.

However, if they decide to stay, as long as they controlled the vehicles, there was no way for Se7en to flee.

Trying to outrun the blue circle at this God-forsaken distance on foot was clearly futile.


In the SKK team voice chat.

"Hello, my old friends." Billy licked his lips and a flash of craving appeared in his eyes.

Satan, who had taken down Base on the Se7en driver's seat in one shot, had a hint of playfulness appearing on his face after seeing the notification.

"So I heard there's only Lech left in this team. I wonder how their team's strength is."

"We'll have to try," Karl said, smiling.

SKK had been previously troubled by Se7en. Now that the latter had only Li Muqiu left to fight against them, SKK had this inexplicable urge to toy with them.

They decided on their plan promptly: Teams of two, the team at the back holding their position while taking aim.

A moment later, the live audience witnessed Satan and Billy of SKK, respectively wielding an AK and a sniper, push forcefully with a jeep toward the end of the town, where Se7en was hiding.

On the way, two Se7en players behind cover were trying to stop them by firing shots. Vivian tapped rapidly on her SKS and forced them back down!

As Satan and Billy neared their destination, Vivian and Karl kept their guns abruptly, as if sitting back to enjoy the unfolding drama.

The Western audiences were shocked as they saw this scene!

After the commentary, they understood what SKK was trying to do.

Was this... a cat and mouse game?