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574 God-Forsaken Jinx, Scouting Solo! Part 1

 In the narrow, dimly-lit hallway, Break and SmaK of TSM were occupying the doorways of two separate rooms.

"Dammit! We fell into their trap. That guy was baiting!" Break grumbled, annoyed. As he spoke, he leaned to one side and fired his gun. Aluka, who was trying to jump on him from behind the wooden cabinet in the hallway, was forced to remain in his position.

Smak took a glance at the window behind them. "Partner! Should we jump?"

Break immediately shook his head. "No way. There are only three of them. The one on the motorcycle must still be on the ground."

The second floor of the C building was not high enough to cause any fall damage in the event of jumping out of the window. However, upon hitting the ground, there would be the unskippable animation of the player pushing themselves off the ground.

The animation might only last for a short moment, but for professional players, who count their reaction times in milliseconds, it was enough for them to die a few times over.


Break's expression changed instantly; he was all too familiar with this sound.

Tat tat tat!


Smak wanted to spray his gun to prevent the grenade from being lobbed. However, as he leaned out of the doorway, he was forced back by Cpt and Aluka's suppressing fire.

He could not even poke his head out.

"There's a grenade heading toward you!" SmaK yelled.

In the hallway, the frag grenade left GodV's hand, hit the door frame with a "clunk", and bounced into Break's room.

Break saw the hand grenade flying toward him. His eyelids twitched. Even though he had been against the idea of jumping out the window, he did not hesitate at all. In one clean movement, he turned around, propped his body over the windowsill, and leaped out of the window.

At the moment he exited the window, Break felt a shudder throughout his body!

He fancied he saw something flying out of the window together with him...

What could it be?



Break, freefalling in mid-air, thought: 'I'm really f*cked this time!'

The instant he landed, he pulled himself up like plucking an onion, and ran uncontrollably like a dog that fell into a cesspit!


He had not taken more than two steps when the grenade that fell together with him exploded!

A wave of heat enveloped him from behind, causing him to fly outward and smash squarely on the garden's low wall.

Watching this twist of events, the viewers in the Chinese streams were shocked, then laughed out loud.

"LOLOLOL, that was GodV's legendary homing missile!"

"Bahaha, I'm dying. Break was played for a fool!"

"Break said: This guy's grenade is hacked. Reported!"

"GodV said: I am inevitable!"


In the building, SmaK heard the explosion. He took a glance at his teammate's icon and was puzzled. "You jumped out of the window? Then how did you still get caught in the blast?"


Break, knocked out on the ground, did not feel like replying.

If he had known that the opponent's grenade would bounce that far from the door frame, he would never have jumped!

Should people trust their first instincts then?

Break suddenly felt somewhat enlightened.


At the same time, AimPR of TSM, who was in Building No. 2, had arrived at the scene.

"Are they still upstairs?" AimPR asked.

"Yup, three of them are in the hallway," SmaK cautioned. "Oh right, be careful. There's still one more outside."

AimPR had planned to sneak in from the side door. Heeding his teammate's warning, he changed his path. He moved toward the northern side of Building No. 3, found a window, and hopped in.

It was obvious that TSM wanted to go for a top and bottom pincer attack.

Meanwhile, SmaK, who was upstairs, endlessly fired his UMP9 and M16 to cover his teammate's tracks.

He had learned his lesson from what happened to his other teammate. He did not camp in one of the rooms but instead dashed from one room to another using the suppressive firepower of his guns.

As a result, GodV and the others, who were at the staircase, were unable to throw a grenade accurately.

"F*ck, this guy is a little naughty." Aluka pouted.

"Naughty? Let him be naughty," GodV said with a smirk, "You guys stay put at the staircase. I'll head downstairs to find a back way up."

With those words, GodV turned around and encountered an unexpected person.

All he saw was someone running up the hallway empty-handed.


What the f*ck is this?

If it were not for the fact that he was in a tournament, he might have thought that he bumped into a newbie in a random matchmaking game!

Suddenly, GodV's brow twitched!

Something was not right!

At that moment, he thought of a terrifying possibility.

'Surely that b*st*rd did not...?'

He immediately took aim with his gun and, while firing, shouted: "F*ck! Someone is coming from behind! Run away!"

'Run away?'

Cpt and Aluka heard the gunfire and reflexively huddled around to provide cover fire, although GodV's words planted some confusion in their minds.

'Shouldn't we be pressing forward?'

'Is the opponent that difficult to deal with?'

Then, the two of them observed the empty-handed man running straight into GodV's crosshair, and while they were still dumbfounded, they suddenly thought of what it could be.

'Well, who would have thought their team had an "Explosives Prodigy"?'

Just as the thought took form in their minds, both of them immediately tried to escape!

At the same time, while taking damage from GodV, a spark glinted in the player's hand!

'Friend, can you explain to me what a palm grenade is?'


A deafening roar echoed throughout the building. The hallway was covered in thick smoke.

"TSM-AimPR accidentally knocked himself out with Frag Grenade!"

"TSM-AimPR knocked out 4AM-GodV with Frag Grenade!"

"TSM-AimPR knocked out 4AM-Cpt with Frag Grenade!"

"TSM-AimPR knocked out 4AM-Aluka with Frag Grenade!"

Well, that was a f*cking difficult opponent!

Seeing this flood of notifications, Liu Zilang, still circling the satellite building to draw attention, was flabbergasted!

He had just seen GodV knock out an opponent. He thought victory was certain and therefore did not head over to back them up. However, following a strange twist of events, all three of them were now knocked out.

Liu Zilang made up his mind. He did not hesitate any further and dashed off on his motorcycle!

In the 4AM team voice chat.

"F*ck! This idiot knocked us all out! Stop fooling around Vic, come quick!"

"Come, come! There's only one left!"

"You don't have to revive me first. Revive the fattest one!"


"So, where's the last guy?" Liu Zilang asked abruptly.

"Huh? Where what?" Aluka said, confused.

"I mean, which window on the second floor?" Liu Zilang snapped.

"Um... about the fourth window."

"The third window now!"

"F*ck! He's coming!"

All of a sudden, the voice chat exploded in a flurry of conversation.

In the meantime, Liu Zilang focused his concentration!

The motorcycle wheels once again dug into the ground and sped toward the low wall near Building No. 3's south garden without losing any speed.

The caster's camera was pointed at Liu Zilang. The live audience watched the scene wide-eyed!

'What... what is he doing?'


The motorcycle sped over a small slope. Its front wheels were raised slightly off the ground and collided with the edge of the low wall!

Suddenly, the entire motorcycle flew diagonally upwards, like an arrow let loose from the bow!

In the second-floor hallway of Building No. 3, SmaK, the remaining member of TSM, approached purposefully with his gun.

He saw the three players of 4AM lying prostrate on the floor, trying to crawl their way down the staircase, and also heard the roar of the motorcycle outside.

He could not prevent an evil grin spreading across his face!

'Do you think you can crawl away?'

No one could have guessed that a silhouette appeared unexpectedly from a side door and rushed outward!

With a loud bang, the front wheel of the motorcycle slammed into the wall in front of it!

In the next moment, Liu Zilang, who was still on the motorcycle, did not dismount but instead quickly switched to the backseat and pulled out the 'sword' sheathed on his back!


Within a second, the thirteen bullets in a Vector's magazine were emptied!

In the hallway, SmaK, who was waylaid by the flying motorcycle, did not have time to react and was reduced to a sieve riddled with holes.

Where... did this motorcycle come from?

SmaK's eyes were opened wide and round in confusion, then he fell to the floor!

At the same time, in California's Colt Stadium, tens of thousands of audience members were equally blown away!