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575 Kite Monster! Part 2

 On the big screen displayed on the stage, the caster showed a slow-motion replay of the scene that just occurred, as though it had transpired too quickly.

On the screen, a motorcycle flew in the sky toward the second floor, like a tempestuous dragon rising from the sea!

In a blink of an eye, the motorcycle whooshed through the window!

It did not lose any speed or momentum as it exited the room and slammed head-first into the hallway wall.

What happened next was exactly as the live and channel audiences saw: Liu Zilang unsheathing the 'sword' on his back and dispensing it into SmaK's face.

SmaK fell, still dazed about what happened.

Even though this was the second time the live and channel audiences had witnessed that scene, they were still as stunned as before!

"F*ck, that was spectacular! No one else on Earth can ride a bike like Vic!"

"I smacked my computer when I saw this. Are we even playing the same game?"

"A devil on the tricycle, a god on the motorcycle!"

"I beg you, no more showing off, please! I just came here to watch the stream but my knees are already swollen from all the kneeling!"

"Hahaha, I guess SmaK thinks he's hallucinating! How the f*ck did that motorcycle get in that hallway?"


In the match, GodV and his teammates were still struggling to crawl downstairs while they heard the "Bang" and the kill notification of their enemy. They let loose a sigh of relief, but at the same time were dumbfounded.

They had heard the revving sound of the motorcycle and noticed Liu Zilang's icon moving swiftly toward them.

They expected he would park his motorcycle at the main entrance downstairs and run into the building to save them. That was why they were desperately trying to beat each other in racing downstairs.

How the hell did he get up so quickly... before they had even reached the stairs?

Aluka, seeing Liu Zilang approach him on the second floor, gulped. "Um... how did you get here?"

"By bike," Liu Zilang said matter-of-factly as he squatted down, pressed his palm on Aluka's head and channeled his "power of harmony".


The three teammates opened their mouths slightly, not knowing what to say!

They remembered Liu Zilang's skills on the bike, and reached the same bold conclusion!

Still... that move was too audacious!

If he had not succeeded in diving through the window, all three of them would have been dead by now!

The three of them shuddered at the thought.

After reviving Aluka, he and Liu Zilang separately revived GodV and Cpt, who were kneeling on the staircase.

The caster's camera moved from that location and was lifted high into the air, above the military base.

Gates, who had jumped at the boiler room in the opening sequence, had snuck into the police station next to the C building.

"Oh! That's Gates. Surely they must have heard the gunfire earlier and hoped they could pick up some stragglers."

"But they're a little slow. 4AM and TSM have concluded their battle."

"Heh heh, I wouldn't say that Gates was moving too slowly, but rather 4AM and TSM's skirmish ended too quickly."

The Chinese live-stream audience was surprised at Su Changming's analysis, but after giving it a bit of thought, it did make sense.

The showdown between TSM and 4AM was totally unconventional. In a typical showdown between two teams with the environment as cover, it would be normal for the battle to last three or four minutes.

In this matchup, TSM's first strike was to perform a solo kamikaze attack, taking out three people!

It was followed up by Liu Zilang performing a stunt motorcycle jump, which went straight for the jugular and ended the battle.

How could that be considered "typical"?

On the other hand, the four players of the Gates squad rushed over as soon as they heard the grenade blast, thinking that they could sneak in a kill or two, and so they scurried over without wasting any time.

Little did they know that the fight was over before they had even arrived...

That, however, did not deter Gates from their original motive.

The fight may be over, but the survivors needed time to recuperate, and so they continued to move toward the C Building.

In the second-floor hallway of C Building No. 3, Liu Zilang and Aluka had just revived the other two teammates. Before they had the opportunity to heal up, they heard the silent rustle of footsteps.

The four teammates were momentarily startled.

"Not good. Those should be the ones from the boiler room," GodV said sombrely.

Other than Liu Zilang, the three other players in the squad had just been revived. If they were to engage with Gates now, a single shot would have taken them out. Any engagement other than an ambush would be a lost cause.

That was a situation that Liu Zilang understood.

He took a glance at his teammates' health levels. "Don't dally in the hallway. Go look for a random room to heal yourself up, I'll kite them for a bit," he said firmly.

Kite them for a bit?

GodV and the other members were speechless.

Unlike action games, range was much less of an issue in first-person shooters. Enemies could start firing once the target is in visual range.

How could anyone kite four enemies in this situation?

Liu Zilang did not explain any further. He turned around and ran loudly up the stairs, then lifted the motorcycle that was lying next to the wall.


GodV and Co grimaced slightly when they saw this. They did not exactly know Liu Zilang's plans, but once they saw him lift the motorcycle, they knew that whatever happened next would be out of anyone's imagination.


Team Gates is an FPS team from the European region with a long history.

Their team logo gave an aura of solidness and resilience.

In the PUBG game, however, the Gates' philosophy was not based on defense, but rather on offense!

Swift as the wind, gentle as the forest, fierce as fire, unshakeable as a mountain. (TN: The more popular version of this phrase is "fuurinkazan", the battle standard of the Japanese Sengoku period daimyo Takeda Shingen, though its source is Sun Tzu's Art of War.)

The best defense is a relentless offense!

At this time, the four players of Gates had snuck up to the front entrance of the C Building No. 3.

"Mossy, follow me. Cillo, pair up with Mortify!"

"Lob a frag grenade before you go up the stairs. Don't hold a position. Immediately look for enemies."

"Roger. The surviving team had three players knocked out earlier. They probably have only just been revived; they shouldn't have too much health."

After a quick exchange, Gates had decided on their plan of attack.

As they burst through the front door to the building, it was suddenly as if a portal to a new world had been opened.

Vroom vroom vroom!

Without warning... there was the rumble of a motorcycle.

They listened closely. It seemed like the noise came from the second floor!

The second floor?


The four people of Gates were completely thrown off.

They had not witnessed the scene of Liu Zilang executing his "flying dragon and berserk cobra" technique; so they could make no sense of how a motorcycle got to the second floor.

If it were another team, they might have hesitated and played it safe... and ultimately lost the opportunity.

In that instant, the extraordinary ability of Gates to execute strategies shone.

After a slight pause, they rushed in through the door without any hesitation!