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573 God-Forsaken Jinx, Scouting Solo! Part 4

 As the clash of rivals was about to commence at Sosnovka Military Base, teams at other locations on the map were still scrounging for resources.

Even though the tournament placed a higher weightage on kill count, the majority of the twenty-four participating teams preferred to score by placement rather than kill count.

Therefore, most teams would elect to play safe and survive in the early stages of the game, rather than going around picking fights.

Scoring kill points for your team also meant increasing placement points for other teams.

From the caster's God's perspective camera, the live audience could see that most of the teams along the seven o'clock to one o'clock airplane flight route placed their priority in finding a means of transportation upon touchdown and distancing themselves from other teams.

There were even instances when opposing teams played "bumper cars" as they fought over control of vehicles.

When the first white circle appeared on the map, the members of Se7en, who had just arrived at Severny, immediately thought: 'F*cking-dammit!'

That was f*cking bad luck!

"Are we still going in, Guru Qiu?" Base, who was on the wheel, asked reservedly as he glanced at the map.

"Why not? Let's go in!" Li Muqiu answered, gritting his teeth.

This was a perfect example of "sticking to one's guns"; looting even if you had to hold back tears.

It was not only Li Muqiu's team. The Korean ACE Squad had it worse: after moving on foot for about half a kilometer, they discovered their first vehicle. As the team members rode the car and finally reached Georgopol, the refreshed play area on the map also 'refreshed' the expressions on their faces!

Worst of all, there was already a car parked outside of the town. Evidently, another team had arrived before them.

At that moment, they felt like they had been cursed with the worst of luck... they held back their tears as they departed again, with the town rapidly diminishing in the rearview mirror.

Watching this scene, the audience of the Chinese live-stream channels enjoyed a good laugh, especially when they remembered Su Changming's words in the opening moments of the match: "No matter where the circle refresh is, it wouldn't have been too God-forsaken."

The channel was immediately flooded with scrolling comments. "Jinx of competitive esports", "The mysterious force from the East", and so on.

On the Hua Xia commentary platform, Su Changming said rather awkwardly, "Well... I might have overlooked something. I wasn't expecting the circle to appear at Sosnovka."

"No need for explanation, Boss Su! We understand," Lord Rong said jovially.

"Haha, your reputation precedes you, Boss Su! This is my first time commentating, and even I can see that you live up to your name," Ruo Feng added.

"Ahem... let's get back to the tournament," Su Changming cleared his throat and changed the topic. "I wonder if anyone else noticed that the teams scouting for vehicles upon touchdown were all Asian."

The caster's camera was still in God's perspective. Everyone took a look and realized it was exactly as Su Changming said.

Even IG had distanced themselves and staked themselves in Gatka's wheat fields.

"Hm... I guess this is because our Asian teams didn't have satisfactory results in the last match."

"I suppose so. They'll try to avoid conflict in the early stages to raise their placement. Quite unlike TSM's aggressive tactics right from the start. I guess this is very typical of Asian teams."

"That's right. There are pros and cons to these two different playstyles. TSM's aggression caused them to lose one member to Vic. Their situation is uncertain now."

As the commentary concluded, the caster's camera switched over to Sosnovka Military Base.

The audience and stream viewers took a while to process the next scene that unfolded.

On the big screen, Liu Zilang was riding his motorcycle, merrily zipping back and forth in front of the C building.

One second, he rode noisily eastward.

In the next moment, he dashed in the opposite direction.

The scene looked like a horseman galloping aimlessly at the forefront of the clash of two armies.

What the hell is that...

That seems a little too showoff-ish, no?

It was like boogieing on death's door!

Eventually, the first one who could take it no longer was Gates, who had touched down at the boiler room at the start of the match.

From the third floor of the satellite building south of the boiler room, Exko the sniper appeared on the balcony and fired a stream of bullets with an SKS at Liu Zilang.

Bang bang bang!

The moment Gates opened fire, as if someone received some sort of signal, gunfire was heard from the C building.


C building No. 3 had been silent all this while. Suddenly, an eye-catching spark shone through the window on its second floor!

"F*ck! That actually worked!" In the 4AM team voice chat, Aluka exclaimed while gawking.

"No surprise there. Look at how annoying that guy is. I'd do the same thing if it were me," GodV said as he observed the spark from the C Building No. 3.

The three team members' current location was at the smallest of the five warehouses next to the C building, the one furthest to the north.

"So what do we do now... head in?" Cpt cradled the shotgun in his hands.

"Just hold on a moment. Wait for him to head this way, and we'll sneak under the cover of gunfire," GodV decided after spotting Liu Zilang's location.

Undeniably, the Liu Zilang on the motorcycle and the Liu Zilang on the three-wheeled scooter were two completely different people.

He finished a lap on his motorcycle. The tail of the motorcycle drifted with a loud screech, instantly changing direction!

A second later, he was riding back toward the C building. On top of that, he rode at full speed up the grass-covered slope that led to the rocket launchpad.

He flew in the air, just like a rocket!

The live western audience was dumbfounded as they witnessed this!

While the western audience was familiar with many online and offline PUBG tournaments, they had never seen someone flirting with death like this. Was this a Tango Soul at the brink of death?

Tut tut tut!

Shots rang out from the C building again. This time, there were two different guns.

The TSM player who was shooting earlier failed to hit his target, therefore he had called upon the assistance of another teammate.

"This is the time! Go go go!"

At the same time, GodV and the other two players in the small warehouse snuck their way toward C Building No. 3 like Navy SEALs.

Enter through the door!

Go up the stairs!

The two TSM players in Building No. 3 were so caught up with shooting their moving target at the ground that they forgot to pay attention to what was happening downstairs.

GodV and the others had already snuck up to the second floor.

'Someone's there!' the TSM players on the second floor were stunned for a split second, then immediately reacted!

Tut tut tut!

Tat tat tat!

Building No. 3 was a riot!

At this time, Liu Zilang performed a 360-degree Thomas Flare in the air and then landed on the ground.

Like an ancient wartime general riding his horse, Liu Zilang rode his motorcycle straight ahead like lightning, wielding a long Kar98K on his back!