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576 The Decisive Turn! Part 3

 "True victory is not measured by how far one travels along the victor's path, but how wildly he rides his motorcycle on that path!"

- James. L. Zilang

When the four players of Gates ran up the stairs, they saw Liu Zilang riding on the motorcycle, dashing away from them.

Tut tut tut!

The two Gates players in the vanguard lifted their guns without hesitation and sprayed a volley of bullets at Liu Zilang's rear!

The hallway was instantly covered in a hail of bullets and sparks of fire as they hit the walls!

Liu Zilang had disappeared.

He had ridden downstairs via the middle section staircase.

"Give chase!"

"How does he dare to ride a motorcycle in the hallway? Looks like he's not afraid of death."

"Let's intercept him downstairs!"

The two players in the vanguard immediately pushed on ahead, while the other two players went back down the stairs.

They did not believe that Liu Zilang could successfully maneuver past the tight corners between the sections of the hallway. To be doubly sure, however, they still made sufficient preparations.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang had achieved his objective.

His 'preemptive strike' had attracted the full attention of the four players from Gates.

In the meantime, GodV and the other two were cowering in their respective rooms. They heard the flurry of footsteps from the corridor and sat helplessly, afraid that someone might barge in and kill them with a single shot.

They saw their opponents run past their doors; the footsteps faded as quickly as they had arrived.

GodV and the others were amazed.

How the f*ck did Liu Zilang draw so much aggro?!

In the second-floor hallway, the commander, Exko and the rifler, Cillo, ran forward like shooting stars and reached the central section.

Vroom vroom vroom!

Hearing the motorcycle noises, they were expecting to see Liu Zilang stuck on his motorcycle while he attempted to make the turn. They prepared to dispatch him with one clean shot.

Unexpectedly, a silhouette rushed out in front of their eyes!

Exko and Cillo blinked. As they focused their vision, they saw that the silhouette in front of them was the motorcycle!

What the f*ck?

How did that happen?

Was that motorcycle not just moving in the opposite direction?

How did it turn around so quickly?

Equally shocked were the viewers in the live-stream channels. Their eyes and mouths were wide open, as though paralyzed by an electric shock.

They had witnessed Liu Zilang riding downstairs on his motorcycle. He built up speed on his way down, turned a 360 along the corners of the walls, and then rode up the staircase again.


Was that some kind of Neo-Tridagger ZMC?

However, there was no time to process this information. Liu Zilang had become one with his vehicle and dashed toward the two Gates players.


Even though they were still shocked, the two Gates players immediately dodged aside while emptying their magazines at Liu Zilang.

At the same time, the two other Gates players who were downstairs hastily turned around and provided backup.

In the middle section hallway, Liu Zilang swapped to the backseat, and in a flash unsheathed his "sword"!

Tut tut tut!

Bursts of gunfire exploded from his weapon, like wind and lightning!

The extreme power of the Vector at short range was now fully unleashed!

In the blink of an eye, a mist of blood surrounded Exko, who was standing on the left. He fell onto the floor with a thud.

That was too f*cking fast!

Exko had only aimed with his gun, and did not get the chance to fire!

Cillo, standing next to him, had a quicker reaction time and sprayed his bullets into Liu Zilang.

Clink clank!


In the narrow hallway, bullets flew out of the muzzle of his gun like dragons of fire!

Just around this time, Cillo felt his heart skip a beat!

Liu Zilang's motorcycle was barreling straight toward him.

A collision would result in instant death, or at the very least heavy damage!

Cillo kept his weapon and dodged aside.

Using this opportunity, Liu Zilang jumped off from the back seat of his motorcycle without a second thought.

While airborne, his "sword" had transformed into the 8x scope Kar98K.

Liu Zilang's feet touched the floor, and the Kar98K in his hands flashed!


Just that one flash!

The caster was showing his first person's perspective. The live audience did not even see him zoom in or take aim.

In an instant, the Kar98K fired a shot!

Tut tut...


Cillo had just averted the first wave of danger and was preparing to take another shot when his head exploded in a burst of blood.

His field of view shook violently.

In the next second, he stumbled on his feet, and fell next to Exko!


Upon seeing this, the live audience all around the stadium cheered uncontrollably!

"Oh my god! What just happened!"

"Oh! Vic Liu is too awesome! I love his Kar98K!"

"I gotta know, is he a stunt driver? Why is his motorcycle so imba?"


In the tournament, Cillo, kneeling on the floor, lifted his head to look at Liu Zilang's Kar98K.

This was the worst!

Instant snipe with Kar98K... at such a short range?

How dare he?

These questions were left unanswered. On the top right corner of the screen, two notifications silently scrolled by.

"4AM-Vic killed Gates-Exko with Vector!"

"4AM-Vic killed Gates-Cillo by headshot with Kar98K!"

On the Hua Xia commentary platform.

"Beautiful! What an extreme turnaround performance by Vic!"

"He turned his motorcycle around in such a tight space. Is this the legendary Gutter Drifting Technique?"

"Haha, let's stop waxing lyrics for now. In any case, Gates is down two players."

"Indeed. Oh, wait! The two other Gates players are now back!"

Ruo Feng had just finished speaking when the sound of intense gunfire came from the match!

On the big screen, Mossy and Mortify had abandoned their earlier plans of going the long way around, and had reappeared at the second-floor middle section hallway. Upon seeing Liu Zilang, they fired a volley of bullets!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Bullets, like raindrops in a storm, covered the hallway!

There was no time for Liu Zilang to dodge in any direction.

In a pinch, he immediately lay prone on the spot and took cover behind his motorcycle which had fallen on the floor.

Clink clank!

Sparks flew from the motorcycle's chassis under the relentless assault of the two remaining players of Gates. Those sparks very quickly turned into small wisps of flames.

Before Mossy and Mortify could successfully detonate the vehicle, footsteps rang out from the rooms on both sides of the hallway!

In the next moment, three people appeared from the rooms' doors!


Tut tut tut!

Bang bang!

A close-range bloodbath erupted instantly!

In the blink of an eye, GodV and the others, who had just finished healing, courageously took out the two opponents.

That marked the moment when the strongest "Defense Gates" of Europe was crushed under 4AM!